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  1. custom pics on the gas tank... going to make a bamboo roof rack...when I figure how to attach it to the roof right. lowered the front to almost no clearance....
  2. amps made out of old computer heat sinks, painted black with sanded down hub caps for emblems....
  3. since i lost all my sign foam made a surf board out of balsa wood, the grey one is almost done, thought I would make a bigger one, still carving out of the balsa wood.
  4. I have been gone a while from this forum, long story short all of my hobbies except for my basic tools got lost in a move. This kit was the only one that showed up to my new home because it was in a regular plain box that I had packed with my families clothes. My comeback to the hobby will be a rat rod vw. I thought that I would do this mainly because I do have some paint left over mostly flat, and that weathered vehicles look a lot more realistic than show cars. We will see what happens, this is where I am right now. Have put in a few months to get to this point.
  5. I use future to attach stuff to my builds. Great clear coat but it also lets you attach other items to your builds. A couple more coats and the edges of the images disappear.
  6. Nice I can see a few things I would use them for already.
  7. I lost the instruction sheet to this kit (Revell 1/16th scale kafer) and looked on line for another copy. I am wondering if anyone has a digital version of the instructions sheet?
  8. a bunch of specialty cutters and dotting tools for various scratch building!!!
  9. very amazing selection as well. the braided stuff is amazingly realistic as well.
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