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  1. Joe, thank you. I hope it turns out good. I am a little worried about the paint coming out right. One of the reasons it has set for a year or two trying to come up with an awesome paint job that is more than just one color.
  2. Thank you. That is what I have to work out now. Thinking of using a fine point sharpie to outline it then color it in like line art. The second thought I have it to go over it in sharpie then using a translucent candy paint over it would be like a ghost pattern. Not to sure but am redrawing the image on spoons to try out each idea. Would look awesome to airbrush it like a mural but my air brushing skills are not good enough for that yet.
  3. also playing around with some kind of hand drawn artwork for the paint job as well.
  4. I have finally decided on a color, DeJaBlue by testors one coat lacquer.
  5. 1938 Custom Ford Van

    Thank you vc273
  6. 1938 Custom Ford Van

    Espo, thank you, I am learning more on making ok hinges. Thank you for the comment. The there’s flooring is craft foam I pick up at hobby lobby. Then with a few simple tools I form the design in the foam. I threw together a quick tutorial on the process. Not a detailed one but should get you headed in the right direction if you want to try it out. Modelsinc.yolasite.com is the site, than click in the tips and technique page and give it a try.
  7. 1938 Custom Ford Van

  8. 1938 Custom Ford Van

    Have been working on this one for a little while. Engine started, opened up the rear door. Smoothing out belly pan and planning button tufted interior. All I have right now....
  9. a little bit more detail around the mummy.
  10. Tony, that is cool, glad to hear that you got the bug there! For the last several years thou, the amount of vehicles has dwindled significantly. They are lucky to go past 50 entries. I think two years ago they did hit 75.
  11. Thanks guys, I am being driven to finish due to being able to enter something in our state fair. I have not in over two years, or for that matter a model show in my area for even longer. I still want to finish the big rat rod pete, but this one is 75% done. I just need a little push to get over the finish line.....
  12. Sorry about the orientation of the photos. my new iphone does not let me rotate, I will try to get this figured out but back on this one now to try to finish it for the fair in September.....
  13. Rat Rod Pete 359

    Not a problem, hope it works for your builds!
  14. Rat Rod Pete 359

    Thank you, Gotnitro!