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  1. theres pics out there on minitruck sites everywhere
  2. you have any pics of your 1:1 i liked to see it if ya do (not tryin to say you dont actually have it lol)
  3. yjislander do you know who made the kit or possibly a link to some thanks
  4. looks good man question though do you know if they made this same truck with a shortbed instead of the long bed
  5. heres my truck so far all thats done to it is lowered 2 inchs in the rear and the new wheels http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&module=images&img=924]
  6. thanks for some of the replies ill try some of these in the next couple days and post the results
  7. ok so ive got an amt 94 lightning kit im workin on and there are some body parts that are chrome that arent supposed to be, so i lookin for an easy to get the chrome off and be able to paint the pieces. (im not sure if ive got any of the stuff ive seen mentioned to remove paint either but i may) thanks in advance
  8. im startin to think i might just grind the head off the pins and glue the wheels on right everything else ive tried has acted like it was gonna bend the wheel
  9. the wheel is plastic and the pin and leafspring assembly are metal
  10. well thats were im stumped there not glued on its got these pins that have a cross hatching pattern on the end that goes into the wheel,
  11. ok so ive got the hot metal car trailer i started to build and put the wheels and tires on the suspension backwards. and i was wandering if theres any way to safely get these off so i can replace the right way. thanks
  12. wow one day not able to check in lol well these post are something i was looking for to get the info thanks alot
  13. ive bought i think its testors detail starter kit thats got some paint glue brush x-acto so on and ive spray painted parts on my 1:1 truck before which im sure theres a little diffrence
  14. ok i see now i was thinkin some attachment for a dremel for a second thanks though
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