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  1. AutoQuiz 361. FINISHED

    Somehow by the looks I immediately thought that this has to be a Japanese car. But it took a bit of time to figure out what make it is. That's actually pretty good looking body style!
  2. What did you see on the road today?

    Yesterday we went to Sweden to a Swap Meet that was meant for Drag Race / Street Race parts only. Very good event and I found bunch of parts for my Chevy II project. On our way back home, I saw these in normal traffic...
  3. Engine Decision in my Chevette!!!!!

    Personally, I'd go with a Blown Small Block Chevy (with one Blower only). Big Block is so much heavier that I'm sure a Blown Small Block would be definitely enough for a tiny car like this without making the nose too heavy. This sounds like a cool project.
  4. That turned out excellent! And as always, you built it incredibly fast, especially considering the amount of modifications you did to the kit. The end result is nearly perfect, as always from your bench. Fantastic paint and detailing. The opening doors and hood/trunk lid are great touches as well. This has to be the best build that I've seen done from this kit.
  5. 67 Thunderbird

    Fantastic looking T-Bird! Great to see these unique subjects built. Very nicely done overall, very realistic looking model in every way. Fantastic paint job and flawless BMF work too.
  6. Finally the Thunderbolt is back on the bench. The first thing was to paint the area between those side moldings white. The kit had decals for it, but they just didn't fit on place at all. So my only choice was to paint it by brush. After a bit of thinking my only choice was to use a regular brush paint called Miranol from a local hardware store as it was the only white that would cover good enough. Of course the paint needed a bit of thinning before it could be used. Once I get BMF applied, I think it should look pretty good. So the next job was to polish the body. This will take some time, but I started from the easy part which is the roof. It turned out pretty good, now I just hope that I don't polish through the clear coat while polishing the rest of the body...
  7. The Gas Man

    Very nice! I've wanted to build a box art replica of that kit since it was re-released so it's nice to see one built like it. Really good job with it overall, paint and decals turned out excellent and BMF looks great too.
  8. '64 Impala AWB?

    And the X-Frame might make things a bit more complicated on the rear suspension. Just guessing. But no matter what I'm interested in seeing your build, because this is something that definitely could have been done back then.
  9. Very nice job on that Van! I like what you did with the grille, in fact it's the same thing as I'll be doing on mine as I want to replicate my former daily driver and I already have a couple of A-Team Van grilles to start with... Your build turned out very nice. The overall look is spot on, especially I like the black steel wheels on it. They just fit perfectly to one of these.
  10. Impressive build! I've always liked this Ford body style so it's nice to see one that's built this well. I definitely would like to have one of these on my stash too... Anyway, your build turned out very nice. Especially that weathering is top notch. Excellent work.
  11. Very nicely done as always! I have to admit that I've never even heard of this Truck make, but I'm very glad I saw your build. Really nice work with all of the modifications and your detailing looks great as well. Overall a very clean build.
  12. Autoquiz 359 - Finished

    Can't say that this was easy, but I have to admit that I got pretty lucky on my Google search. I just searched something like "70s Sports Car" and after some scrolling down I found a picture of one of these. Interesting to see what car is posted next week...
  13. 1/8 TDR Nova

    It's a long time since I've been here in Big Boys section so I just went through the whole thread. Really nice work so far! Great job smoothing out the body before painting and the paint job looks good too. Now I need to follow this one...
  14. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    You nailed it... It looks excellent in every way. Paint job is very smooth and your BMF work looks flawless. Really nice details everywhere finish it off. It's nice to see something like this built, we don't see these done too often...
  15. Personally, if I buy a kit, I always have a plan to build it. Doesn't matter how rare or common the kit is, they are meant to be built in my opinion, so I'd like to see you building that kit your way.