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  1. Some time ago a friend of mine who is an AMC enthusiast gave me bunch of his old model cars and glue bombs for free. There were some really good starting points, lots of parts etc. The most interesting one was this Jo-Han '66 AMC Marlin. First I found only the body, chassis, interior, bumpers and grill, so my original plan was to build somekind of Altered / Match Racer from it. But the more I went through the boxes, I found nearly all parts for this Marlin. Most of them still on parts trees. I have only a couple of smaller items missing, but I might be able to source them from some other kit as well. So after having nearly complete kit, I had to change my mind and I decided to build this factory stock. Looks like he was going to turn this into a four door. Luckily no modifications have been done, there are only the drawings on the body. My plan is to add some basic details and do some improvements to make the kit a bit more accurate. But I'm not going to go crazy with the modifications as I want to finish this one some day, too...Let's see if I can keep up with that plan or not... First up is the AMC 327 Cid engine. The engine in the kit is pretty good, but that huge metal axle hole on the engine block is not going to stay. So a bit of sheet styrene came to rescue and after rough sanding I smoothed those areas with a light coat of putty. Looks like I need to do a bit more filling and sanding before primer, but it's not too bad.
  2. This turned out fantastic. It has to be the best build of this kit that I've ever seen. This is pretty much what I like to do with my builds - take an old kit that is a bit simplified and improve it by using newer kits as parts donors, creating something that not everyone has on their shelf. This Fury is just perfect. Especially the engine bay looks like you could fire it up any moment.
  3. Really nice job on that Challenger! I'm happy to see one of these done with the Slant Six engine, especially when the whole model is built as nicely as this one. It's hard to say anything that hasn't been said already. So, I'll just say "Amazing Work!".
  4. Wow, this is some really nice fabrication as usual coming from your workbench! This is one of those kits that I also would like to build, but unfortunately the prices are so high that I'll probably never end up having one of these on my bench... Anyway, it's really nice to see one that's being built. And I'm sure it's going to turn out fantastic as always.
  5. Wow! That turned out fantastic! Haven't been here in a while so didn't know you were already finished with this. Just went through the last few pages and the end result is incredible. Only very few modelers can get to this level of build quality. It's hard to say anything that hasn't been said already, so I'll just add: Fantastic work! Now I need to read through the rest of the pages that I haven't seen yet...
  6. Very nicely done '64 Dodge! Glad to see one fictionary S/S race car being built as we've seen bunch of these already with the kit supplied decals. Your build is one of the nicest ones I've seen in a while. Everything looks just "right"... Nicely done.
  7. When I saw the first pictures of this kit, I was very happy to see it being released. I've wanted to build one of these '70s Dodge Long Bed Pickups in Showroom Stock condition for a long time. Now it looks like it's going to be possible. The kit even comes with steelies and dog dish hubcaps, which is great news so I don't have to find them anywhere else. And of course, thanks Tim for a good review!
  8. Very nicely done '74 Satellite! It's always fun to see these a bit different body styles built. As always, the end result is just incredible. Everything seems to be just right. It's hard to say anything that hasn't been said already, so I'll just add - Great work!
  9. That turned out great! Really cool to see it being finished, I always enjoy these rare subjects. You nailed the body shapes and the overall look of that Falcon perfectly, which is probably the biggest challenge for a project like this. Fantastic work!
  10. Very nicely done model of a rarely seen car! As always, the paint work and BMF is nearly flawless. Overall a very nicely done Chrysler.
  11. Very nice Ford, but coming from your workbench that's not a surprise. All of the added extra detailing really paid off, the overall look is just right. One of the best '67 Fords I've ever seen in scale, can't wait to see your next project...
  12. Yesterday night when Cruising in Helsinki, Finland with my Chevy S10, I saw this clean Mazda Marella. These things used to be fairly common back in the day, but they had pretty bad rust issues so nowadays they are getting pretty rare. And a bit later, I drove past this small parking lot and saw a '64 Dodge Dart, so I had to stop by and check it out. Not the cleanest that I've seen, but not bad either. Really good looking car, and definitely better looking than the newer (and more common) Darts...
  13. I'm glad I saw this thread now, really nice fabrication with that Datsun Pickup. The Kart looks very good, too. I've never thought about these kits, but now after seeing your project, I just might have to buy one.
  14. This is looking really good. Love these Ramp Trucks, and actually I've had plans to build one for a long time. Too bad those Racer's Wedge kits seem to be so expensive. Luckily, it shouldn't be too hard to scratchbuild so guess I'll have to go that route. Anyway, your project looks really good. I'll be watching how this turns out.
  15. This looks like a great start! Those tires & wheels look really good on the Chevelle. Perfect starting point for a Street & Strip build.
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