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  1. Interesting! I might pick one up when they're available, depending on price and how the actual kit looks. So far it looks good, but it's hard to tell from those pictures as they're not actual kit parts...
  2. Today I got the modification from Hardtop to Sedan done on this '55 Chevy. Next up...More body modifications.
  3. Thanks Mike! The race car is currently going through a big update but we are on home stretch now (new roll cage, rust repairs, new paint job, hopping up the engine and some chassis work as well). Today I got the Ford on four wheels. Had to try how it looks with the body on. As you can see I had to do some fixing after the first primer coat so had to add some putty to the body... Then I sanded the body and now it's ready for the second primer coat. Hopefully then I can start moving on to paint. Front seat had an ugly seam where the front and rear halves meet. That had to be smoothed out with putty as well. Now the seat is ready for paint.
  4. I've bought parts from Ted's a few times and it has always worked very smoothly. Actually I just placed an order earlier today as I'm running low on wiring materials. Great guy, good products and easy to deal with.
  5. Really nicely done Thunderbolt! When I built mine a few years ago I also lifted the front suspension to about the same height as yours. Made a big difference in the overall appearance. You did an excellent job on this T-Bolt. Makes me want to build another.
  6. Really nice job on that Melrose Missile Plymouth. Overall a really nice and clean model, but the engine bay is my favorite part. Nicely done. I have the same kit on the stash waiting to be built. This is a great inspiration to do that.
  7. Thanks guys, it's good to be back on the bench. I haven't noticed any major flaws on the body, but to be honest I've always had a bad eye for that kind of things. Even though it might not be exactly correct, it builds up really nice and looks good when it's put together, so that's what matters to me the most. Speaking of the body... I sprayed the first coat of primer on it today. The body had lots of mold lines and mold flash to be cleaned, and it looks like I still need to fix a couple of spots before I can move on to the actual painting. Meanwhile, I hope I can do some progress with the interior.
  8. I would not stress if the engine is 1/24 or 1/25, the actual size of the engine is what counts and I've noticed it has nothing to do with the scale difference between 1/24 and 1/25. I have always mixed those parts on my builds and there is no way anyone could tell if a certain part was different scale than the rest of the model.
  9. Great work with the little Falcon. Always nice to see these old built-ups being brought back to life. The starting point was pretty rough but you did an excellent job fixing it. Nice work.
  10. I think it should fit better than what you described straight from the box. When I built mine I don't remember having any fitment issues on that area that would have required any modifications. Like Mark said, make sure everything else is fitting properly when you do the test fit.
  11. Sometimes I see cool cars in traffic here in Finland also. Here are some that I've been lucky enough to capture on camera in 2021. '70s Toyota Corolla. Very clean. Very clean Dodge Ramcharger: UAZ Van: This was the coolest one during the whole winter. '49 Buick Super. The owner is nowadays over 80 years old, he bought that Buick as his daily driver in 1960 and still drives it every day. Buick still has original 1949 straight eight under the hood. Saw it on one Saturday morning in local grocery store parking lot... Ford 17M: '70s Chevy Van: In the winter I also saw a '65 Rambler Marlin a couple of times but didn't get a picture. Plus, bunch of other cool cars.
  12. More progress, front axle parts painted with several different colors. It was nice to see that ball joints and everything were molded really nicely to the A-Arms as many kits are lacking those details. Driveshaft painted... And here is the engine ready to be installed on place. I built a generator bracket from sheet styrene. Some small details like a carburetor linkage and generator wiring will be added later on when firewall and everything is installed. Then I glued the frame and chassis floor together. Exhaust pipes were not the easiest ones to install, but after some fiddling they fit fine. Front and rear suspension were installed too. Everything fit really nicely, except that I had to trim the rear shocks a little to fit properly. Not a big deal though. Wheels were painted gloss black. The white ring with silver Ford-lettering on the hubcaps was offered as decals, but while the letters on hubcaps were raised, there would be no way to get the decals applied cleanly. So I painted the white area and dry-brushed silver to the tiny Ford letters. Not perfect, but came out decent I guess.
  13. Thanks! That's exactly what happened to me Tom. I went to look at the car and it was so clean that I had to have it. And it seems like it was a good decision, as it runs and drives excellent.
  14. This might be a long shot, but does anyone have a spare Jo-Han '64 Rambler American? Built kits, glue bombs, etc are fine too, the most important thing is that the kit has to be reasonably priced... Missing parts are not a problem either. Offers here or by PM (or E-Mail S-SS570@Hotmail.com) -Niko
  15. I updated my daily driver in January. I used to daily drive my '74 Malibu Classic Wagon, but with the current gas prices I had to find something that gets a bit better mileage. So I bought a '64 Rambler American. It's pretty much original in a really good condition, 196 Cid straight six and three on the tree. Really fun car to drive and much cheaper to drive as it gets a pretty good mileage, too. It is sold new here in Finland (in 1964) and has still original license plates and everything on it.
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