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  1. This is a very important point. I once built a fantastic hinge for a trunk for a 1962 Pontiac and did not test fit the base. Come to find out it was hitting the wheel tub. Had to start all over.
  2. Brilliant idea and technique, awesome photos too. Thank you very much for sharing.....
  3. Thank you, I will post more soon.
  4. Awesome builds, very very nice!
  5. I have been gone from here for a while due to Instagram. Found Instagram and been over there mostly. I thought I would share my only finished build for 2020. It is finished except for the swamp cooler I have to add and a cool rag top. Other than that it is finished. I removed the fenders, opened up the doors, built a custom blower for the engine, among a few.
  6. also added an over flow hose on the fuel tank.
  7. also added some wiring to under the hood.
  8. finally came up with a way to attach the roof rack to the car, not a big fan of it, just not sure of any other way of adding it to the bug itself. Kind of Gilligan's Island style.
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