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  1. also added an over flow hose on the fuel tank.
  2. also added some wiring to under the hood.
  3. finally came up with a way to attach the roof rack to the car, not a big fan of it, just not sure of any other way of adding it to the bug itself. Kind of Gilligan's Island style.
  4. Matched the color of the running boards to the color of the sliding rag top.
  5. I actually hand carved two surfboards for this car. I may put the junk in the back seat area and the surfboards on the roof. Or the boards first then the junk.
  6. David, yes they are skulls, I should have painted them a little darker, they are hard to make out. I put rhinestones in the eye sockets to look like led's.
  7. roof rack done. Just need to figure out a way to attach it to the car.
  8. going to make a chain steering wheel for this build.
  9. Lil update, still working on my real mini cooper to get it to run, but got some work done on the vw.
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