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  1. Looks almost like something first gear would produce. Given the odd scale size!
  2. Reminds me of the Counts Customs ramp truck!
  3. Microwheel great job on the Nova's! My brother had a yellow 66 ss as well! His was corvette yellow with a set of rally wheels! Man that 327 was a sweet running engine!
  4. You could use the mirrors from the amt/mpc Chevrolet C1500 kits!
  5. How easy was the chassis swap on the maisto carryall?
  6. The 3500 snap kit does indeed have the newer 94 and up grille!
  7. It looks just like my old mechanics instructor's silverado! He has an 02 in that exact color scheme. I think it looks amazing!
  8. Autoworld is Ertl! They were rebranded i think!
  9. I have the blue one! I added a steering wheel and column from a 1996 tahoe kit! I love those vans.
  10. I am still trying to figure out if its gonna work or not! Might have to get a speccast 55-57 chevy stepside for the box! It looks too small in scale to use a styrene stepside box.
  11. Can somebody tell me the length from tailgate to front wall of the bed on a 55-57 amt chevy truck kit? I want to compare the length with my speccast 1960 gmc fleetside bed!
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