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  1. I also created Fotki account years ago when I had some issues with Photobucket. I used it for a while, but when the Photobucket was working normally again, I continued to use mainly that for hosting pictures, as the most of my pics were already there. But a while ago when Photobucket ruined itself by creating the ridicullous prices for picture hosting, I decided to leave immediately and move back to Fotki. Very happy with how the Fotki is working, much easier than Photobucket in every way and I think it's a great addition that I can add descriptions to the pictures as well. So for anyone who is struggling with the photo hosting sites....I definitely recommend Fotki.
  2. I hope someone will organize this CBP next year as well. I will try to participate with something if Cannonball Run is going to happen. Unfortunately, I know I'm going to be really busy during the summer which means little to none building time (and not much time to check out on these forums either)... So with that said, I don't want to run the Community Build myself as I might not be able to check in very often during the summertime. I think a theme is important, so hopefully there will be no "Unlimited" category. A good theme will inspire big number of builders to join and at least in my opinion, a good theme is helping the builders (or at least myself!) to stay motivated during the project. The first time I participated was the "American Graffiti 1962" theme and the excellent theme itself really kept me motivated to rush the model together to make it to the starting line. Same thing with the "Sleeper" theme a couple of years ago. Lots of participants, and some great models in the final voting (unfortunately I failed to finish my SBC powered Trabant that year, but it will get done some day). Anthony had some good ideas for themes. Especially the "Factory Phantom" or "Mid / Rear Engine" would be pretty cool, but any of them would do it for me actually. I'll stay tuned to see what happens - I will try to participate if there is a Cannonball Run organized. This year was unsuccesful for me as I didn't enter at all, but there was just too little time to build (and finish) anything...
  3. Thanks Dave, that sounds really good! You've been doing hard work with all of the forum updates/fixes. That's much appreciated.
  4. On Monday I drove to the city (Helsinki, Finland) as I had to stop by at a small shop... As usual there was nothing interesting in the traffic (if the '74 Malibu I was driving doesn't count), until I saw this pretty clean Volvo Amazon Wagon parked on a street. Volvo Amazon was pretty popular car back in the day and you can still see them sometimes in traffic. But these wagons are not as common as the two or four door sedans.
  5. Don't know what would be wrong with that statement. I started building when I was six years old and since then I've finished something every year. My first one was AMT '60 Ford Starliner and my dad was sitting next to me telling me what to do with those parts. But he let me do all the building myself - and I did. The Starliner is still sitting on my shelf. What I think is kind of frustrating, is a problem with some Drag Race models. Many models are built very well and the builder has used tons of time and effort creating something cool. Then when the car is pretty much complete, class markings for completely wrong racing category are installed. I understand that all of the modelers don't know all class rules, but with after spending so much effort in building the model, I'd do some research to see what class does my model fit in. Often it's pretty simple actually to find the basic rules, or someone who can tell right away if your model would have a shot at passing the tech inspection on track.
  6. I've had exactly the same problem as Peter described above on this thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/146006-66-amc-marlin/ I sure hope this issue gets fixed, otherwise I'll need to find some other forum where I can post these "General interest-models", meaning all other than Traditional Hot Rods, Customs or Race Cars (which is mostly what I build)...And I don't want to do that.
  7. I've never seen the show and I'm not a four door guy either. Anyway, this kit is on my Must Have list. I want to build something that could have been sold as new here in Finland in 1967, as most of those cars were four doors. Of course, the most of them were sedans, but some Hardtops were sold as well.
  8. As a Stock Eliminator racer myself, I have to appreciate the work you've done to build an accurate race car. The amount of modifications required when building one of these is pretty big but you pulled it off very nicely. Great work!
  9. W-409

    What do you drive?

    After driving a 1st gen Chevy S10 as a daily driver for four years, I wanted something older. The S10 was good, but the amount of electricity caused some issues in the engine bay when something was wrong and the engine didn't run right. So the search for something more simple started... '74 Chevy Malibu Classic STW (350 SBC + TH350) was for sale with a reasonable price. As the seller lowered the price significantly when I went to check out the car, I had to have it. It had only a couple of smaller things to do before I went to the tech inspection to make it legal to drive (new exhaust pipes, couple of small rust fixes, windshield washer and turn signal wirings and of course a proper set of wheels and tires). The Malibu was sold as new in Finland in 1974. The importer painted it black and the car was used as a Hearse until 2014. US made Wagons were commonly used as Hearses in here back in the day. Because of that, this car had low mileage and it was in pretty good shape. Now I've driven around 4700 Miles on it (since late July) and have had zero problems. And yet I hear some people saying that "You can't use an older car as a daily driver..." It's far from perfect, but it's going to get some improvements like better bumpers and doors in the near future...
  10. Couple of years ago I tried to find a formula for the Chevy Engine Orange as I had to paint the engine of our Stock Eliminator car. I couldn't find it anywhere, so I just went ahead to the paint shop with a picture and had one mixed for me. It turned out pretty close, and I've used the same paint for a couple of models as well to paint the engines. Not sure if that was the correct color ('74 Malibu Classic), but it looked the best in my opinion. My daily driver, '74 Malibu Classic STW with a 350 under the hood has a red engine block.
  11. I have dozens of models that I've started working on and for one reason or another, they got stalled at some point. Almost all of them are going to be finished some day. Some of the kits might wait for the inspiration for a year, two, five or ten, but eventually they will be finished sooner or later. There are a couple of exceptions where I have sold a couple of kits that I had started, and at the moment I have a couple I believe I'll never continue. The ones I have now, are not suitable for parts kits either as they are too modern (Chevy SSR and AMT Wagon Rod).
  12. I wonder what is wrong with this thread. Anywhere else I'm able to post normally, but when I try to post here, it just says "Failed to Reply"... Yet a really short post like this works just fine. If this keeps happening, I'll post my builds somewhere else then. My apologies to all who are/were interested in them...
  13. Both of those are very nicely done. Especially the Fox Mustang. Great detailing on both and overall look is exactly something I could imagine seeing at the Drag Strip nowadays. I can see a lot of work went into both of the Mustangs so I have to appreciate the hard work. However, I have to agree with a couple of members. The paint job and decals on the orange Mustang are definitely not on the same level as the rest of the model. Pretty significant orange peel on the paint and some of the decals are 'silvering'. The Hoosier decals on tires are even more rough. Overall, very nice models (Fox Mustang is definitely better one), and I think everyone here appreciates the hard work the builder has done on both. But with a bit more effort on the orange Mustang, it would have been even better.
  14. Hey, this worked! ...Continued: I also have Jo-Han Drag On Lady SS AMX and also the AMC Javelin Super Stock kits. I did big modifications to the AMX chassis and interior to get rid of the molded in drivetrain and front seats. Front suspension will be sourced from AMT '67 Mustang and that's what I'm going to use as chassis donor on the Javelin too. Not 100% accurate, but a lot better than molded in everything.
  15. Thanks everyone for the comments! I had been trying to find one of these Marlins for some time before I got this one. So it was a very nice surprise to see one of these in the box the friend gave me. And because I have a nearly complete version of this rare kit, I thought I want to build it factory stock. Don't know what is wrong with this, but can't seem to post this reply here. Let's try if I post it in pieces...More to come.
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