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  1. David, thank you. The picture I uploaded right before this post is the idea I have for the hood, kinda like a rat rod that has aspirations to be made in to a show car. Alot of the old lowriders that were on the show circuit have ended up in the junk yard, all faded out and dull paint. That is what I am looking to make the hood look like.
  2. I found another heat sink from an old electronic device, thinking of adding it to this build.
  3. Got the air cooler finished and installed in the door. Now just have to add some support rods and call this project done done.
  4. Erik, thank you for following my builds. I thought by now I would be over losing the other in progress builds by now. Almost a year since it happened, but still cuts deep. Hopefully some day I can chalk it up to just a bad mistake.
  5. Have some more updates, but very little. Having a builders block on how to finish weathering on body, how to hide the attachment points on the underside of hood where the hinges meet. Hope you finish yours soon, would like to see it.
  6. This is a part i scratch built and after it is put together, you will only see it when the wheels are turned to the right and you are looking for it. But wanted to add the detail.
  7. found this on the net, so I have to give it a try.
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