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  1. Darren B added a post in a topic Rat Rod Pete 359   

    deciding if I should fill the holes or open them up as if the lights have been removed.....
  2. Darren B added a post in a topic Rat Rod Pete 359   

    did not like the molded on starter so will scratch one...
  3. Darren B added a post in a topic Rat Rod Pete 359   

    Thank you Mark.
  4. Darren B added a post in a topic Rat Rod Pete 359   

    also opened up some gauges on the dash will model them with missing gauges and wire hanging thru them....
  5. Darren B added a post in a topic Rat Rod Pete 359   

    sorry for the 3 year hiatus on this one but back in the saddle, getting the frame together.
  6. Darren B added a post in a topic Hobby Lobby vs Michaels   

    I am with you ours here where I live thou its more like for 6 years, the only thing I get at michaels is jewelry bits and things you can use in the scrap booking section for model building.,
  7. Darren B added a post in a topic Another heavy haul   

    Not trying to be smart, or political but I wonder if there is some kind of government regulation that requires it to be delivered to job site this way. I too thought just drive it. I mean its an extremely wide load yes, but it is wider with the trailer. Curious;
  8. Darren B added a post in a topic Truck reference photos or upclose reference for Truck chassis   

    Pictures like that are what I am talking about, I will check it out and let you know if I can not find what I am looking for, with pics like this will help for sure. I would not mind building a rig box stock but with the size of the finished truck it leads for some super detailing. Thank you Brian for the link to your site, very much appreciated.
  9. Darren B added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Truck reference photos or upclose reference for Truck chassis
    I have looked over the forum and believe this would be the best place to ask this question. I am not new to the hobby except for semi's. I have been building for close to 40 years, however when it comes to a big rig I have not completed even one. I am too obsessive and want to detail the semi with engine, chassis, and brake system wiring and plumbing. I have a lit of pics now and have seen a lot of websites given for this forum, including hanksplace and tim alborns site,  but they vaguely show where things actually mount to the frame engine or chassis. Is there some websites that any one of you know of that shows good pictures of lets say a kenworth coe semi from like 1970 to present, and peterbilt same years? I have the article from car modeller in the 1990's that lay out a brake system but it is drawn out but not on a chassis. Any help greatly appreciated. I have the super boss kit, and just picked up the papa truck this weekend and would like to actually finish them with all of that kind of detail.
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  10. Darren B added a post in a topic Round2 SuperBoss 1/25   

    Thank you, the Gunze Sky Blue to me looks dead on! I am sure with the rest of the build, you will do a killer job!!  I am intimated by the task of painting the outer body even thou they lightly marked the paint lines, one of the reasons I have put it off. One of the reasons I am glad you are working on one as well. Will be watching your progress with great interest.
  11. Darren B added a post in a topic Round2 SuperBoss 1/25   

    I am glad to see a current build on the re-issue of the super boss. May I ask what color or brand of paint you painted the frame with? It looks spot on to me about the right light blue. Your work so far is excellent and I am glad to see the button tufted interior looks awesome....
  12. Darren B added a post in a topic Body filler   

    My fav right now is the basic Tamiya filler, its hard enough to hold a shape but not so hard you need power sanders to shape it. I also love the spot putty from bondo brand to fill in small holes after the Tamiya putty. I have never used bondo on models but Ricky Couch comes to mind when I think hobbies and bondo he would make these insane creations all out of bondo, I need to try that stuff sometime.
  13. Darren B added a post in a topic Motor building question   

    Planes are in this category for me. I am getting in or at least trying to get back in to the model airplane hobby and I picked up the 1/32 scale fw 190 and it comes with a beautiful detailed engine but I do not want to open all the panels until I get good again with airplanes so I glued the engine together and it will be there just to hold the prop when I get to that point. I agree with a lot on here in this thread it is perfectly fine to build with or without engines, what ever you feel like modeling.....Curbsides are great to for getting away from contest full detailed builds when you experience burn out or a slump I did that a couple times and it get me to get a few more kits done in a year not 4-5 years like I usually do.
  14. Darren B added a post in a topic Photobucket   

    I have been on photobucket forever I am just 60% of total storage, but what I just noticed is that they have put a lot of adverts on the main page and that is a real pain in the butt, I am talking like 5 to 6 separate ads on the page. It does say for $2.99 a month it will be add free. Now three dollars a month is nothing but I am a cheap skate, I believe that if it is given for a decade free and you do not exceed bandwith why even pay the three dollars? but the ads make it run really slow,  thou.
  15. Darren B added a post in a topic Rat rod rust tutorial with sponge   

    very awesome thank you for sharing....