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  1. W-409 added a post in a topic '65 Ford Cortina Street Altered   

    Here's a little update on the rear axle. It had a huge hole on upside of the axle that needed to be filled. Well it might be that no one could have seen that hole on finished build, but as I can't be sure I decided to cover it with pieces of sheet styrene. After some rough shaping with a file, I started to smooth it out with putty.
    First two pics show the axle with first round of putty sanded smooth and the third picture shows I still had to put some more putty to that area before it's completely smooth.

  2. W-409 added a post in a topic '65 Ford Cortina Street Altered   

    Yesterday I was working with the rear axle again and it's starting to take shape now, but while it was drying I decided to restore another rear tire using the same methods I did on the first one. Those tires are far from perfect, but "Good enough for the girls I go with" as they say.   Honestly I think I just have to live with them as I believe I'm not going to find another set of them anyway.

    Of course a closeup shot like that shows all those little flaws much better than you see them in person. But even though they look better in person, they're not perfect.
  3. W-409 added a post in a topic 64 Polara Wagon Sleeper Cannonball 2015 entry   

    You did an excellent job with this one. When you started this a while ago, I was wondering if anyone could build a model like this in so little time. Looks like you did it and the end result couldn't be much better either. Nice job on that Wagon conversion and your weathering looks excellent as well. Those different color body parts are a nice touch and interior looks excellent...Just like a real dirty interior looks!
    Even if I don't like seeing a modern engine in an old car, I'm happy to have another look on this one!
  4. W-409 added a post in a topic Chopped 57 Chrysler   

    Very nice job on this Custom. Body styling looks great, especially that front end is just perfect! Smooth looking paint job and great color choices too. I've always liked Watson's paint jobs a lot and this definitely has the correct look and feel. Very nice work overall.
  5. W-409 added a post in a topic NEW! An advance and detailed look at the final production version of the new Moebius Models 1961 Pontiac Ventura kit....   

    This looks like a really nice kit with very fine detailing and the subject is very interesting too. I will have to get me a couple of these for sure.
    But... There is one huge problem with this kit and I can't understand why as this kit is otherwise so good and looks like the guys at Moebius have actually planned how to make it easy to build...Other than this spot. The windows. Why oh why they have that chrome trim molded in them?! Same thing is wrong with the Ford Pickups, but these windows are even harder to BMF as the window has some more shapes on it. One little slip while you're foiling those windows will ruin them and then you have to buy new windows, or a completely new kit. That is a mile-long minus in my eyes on an otherwise super fine kit... Why it is done this way?
    I will be buying at least one of them, but I just hope I don't have to order replacement windows more than once.
  6. W-409 added a post in a topic Pro Mod Nova RUSTY RACER   

    That looks great! Personally I don't like it when people spray a gloss clear over rust on those 1:1 scale cars, but it's nice to see one done as a model anyway. You did an excellent job with that body, it looks very good!
    It's true that some of the Pro Mods have a few rust spots in them...
    Mats Eriksson's '56 Ford Crown Victoria. Rust was done on it a few years ago, but that crash damage on front fender is not fake as he hit the wall in Santa Pod a couple of years ago, but looks like they didn't want to fix it completely.
    "Fast Freddy" Fagerström's Chevy Pickup has some rust as well. He must be a regular customer in a tire shop, too.

    Fast Freddy At Nitro Nationals 2012
  7. W-409 added a post in a topic Moebius at the NNL East   

    Oh yeah, I should have paid more attention when I made that post... It was Chevelle I was going to write in there, but looks like I was thinking too much about Malibus when I posted that.
    I'm still a bit mad that I missed American Graffiti Drive In Movie here in Finland last summer. If it wasn't at the same time as the Drag Race event where I was racing, I would have definitely been there with my '60 Impala. Maybe it would have been possible to get one or two friends there with me to watch it.
  8. W-409 added a post in a topic Moebius at the NNL East   

    Wow! I've visited on MCW website for many, many times and I've found tons of resin kits / bodies and parts that I need. But somehow I have missed that Malibu every time. Looks like I need to place an order to them while they have the correct 2D Sedan I'm looking for. The reason for that is that my dad bought a 4D Sedan '64 Malibu here in Finland in the '80s. Then American Cars were not very common in here and most of the US cars were the poorest versions (which often meant 4D Sedans with straight six and manual trans). His car was quite rusty, but he was going to turn it into a 2D Sedan with a powerful 327 SBC and 4 Speed. It never got finished, though, as rules for importing old cars changed critically and all the sudden it was cheaper to import old cars from the States as it was before. Soon there started to be some good looking '50s cars with lots of chrome, Hardtops, Convertibles etc. Then my dad imported a '60 Impala 2D HT from Texas in '88 and the car is still in our family. Malibu project had to be sold to get the money for that Impala, but I'd like to build a model that looked like his Malibu when done.
    Cool story on the Dirt Track cars! Creativity is always a good thing!
  9. W-409 added a post in a topic Moebius at the NNL East   

    Oh yeah I know that one. Too bad it's so hard to find. Well, hopefully we will see a new kit of one someday. I just got afraid that there was a newer kit too that I didn't know about.
  10. W-409 added a post in a topic Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?   

    Yep! That would be a very cool one.
    Or even better... A '56 Packard would be another one.
  11. W-409 added a post in a topic '65 Ford Cortina Street Altered   

    Thanks! It feels good to be back building this. The trip was a lot of fun, too. Lots of cool places to see and no need to go in those massive shopping centers as it was just me and my dad there. Instead we were shopping in places like Classic Industries, So Cal Speed Shop, Mooneyes, Barris' Shop etc...And of course in many Hobby Shops, too ! Cruising Nights, Drag Racing etc...Couldn't get much better!
    Today I started filling the hole that '56 Chevy rear axle has on its upper side. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get that thing done so I might post a couple of pics then.
  12. W-409 added a post in a topic Fiat Topolino '60s Altered & Finished Slingshot Dragster   

    Sorry guys I'm a "little" late with the thanks, but better late than never I guess?
    Thank You Gene! Just as you said it's starting to take form the progress stalled for some reason. Just kidding, but for some reason this project got stalled back in January. I'm happy to be back with it though.
    Thanks Carl! I like how they look, too. And when I get those valve stems added, I guess they'll look a bit better.
    So I'm happy to say it... I'm back building this Fiat. I got inspired after seeing Ratican - Jackson - Stearns' Nitro Burning Fiat Topolino at NHRA Finals pit area. They fired it up and gave some RPMs to the engine. It looked and sounded fantastic, plus that Ron Stearns, the guy who had been driving it back in the day was a real nice guy. I have to disagree with him a bit though as he said that the car is a little beat up and needs some work... I couldn't see a single spot that needed work in it, that car was very nicely done and very close to what it was in the '50s when they built it.

    This is a tiny update, but you get the idea that it's back on the bench. Today while waiting for my gluings on my Street Altered Cortina I decided to do a little work on this. I got rear axle assembled together. Center piece is painted with "Chrome" spray paint, otherwise it's just Humbrol Metallic #56. Bolts and nuts are painted with Revell #90 silver that's a bit brighter than that Humbrol paint and I added minor black wash with The Detailer on where those bolts are to bring them out a bit better.

  13. W-409 added a post in a topic Possible 1968-70 AMX from Moebius?   

    I was already hoping there would be a full detail kit on one of these. I've had one of those Jo-Hans in progress for a long time and I've done lots of modifications to the engine, interior and chassis. Inner fenders in front are a bit of a trouble for me as they're very different from anything I've seen in 1/25 scale.
    Oh well, maybe I just need to continue banging my head to the wall with that one.
  14. W-409 added a post in a topic What Did You Get Today?   

    Today I bought tickets for a Rockabilly-Party that's tomorrow here in Finland. Matchbox and The Greasers will be shakin' the house tomorrow... Can't wait!
  15. W-409 added a post in a topic Moebius at the NNL East   

    Yes, a '64 Chevelle / Malibu would go on to the top of my list for sure. I'd prefer a 2 Door Sedan though, but I'd be happy either way.
    But as far as I know there are no kits made of a '64 in decades. All I know is the Revell 1965...Have I missed something in here?