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  1. tgabreu added a topic in General   

    Now THAT'S service!
    I sat down Saturday at 2:30pm, wrote a check to renew my subscription, and went out and put it in the mailbox. An hour later, I went out to get the mail, and pulled issue #203 out of the box! You just can't beat THAT kind of service! 
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  2. tgabreu added a post in a topic 1928 Lincoln   

    Very nice- don't see enough classics! I like the color choices, and the painted wheels/blackwall tires. Chrome wheels and wide whites are, IMO, very over done.
  3. tgabreu added a post in a topic Model Cars Magazine Renewals   

    Okay, here comes a suggestion from someone who's totally ignorant of the publishing business: It would seem there are a lot of people here who's primary goal is to see the magazine show up in their mailboxes, and are willing to give a little to get there. For example, I'd be willing to fork out $10, on the expectation of receiving 2 issues in the next 12 months. If that worked, maybe $20 for 4 issues the following year, and so on. Sort of re-booting the magazine. Maybe that would bring in enough operating capitol to help kick start things.  Another concession could be the quality of the paper; does a lower grade paper save any money? The thick, glossy paper is nice, but the content is more important. Those of us who prefer paper magazines to digital, are quickly losing our reading material. One company bought up a lot of the automotive specialty magazines, then canceled the only one I had a subscription for (Rod & Custom). The rest all feature the same redundancy that caused me to cancel my subscriptions. Now, we're running out of good model magazines. I 'spose I've rambled on long enough...
  4. tgabreu added a post in a topic Master Modeler?????   

    My wife claims that title!
  5. tgabreu added a post in a topic Maserati 3500 GT, 1st out of the gate   

    I don't think I've ever seen this model built- nice job! I like  the color. I have one of these that I started a while back. I was kind of surprised at how well molded and engineered it was for a kit that was tooled in '64.
  6. tgabreu added a post in a topic Master Modeler?????   

    I've always found it odd that the term "master" anything is used when there is no qualifying standard. I believe some trades (maybe plumbing and carpentry?) have levels of competency that starts at apprentice, and works toward being a master. I'm a fabricator. I've heard others refer to me as a "Master Fabricator", which I found odd, since there's no standard of competency to rate fabricators. Time, itself, is not a good gauge. I know fabricators with well over 20 years experience that just aren't that good. Likewise, I've been building models for more than 50 years, and am not at the level of the guys you all have mentioned above. It would be interesting to have, maybe, an annual event to qualify model builders as "Master Modelers". I would think there would be a set of standards, and one would have to meet those standards for, maybe, 5 years running (to prove consistency) to be awarded the title. This would not be a contest- there could be any number of titles given to anyone who qualified. Just a thought.
  7. tgabreu added a post in a topic 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A Panther Pink   

    Here's something to think about as far as painting the undersides of models: the car companies cut costs every way they could, especially in the 60's and 70's. Think about how much paint would have been wasted by not properly adjusting the spray equipment to spray just where absolutely necessary. I was a painter in body shops and prototype shops from the late 70's until about 10 years ago, and it was fairly common to be able to see primer in door jambs and the bottom of rocker panels. The practice of "over spraying" the bottoms of cars in 1/1 scale restorations is, in my opinion, way overdone. The actual amount of over spray, reduced to 1/25 scale, would be nearly imperceptible.
  8. tgabreu added a post in a topic Styling Snafus   

    Wish I had the money to do this to a real one- that would piss off the purists! Those "eyebrows" always bugged me!
  9. tgabreu added a post in a topic Styling Snafus   

    I think this looks much better!
  10. tgabreu added a post in a topic Styling Snafus   

    Here's one I did a few years ago

  11. tgabreu added a post in a topic Billy Gooch Decals   

    Gooche's daughter is now selling decals on ebay, printing them from his files. She had some 20 pages of listings.