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  1. W-409 added a post in a topic 1/16th Scale Jolly Rancher Stagecoach Wheelstander - Update 9/5/2015   

    This will be very interesting! That real thing looks like a wild ride to me and building a scale replica of that one won't be an easy task, but I know it should be no problem to you. I can't wait for more.
  2. W-409 added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - Final Mock-Up Pics 8-30   

    I haven't been able to check in for a while on these forums as I've been so busy lately. Now I'm really glad that I could see these latest updates - the engine is looking fantastic! Super nice detail work and it looks like you could fire it up any minute. Gas tank looks very good too... Keep the pics coming!
  3. W-409 added a post in a topic IF Revell,Round2 and others would make a few more station wagons. What would you like them to be?   

    I'd like to see of course a '58-'64 Chevy Wagons (Nomad, Brookwood, Kingswood etc). As an owner of a '60 Impala HT, I'd buy lots of those if they were available.
    Others I'd like to see would be '80s Chevrolet Caprice STWs. That's just simply because lots of them were imported to Finland when they were new and they are still seen quite often on roads. Plus that it's not a bad looking car either.
    '79-'81 Malibu STW would be cool too. Perfect starting point for a Street & Strip car.
  4. W-409 added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    How about this one?

    I got a stylish set of duds that I'm proud to wear
    I got a greasy pompadour up in my hair
  5. W-409 added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    Hey, another easy one! Stray Cats - Look At That Cadillac.
  6. W-409 added a post in a topic Hobby Shops In L.A. Area?   

    Thanks again for the suggestions everyone!

    It's true that it's impossible to visit in every place, but the plan is to go and see as much places as we can. And of course there are other places as well than Car or Model Car related places but not so many. So Cal Speed Shop was on my list, too, it's a must visit for sure.

    Looks like I'll have to go to In-N-Out Burger as well, it sounds good!

    Buzz: Could you post the opening hours of that Warbird Hobbies in here? I have no Facebook myself nor have I never opened a link that leads there.
  7. W-409 added a post in a topic Name That Tune....   

    Wow, finally after 314 pages I saw the second one that I knew right away . But just like last time, I saw it after someone had already recognized it...
  8. W-409 added a post in a topic "S" , "T" , or "O" ?   

    This is easy! Option S for sure, because it's a Model A & 5 Window Coupe. I think that pretty much says why. But of course it would need some chopping and minor channeling, plus a Chevy engine in it etc... That would be a great starting point for a Hot Rod so I'd be happy to have it.
  9. W-409 added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    Yesterday while I was Cruising around with my '60 Impala here in Finland, I spotted a blue '69 Oldsmobile Cutlass, very clean & red '68 Camaro with white SS Stripes, an early '70s Chrysler Convertible and a green '53 Hudson Hornet. I also saw one late '30s / Early '40s Pickup that I had absolutely no clue on what was it. I bet it was really rare, I've never seen one like that before.
  10. W-409 added a post in a topic Old boxes   

    If the box is old and/or it's already rare even if it wouldn't be that old, it gets saved. Then if I like the boxart, I'll save it even if those kits weren't rare or old. Though nowadays when I buy lots of glue bombs and old builtups that often come without boxes, I haven't thrown a model kit box away for a long long time as they are great for storaging those projects. I'm having a bit problems with space, but at some point I guess that will make me sell some of my model kits or projects that I'm not so interested in instead of throwing those old boxes away...
  11. W-409 added a post in a topic "G" , "H", or "I"   

    To me, the best one would be option H.

    Option G is looking horrible in my opinion. Flames and that color combo don't fit to a car like that and engine is way too modern. Wheels and tires are not fitting to the look either.

    Option H is a lot better. If it was mine, I'd remove the exhaust pipes and leave open headers on it, put Cheater Slicks on back and shoot a glossy clear coat to the body. Then it would be pretty close to what I really like.

    Option I is looking good as well, there is not much wrong with it. But somehow it doesn't have as much "Wow Factor" as Option H did.
  12. W-409 added a post in a topic 1967 Dodge Charger   

    Wow! Nice to see this kit built this well. As always, your paint job is smooth as glass and you've done very sharp work overall. That combined to those pictures made me think it was a real car too. Fantastic job!
  13. W-409 added a post in a topic New! A detailed look at the third round of tooling refinements for the Moebius '61 Ventura kit.   

    That's looking very good! I definitely can't wait to build one of these and it might not be a surprise to anyone that mine will end up being a Junior Stocker just like the Belvedere. But looking at the pics, only thing I'm not so happy with is the fact that it looks like windshield and rear window trim is molded to the windows. It will make foiling very difficult as if hobby knife blade accidentally slips a bit, whole glass is ruined. On a paint job a mistake like that is not seen so easily.

    But anyway I'm very interested in this one.
  14. W-409 added a post in a topic '60 Chevrolet Impala   

    Thanks Guys!

    Moving the engine was actually pretty easy and it looks already a bit better even if it's not completely right. But if I moved it more, then there would be clearance issues with generator belt and fan hitting the fan shroud.

    Tom: That's very cool! I have those original brochures as well. My dad bought them a couple of decades ago and now I have them hanging on my wall. Fun thing is that I just graduated from High School myself and I went to the graduation "ceremony" with this:

    I hope I can find some more modeling time soon. This summer has been very busy and I've had no time to build. I hope I can change that as I have interesting projects, like this, going on.
  15. W-409 added a post in a topic Moebius '54 Hudsons   

    Wow, it looks like this is out! Gotta get me one as a starter as soon as I see one somewhere. From the pics, it looks like Moebius hit another home run with this kit. Now I see a Factory Stock or Mild Custom Hudson coming from my bench.