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  1. Rat Rod Pete 359

    Thanks guys, that may be it for a bit, at least till Christmas. I just got my final work schedule in and I will be working very long days straight thru the 23 of December. I will be getting almost two weeks off with pay from Christmas to the 3rd of Janauary and I plan to get this thing if not near completion at least the final wiring, plumbing, and a lot of color on this baby. I want to see it completed soon, then I will jump on the transportor and get that thing well underway.
  2. Scratch bash KW aerodyne wrecker

    ditto! here, here!!
  3. Rat Rod Pete 359

    I have not forgotten about the build, just this time of year my company gets a lot of ads in and I am slammed, plus the landlord of the house we are renting decided to do an extreme makeover of the house on the outside, new paint gutters and a new roof, the only thing is I work graveyard so no sleep for a week!!!!!! did get some primer on the parts, starting some to see color if only in primer.....
  4. Rat Rod Pete 359

    Thank you Gator...
  5. Rat Rod Pete 359

    layered polystyrene hope to sand down to get that dish look in the end of the tanks.......
  6. Rat Rod Pete 359

    cut down and capped tank....
  7. Rat Rod Pete 359

    Thank you guys, thanks for checking it out.
  8. Scratch bash KW aerodyne wrecker

    looking really good!!!
  9. Loadstar Brush Truck

    Very impressive just with the hinge work, I can see this will be very very interesting...
  10. HL Irk

    I am with all of you guys, live an learn, like if we all had bought $100.00 in bitcoin in 2010, right now we could retire and possibly buy a franchise of Hobby Lobby.......arggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  11. Rat Rod Pete 359

    Decided to try my had at making a tank from this kit instead of stealing the tank from the California hauler kit....Just gonna cut it down and put caps on each end, should not be too hard....
  12. Rat Rod Pete 359

    DrKerry, thank you.
  13. Daytona Spyder engine question

    Oh cool yes thank you very much. I would rather have the real engine however, but could not pass up on the price of the kit.....
  14. Daytona Spyder engine question

    Thank you for the reply, that makes sense. I think Ill build it then as a box stock slump builder then. Again thank you.