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  1. Looks like you did a great job with the conversion! I've always liked the original Corvette Nomad concept, and to be honest I've had plans of building one in scale, too. Maybe someday, but meanwhile I'll be watching how this goes together.
  2. '76 Buick Skyhawk ('77 Monza)

    Wow, great looking Skyhawk! We don't see many of these built so glad to see one that's done as well as this. We had a '79 Skyhawk a few years ago and it was a neat little car. Anyway, your model looks great. Especially that interior is very nicely done, but I think the exterior looks good too. Very nice and clean build.
  3. Moebius Dyno Don Maverick

    I'd have to buy a couple of those Mavericks and Vegas for sure! Both of those have a great potential for different kinds of builds... And I've been watching the old Jo-Han Mavericks on eBay often, but unfortunately they're too expensive. Same thing with the old Vega promos, they're not cheap either. I certainly hope that Moebius would release both of them, but as someone said earlier, I'm not holding my breath. The Power Wagon is on the edge... The car itself is not so interesting to me, but if there was a Moebius-quality kit of one, I would consider it at least.
  4. '70 ElCamino Grande

    Wow, that's very beautiful conversion. It looks like something that the factory could have done back then. And the model is built very nicely, too. Excellent job.
  5. 40 Ford Custom

    Very cool '40 Ford! These cars have a great potential for several different building styles. But it's always nice to see a Taildragger like this one. Very nice work with the body mods and from what I can see, the engine looks pretty good too. Nice work as usual.
  6. 1960 Chrysler Imperial Coupe, 12/6, Outdoor Pics Added.

    That turned out very nice, but that's what we expect from you. As always, your paint work and detailing is done very nicely, but what stands out is the flawless BMF work. I hope some day I'm able to do that clean chrome trim with BMF, too.
  7. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    That sounds good, thanks! Usually it takes around one week, but now as we have our Independence Day here in Finland, it might take a bit longer as all of the post offices are closed. But good to hear that they are coming, I'll need to keep a close eye on the mailbox. While my current project (that has deadline by the end of the year), a contest entry on another forum was drying, I thought I'd start working on this one. So I dug the '51 Chevy out of the closet and it looked just as I remembered. The plan is not to fix all of the body damage, so that it looks like it has been "used" in previous rallies, too. Taking the old builtup apart was actually a lot easier than I thought. And most of the parts came off as one piece, which is always a great bonus when working with these old "Glue Bombs". Now most of the parts are in paint stripping so that the actual building process can start. The body looks like it was brush painted with enamel paints, so the paint should come off pretty easily.
  8. How about a Bonneville/dry lakes category?

    As a Drag Racer and a guy who likes to build Drag Race cars in smaller scale, too, I think the Drag Race category is a good thing. It would be great to see Salt Flat cars in the same section as they both run straight line, but unfortunately they're usually posted in the regular On The Workbench or Under Glass sections. But on the other hand, I hope we will never have different subcategories under On The Workbench and Under Glass for Factory Stock, Street Machine, Hot Rod etc. I've tried to be a member on some forums that have this feature, and even though it sounds pretty good at first, at least I get tired of clicking through the several subcategories before opening the first thread. And because of that, I usually stop visiting on those forums. I'm not the only one who thinks this way, so I definitely hope that we never see so many subcategories in here.
  9. AMT '59 El Camino

    Very nice work on the El Camino! I'm currently building the same kit, hopefully it would turn out at least half as nice as this one. As others said above, you nailed the color choice, and your paint job and foiling are both very nice too. Great engine detailing as well. Definitely one of the better versions that I've seen built from this kit.
  10. Yellow Bob Ford Thunderbolt

    That's a very cool collection of Thunderbolts! They all seem to be very nicely done. I think you nailed the overall look with this yellow T-Bolt, and as said earlier, great work with the BMF. I finished one of these earlier this year, too, and foiling was definitely one of the trickiest jobs. Yours turned out very nice.
  11. Yeah, I need to start saving money for those Moebius Chevy II kits too. I have a few of those Trumpeter kits and they're not bad either... But one or two of each Moebius versions isn't probably enough. The Chevy II is a great looking body style, and that's not only because I have one in 1:1 scale.
  12. I like this one, and my plan is to build a 1/25 scale version some day...
  13. Here's a rare sight!

    I have to say that big wheels look horrible on classic cars. Even 16" wheels are definitely out of the question, despite in some Hot Rods etc where the tires still have a proper profile on them. I have 15" wheels on all of my cars, currently my daily driver Chevy S10 has 205/75/15 on front and 235/75/15 on back... They are just the right size and they definitely couldn't be any lower profile. My '62 Chevy II will have 165/80/15 "Frontrunners" and probably also 235/75/15 on back, because they are pretty common and cheap. The rear tires on that car are going to have a pretty short life... Anyway, my S10 had somekind of 16" wheels and rubber band tires. I think they were 205/50/16 or something like that...They looked absolutely horrible so I changed them right away.
  14. Auto quiz 400 - Finished

    Wow, never heard of that make before! I was expecting it to be somekind of obscure make anyway, so that's not a surprise. After that hint I figured out that it has to be from South Korea, but couldn't find what the heck it actually is anyway.
  15. 2019 Revell (Germany) Q1

    I will for sure buy one of those Chevelles, and the Büssing Truck looks pretty interesting, too. Depending on what they cost around here, I might buy one of them as well.