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  1. I will follow !! As I'm starting it as well Strange things ,my is light blue and you're is dark blue ....🤔 Head light buckets looks good !!
  2. I would love to see an AMC AMX,a Javelin or a Matador come back on a market !!
  3. Love it ! Well done !
  4. MG ZR 160 .small hatch back ,4 cylinder 1.8L 160 HP...good enough in small French road...
  5. Sorry to dig up old threads ☺️ But I'm working on a '66 Chevy Fleetside pickup,and I would like to know how do you guys doing to make the tailgate oppening . Thanks !
  6. Hello all ! I was wandering ,(I have to straight up my 1/16 Karmann ghia ....🤔 ,How do you get you chassis straight on four wheels ? Does you guys use Jigs on some sorte ? Any tips to share ? Thanks !
  7. Superbe !!! I love green 💞💞💞
  8. 1st Holly grail find ...112 on box is not the price ...paid far less....need to find the second Holly grail......1/25 AMT AMC AMX ....long way to
  9. Of course daily driven will be difficult...but custom wise ( if I can say ...) It's awesome ....
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