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  1. W-409 added a post in a topic Moebius at the NNL East   

    Yes, a '64 Chevelle / Malibu would go on to the top of my list for sure. I'd prefer a 2 Door Sedan though, but I'd be happy either way.
    But as far as I know there are no kits made of a '64 in decades. All I know is the Revell 1965...Have I missed something in here?
  2. W-409 added a post in a topic "Frantic Ford" Mustang Funny Car   

    Very nice work on this Funny Car. I can't remember seeing these built before, but while I've been looking for those Polar Lights' FC Kits and wondering about their quality, it's nice to see that these can be turned into very good looking models. Really nice paint job and fine detailing. Also I like the color of those wheels, they look very realistic to me.
  3. W-409 added a post in a topic Stage Coach "Wheelstander" finished pictures   

    Another masterpiece from John's workbench as always. You did an excellent job on this Wheelstander, it's great to see these unique subjects being built. And with the amount of work required to create one of these, I'm sure not many people attempt to build this car. Extra points on that. Very nice job overall...Incredible detailing!
  4. W-409 added a post in a topic "The Georgia Shaker" 1965 Ford Falcon - AMT - 1/25   

    That turned out excellent! These kits are simple, but this proves it again that a talented builder can turn them into real beauties. This build has the vintage look...Very nice job.
  5. W-409 added a post in a topic 1926 Model T Sedan - SomesortaRod - BMF Body and Dash Done 11/25   

    Wow, how is it even possible to cover whole body in BMF without getting major wrinkles to the foil itself? I sometimes have problems with small chrome trims and that's definitely nothing compared to this. Very nice job with the BMF and that wood looks very good inside the body, too. I can't wait to see how it will look on that super nice chassis, keep it coming.
  6. W-409 added a post in a topic '65 Ford Cortina Street Altered   

    Well (unfortunately) I'm back in Finland again so it's time to continue this project. I accidentally found another rear axle for this one, it's from the same Monogram '56 Chevy as that white one I was going to use. Someone had already removed leaf springs from this axle and it was wide enough...Actually even a bit too wide so I narrowed it a little. This was much easier solution to use this axle, plus that when these resin bodies are much heavier than regular plastic bodies, I'm not sure if that widened axle and especially its glue joints could have handled the weight in long run.
    This new axle is a bit rough, but I will have to smooth it out.

    To make rear wheels fit with that axle, I had to drill bigger holes to backside of them. After a fast mock up, looks like the tires fit just right and stick outside the bodylines a little, just like many of these cars did back then!

    I guess next step will be figuring out rear springs and Ladder Bars...
  7. W-409 added a post in a topic Smart Sleeper   

    This is what I call a Sleeper! It has pretty much the same idea than my Trabant was going to have, a small car with a big engine and looking factory stock outside. Too bad my build got stalled, though.
    You did a fantastic work with this one. I'm not a fan of those LS engines, but installing one of them and that driveline to a Smart makes me to take my hat off. The best part are those stickers on the back.
  8. W-409 added a post in a topic 65 Chevelle Wagon   

    Very nice Surf Wagon! I like that overall look with those wheels and tires and color combo. Tinted windows and sharp detailing in the engine bay are great touches. Very nice job.
  9. W-409 added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    I just bought the '69 and '71 Ford Pickups and they both look excellent! Looking at the parts made me sure that these kits will look excellent even if built box stock without any added details. I can't wait to get started on them and I will definitely do some extra detailing on both.
    Only problem I really don't understand on this otherwise excellent kit is that why window chrome trim is molded to the windows?! I think that's a stupid idea, as one little slip with hobby knife when foiling ruins the whole window. If the same happens on car body where chrome trim usually is molded in, the flaw is not that visible and probably can't be seen at all. I hope I can buy extra sets of windows from Moebius when I get to the foiling as I might need a few sets of them...
    Looking forward for the other kits as well. I'll buy at least one of each.
  10. W-409 added a post in a topic 49 Mercury Gasser *DONE*   

    Excellent job on the Mercury! That paint scheme looks very good on it and those colors fit well together. Engine detailing is done beautifully, too. Especially fuel lines on the Hilborns look very good.
    Only problem is that you will need to add a rear bumper (or a push bar) and lights for this one to make it Gas-legal. If I remember correctly, you'll need a radiator, too.
    But overall a very nice build.
  11. W-409 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I bought these while visiting in California.
    Those Moebius Ford Pickups will be built Factory Stock, '65 Satellite will be a modern day Stock Eliminator Drag Car (Just like the early '60s Mopars I saw racing Stock Eliminator at NHRA Finals), '29 Ford will be a Channeled Traditional Hot Rod with that Buick Nailhead and Sizzler/Slingster Dragster and that Midget will be built with box parts, but of course some extra detailing needs to be done on both.

  12. W-409 added a post in a topic Hobby Shops In L.A. Area?   

    On our way home I was reading an Auto Trader Magazine or something like that and I saw an ad of that place. According to the advertisement it looked like a good place, but I didn't know where it was. Well, I will have to put that on my list for next time...
  13. W-409 added a post in a topic Hobby Shops In L.A. Area?   

    Yep, it was a lot of fun. I will have to put that museum on my list so I can go there next time I'm visiting around there. There is still a lot of stuff to see for sure. This time definitely won't be the last.
    On the races it was very neat to see many cars as here in Europe the ladders are much smaller. Funny Car is not driven in here either (They drive a small series in UK but not on other countries as far as I know) so those were very interesting to see. After watching their first Qualifying Round on Friday, I had to say that FC is absolutely the best Pro-Category, followed by Pro Stocks. And of course it was nice to see the Swedish guy, Jonnie Lindberg, winning the Championship in TAFC.
    Hoover Dam and that bridge were good looking places as well. The view from that Dam was quite impressive.
    That 70s sounds good to me ! Right now here in Finland it's exactly 30 degrees.
    And yes, Tony's Hobbies was a great place. You're right that the amount of Model Car Kits was something you don't see every day and in addition to that there were lots of other models than cars, too.
    Looks like I forgot to mention them on my last post, but AutoBooks-AeroBooks was a great place as well. Large selection of books and magazines, movies etc. While we were there, we stopped by at Las Vegas Drag Strip and Irwindale Raceway even if there was no activity in them. But we thought why not to stop by since we're really close to them. Veteran's Day Car Show at Huntington Beach and Cruising Nights on Bob's Big Boy Burger in Downey were fun, too.

  14. W-409 added a post in a topic Hobby Shops In L.A. Area?   

    Thanks again for the help, everyone! It's sad to say it, but after an excellent trip I'm back in Finland. We had a great time in L.A. and especially those NHRA Finals were excellent.
    We visited in as many Hobby Shops as possible. Burbank's House Of Hobbies, Tony's Hobbies, Pegasus and Brookhurst Hobbies got my money this time. All of those shops were worth visiting with lots of Car Kits in them. The prices were cheaper than what they are here in Finland, too, so if I had more money and more space, I'd probably bought more stuff. Unfortunately there was no time to visit in other hobby shops, except the Hobby Lobby that was almost next to Pegasus. I came out empty handed though as there was no space for models anymore in my bags.
    The main thing on the whole trip was of course the NHRA Finals in Pomona. My only complaint after sitting four days in the grand stands from 8AM to 6PM was that the race was over after Sunday. It was very cool to walk around in the pits as well seeing what the "Big Guys" are doing between rounds. And on Sunday morning it was great to see AA/Altered Fiat Topolino and 1971 Top Fuel Dragster being fired up in the pits...That kind of cars can't be seen here in Finland.
    Other places we visited were for example So Cal Speed Shop, both, in LA and Las Vegas. Especially the Las Vegas shop was big with lots of cool stuff inside, but I didn't leave empty handed from LA's shop either. Mooneyes' Shop in Santa Fe Springs was another very cool place. After paying the parts I bought I was told to go look around in their garages and actual shop where they were building cars. It was great to have a close look on Mooneyes Dragster and their Bonneville Car for example.
    Las Vegas was a cool place too. Everyone should visit there even if it's not really a car related place. While driving from LA to Vegas, we spotted Peggy Sue's '50s Diner right next to Highway 15. That was a must visit and the place was very cool. On our way back to LA we visited in Hoover Dam and Route 66.
    Barris Custom Shop was a cool place too, even if George sadly passed away while back. It wasn't actually open, but next to the shop was a Tony's Deli where we bought a couple of sandwiches. On their wall I could see writings and autographs of many Customizers so I asked if they knew if Barris' shop is still sometimes open. They told me to go behind the building and knock on their rear door. I did that and a lady let me to come in and look around. There were some beautifully done and very famous cars inside, it was neat to see them up close. Service was really friendly and I was able to buy the Barris Custom jacket I had been drooling over on their webpage.
    NHRA Museum and Justice Brothers' museum were both very interesting places! Must Visit for everyone who's around there. And In-N-Out Burger offered the best burgers for sure!
    Thanks for the great tips, guys. It was great to be in sunny California. Now when I look out from the window I see it's snowing and if I go out, it's freezing cold...
  15. W-409 added a post in a topic '65 Ford Cortina Street Altered   

    Thanks Ray and Darren!
    Darren, do you have a picture of that Pro Mod? It would be very interesting to see how it looks, Pro Mods are very neat cars to follow.
    Well now it's going to be about two weeks break on this build as our flight to Pomona is taking off tomorrow morning. But when we come back I guess it's time to continue this one...