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  1. '41 Plymouth Special Deluxe G/Gas

    Thanks Andy! When you get back to your '41, it would be interesting to see a WIP-thread on it... This is a bit of a boring update, but at least something has happened. Unfortunately changing the stock oil filter to somekind of aftermarket unit didn't come to my mind before painting the engine block and heads. Now it's too late to fill the mounting spot for the stock oil filter on the cylinder head, so I'll have to use that. But I had to fill this hole on the stock filter: It was filled with a couple of pieces of sheet styrene that I sanded to correct shape after gluing them on. Just a bit of putty and sanding... Now it's ready for paint.
  2. Autoquiz 411 - Finished

    I had absolutely no idea of this one. Well, I was searching for cars from Germany so I wasn't that far off. But honestly, had no clue what this one could be, even though it looked pretty familiar at first. Anyway, it was fun to try figuring out what could it be.
  3. What did you see on the road today?

    Last night I saw this very clean Ford Taunus at a gas station while we stopped there for a cup of coffee. These things were quite popular back in the day, but nowadays it's pretty rare to see one in this great condition.
  4. Wondered how long it would be before this happened!

    I need to say that those look a million times better than somekind of horrible looking aluminum wheels those things originally come with. But, still I think probably the only way to make one of those disgusting electric "bread toasters" interesting would be installing an engine in there...A Big Block Chevy for example.
  5. Joseph at Fireball Modelworks has Drag Radials: http://www.fireballmodels.info/ Haven't seen them in person, but I'm pretty sure they are excellent quality like his other products as well.
  6. 66 Mustang SS/L

    Always great to see Stock and Super Stock cars built in scale. For some reason these Mustangs are not very common starting points for S or SS cars in 1:1 scale so it's always good to see one. Yours turned out very nice. Great looking detailing in the engine bay and I think you captured the look of an NHRA Super Stocker perfectly.
  7. Lindberg 1961 Impala

    Very nicely done Impala! In fact, one of the cleanest ones I've seen built from this kit. The color is very nice and I like the wheel and tire combo as well. Very nicely done!
  8. '63 Oldsmobile 98 Tail Lights?

    Thanks, that's the answer I was kind of thinking myself too but had to make sure. Steve, the Astorian is exactly what I'm trying to replicate. It's not going to be a perfect replica, but I'm doing it as close as I can. In fact the project got started earlier but it has been as a back burner for (too) long time. Now when I pulled it back on the bench, this tail light issue came to my mind. But, scratchbuilding those tail lights shouldn't be a problem so I guess that's what I'll have to do. I've already started converting the roof into a Sedan (the B-posts are missing in this picture as I dropped the body to the floor by accident) and re-styling the front end...
  9. Does anyone know if there is any source for these tail lights in 1/24 or 1/25 scale? They are from '63 Oldsmobile 98. I know Jo-Han made a '63 Starfire, but it has different tail lights of course. I don't think I've seen a kit of a '63 Olds 98, but has anyone seen these as custom parts on some other kit or something like that?
  10. 1965 Plymouth A990

    That turned out very nice! All the detail work you did on it really paid off. The color choice couldn't be better either. Very nice work, makes me want to start one of my '65 Plymouths.
  11. 76 Pacer Wagon.

    Wow, that is probably the cleanest build of a Pacer that I've seen. Very nice work with it inside and out. In addition to the ultra clean overall look, the interior catches my eyes. It looks fantastic. Excellent work.
  12. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Me too, as a kid I always dreamed of having a '69 Nova with 454 and Blower. Nowadays I like the look of the 1st Gen Nova more, but the love of Blower Power is still there. I also like high revving N/A engines, but as I'm planning on driving the Chevy II on street as well, the Blower engine will probably be a bit more streetable. And, it looks a lot cooler of course. When you get to building that Tall T, it would be very cool to see a thread in "On The Workbench"...
  13. Wheel Arch Moldings

    This is a great tip. I always seem to struggle when trying to BMF long straight moldings (a side trim for example). I will definitely try this on my next build, thanks!
  14. Auto quiz 410 - Finished

    That's a good one ! I've seen in person how one of these look under the hood so I know what you mean...
  15. Show Yer Drag Racers!

    That's a great looking Mustang Charlie! Is the engine also from the Jo-Han kit? I'm asking because my dad who built the kit when it came out, keeps always saying that the engine was undersized in that kit. Yours looks very good, so either my "old man" remembers wrong (would not be the first time ) or you changed the engine.