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  1. W-409 added a post in a topic Datsun 510 Pro/Stock "SWEET PAIN" Updated 08-26-16   

    Really nice work on the Datsun! This is a pleasure to watch coming together, impressive detail work everywhere on this tiny car. Especially that interior looks just about right.
    Only thing is that this is not a Pro Stock car as the topic title says. They never drove Datsuns in Pro Stock.
  2. W-409 added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    I saw these last weekend while we went racing to West Coast Street Cup race. I was number 1 Qualifier in ET Bracket, but unfortunately Eliminations were rained out...

  3. W-409 added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    I agree, Håkan's Ford is much better with those new wheels and tires!
    I updated my daily driver as well some time ago. I found original front springs to replace those lowered ones so the front end was lifted up a little. Now it looks like a Pickup should.

  4. W-409 added a post in a topic Lets See Some Muscle Bikes (banana seat bikes)   

    A legendary Finnish bicycle manufacturer, Jopo, produced Jopo Rodeos somewhere in the early '70s. They're very rare nowadays and if you find one, they're way too expensive, but I wanted one anyway. So I took my regular model Jopo and turned it into a replica. All I'm missing is the shifter. I have a three speed rear wheel but I haven't found the shifter yet. When I find one, I'll install it together with that new rear wheel. We've been using this to move around in the Drag Race pits.

  5. W-409 added a post in a topic Round2 August Announcements Video   

    That Pacer might be worth building. It would be fun little car when built stock... We'll see.
    Otherwise I see nothing that catches my interest too much. That Nomad would be great, but since it's 1/16 scale it's not for me. I mean, it would be fun to try a bigger scale kit, but the problem is that I had to buy all aftermarket stuff separately as I have zero aftermarket parts, wiring etc for that big scale cars. So I think I'll be passing that one.
  6. W-409 added a post in a topic 1/16 Scale Army Vega Funny Car - Updated 8/8/2016 - Decals   

    Wow, the body is looking fantastic so far! I know what you mean by decal problems, I've had the same thing several times that I have just felt like boxing the project for a while since I've had no luck with decals. Smaller ones are fairly easy, but a bit bigger decals are causing some trouble at least for me... But I have to say that in the end your decals laid on beautifully. Great job on them!
  7. W-409 added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Was the R.E. Mustang New Pics 8-26   

    It's always great to see your updates, and this one is no exception. That engine is looking fantastic so far. I can't wait to see more updates on this one.
  8. W-409 added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    Dave are you sure those wheels are not the real ones from your '37 Chevy? Seriously, those look fantastic! Those are definitely one of the most realistic wheels I've ever seen. You are a true master... Can't wait to see more.
  9. W-409 added a post in a topic Do You Have Any Kits You Will NEVER Build?   

    I have a limited space for my kits so there's no way I'd buy a kit if the plan was not to build it. I understand it though that some people like to do it that way. But personally, as a model car builder, I prefer seeing the finished product on my shelf and that rare box somewhere on display too. I have some old annuals and they all are going to be built someday.
    One of my dreams would be to have that Aurora '34 Ford built box stock with some added detailing. Those kits are just so expensive....
  10. W-409 added a post in a topic 1967 Chevrolet Impala SS   

    Really nice build of a good looking car! Perfect paint color and a flawless paint job. I too like the fact that you went with blue interior on this one, and your detailing inside and out is really nice.
    Only minor thing I'd done differently is painting the wheels. Chrome rings and hubcaps should stay chromed, but the Rally Wheel itself should be silver.

    But it's probably the best '67 Impala I've ever seen already, painted wheels or not. Really nice work, my hat is off to you!
  11. W-409 added a post in a topic 59 Edsel Reincarnation.   

    That looks great! Very fine job with the paint and I have to say that I really like that color combo as well. Everything looks just right, except that maybe it would have been a good idea to smooth out those mold lines on rear bumper before painting it with Alclad? But otherwise a top class model (As always from you), one of the bests that I've seen from this kit.
    Makes me want to start mine... I picked up an old builtup of this same kit a year ago at a Model Car Show. It's in very good condition, just needs to be rebuilt.
  12. W-409 added a post in a topic What did you see on the road today?   

    On Saturday I saw this Ranchero and a couple of other old American Classics, but this is the only one I was able to shoot a picture as I was fast enough to take out my cell phone and snap a picture...

  13. W-409 added a post in a topic Favorite British band   

    There are/have been some excellent bands in the UK. So here are a couple:
    The Blue Cats.
    The PoleCats:
    And does Scottish bands count? The Shakin' Pyramids was an excellent band as well.
  14. W-409 added a post in a topic What do you listen to while you build???   

    Usually when I'm building I put my record player on and listen to some Rockabilly music. I like it, as working in a silence is not the ideal way for me...
  15. W-409 added a post in a topic Model car builders are cheapskates, right?   

    Mine has to be that Missing Link Resin '73 Chevelle resin kit that cost about $80 if I remember correctly. Usually the kits I buy are in $20 to $50 range, depending on how rare it is or if it's unstarted or a glue bomb etc... But I try not to spend that much money on these right now, as my 1:1 cars are taking pretty much everything I have...