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  1. JPR added a post in a topic Early 90s Honda Accord   

    Those Civic kits are pretty hard to find, the Ferio especially. The accords I see every now and then on Ebay.
  2. JPR added a post in a topic Prayers needed   

    So good to hear that she is well! She is young I know she will bounce back fast! Still sending prayers your way.
  3. JPR added a post in a topic Metal wheels?   

    One of mine has a flat spot too! Not to noticeable but its there. Must have been the mold.
  4. JPR added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Amazon my friend! There are a few sets left in bronze and white. Only place I have found them!
  5. JPR added a post in a topic any ideas on how to obtain a finish like this ?   

    I have gotten an effect similar to this with Testors aluminum with a black wash over it.
  6. JPR added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Just got a set of Fujimi Metal OZ racing wheels, and in the mail I have a set of Aoshima Volk rims, an Aoshima Toyota Levin with engine and a zenki 180sx (around a 94/95 240sx here in the states). All I have at the moment are screen clips but real ones coming soon!

  7. JPR added a topic in General   

    Metal wheels?
    I honestly had no clue where to put this so if this is in the wrong section please move it.

    Anyway, I recently won an ebay auction for a set of Fujimi OZ racing wheels. Now I thought these were just a normal set of wheels just older, 1991 to be exact not the oldest I have by them but they still have some age. Now when I opened the box I found out that these were metal! Solid no plastic what so ever. My question is were these made alot? Also are they rare? I would actually prefer these over plastic, they seem easier to paint.
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  8. JPR added a post in a topic Check out these pipes   

    I have seen some Honda's and Nissan's with around 500hp and over. It took a good amount of money to get there but they did. Also that Orange B series looks amazing.
  9. JPR added a post in a topic New project! My 94 Integra replica/dream build!   

    Sorry about not updating everyone! Pics and progress are coming I promise! I just recently started a new job and a few more models so It is hard to find time to work on her.
  10. JPR added a post in a topic New project! My 94 Integra replica/dream build!   

    Sorry for the pic wait! I will have them up tonight. The kit is the Revell Integra type R. The only differance between it and a normal Integra is the Engine, Lip, Spoiler and interior so It is a great kit to use as my base.
  11. JPR added a topic in On The Workbench   

    New project! My 94 Integra replica/dream build!
    Well I have been wanting to do this build for quite some time now, actually ever since I got into this hobby.

    Alittle back ground info on my old Integra and the plans for this build. A few years back even before I had my license I had always wanted a 94-01 Integra, I eventually got a chance to buy one of my dream cars and went for it! I got myself a beautiful 94 Acura Integra with an LS/VTEC swap, suspention, mint interior, and more. I loved this car, it was everything I wanted!...or so I thought.

    Here she is!, or was. My 94 Thunder Grey Integra.!

    I had huge plans for her! Full 98+ front and rear end conversion, new suspention and wheels, and down the line a turbo or GSR motor swap. However, I never got the chance to do any of this

    The reason being is that The perfect car that I loved...was not as perfect as I thought. Because of my hasty buy I failed to pay attention to several things about the car. I soon found out that it had been wrecked, not bad I thought, until I discovered that the whole left rear quarter panel was body filler After that discovery things just got worse. I found out that the motor was some sort of frankienstien build that was held together with zip ties. I aslo discovered that the VTEC did not work properly. No big deal I thought, I would just save up and fix it, and then the worst happened.

    I soon found out from a friend that the owner had coppied the keys to the car the day before it was sold to me. They then gave the keys to a car thief they were friends with. I would literaly watch people drive past my house trying to scope out a way to get the car! It had to be blocked in nightly just so It would not get stolen. I then came to a desision, I was going to sell what had started off as my dream car.

    So I sold her. I found someone who lived far enough away that the theives would not be a problem and that could fix her and make her how she should have been. That was a few years back and I am still on the search for another Integra, this time however I will do my reaseaerch.

    Now! Sorry about the long story but onto the build plans. I will be building this Integra to be what I wanted my 94 to be. With the body, rim,suspention, and motor that I had planned. So, let the building begin!
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  12. JPR added a post in a topic twin turbo integra   

    Forgot to mention both of those sites have civics as well! Good deals on them to.
  13. JPR added a post in a topic twin turbo integra   

    Sure no problem, http://www.modelroundup.com/ has an Integra for $22 and http://stores.intuitwebsites.com/hstrial-RSetzer/Categories.bok had an Integra for $17 but I just got one from them so they may be out now.
  14. JPR added a post in a topic twin turbo integra   

    Nice so far! I know a few places online where you can pick up an Integra or Civic for cheap around $22 or less shipped. Let me know if ya need the links.