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  1. JerryK added a post in a topic Just received my '57 Meteor Rideau 500 4 door hardtop from Frontier Resin!   


    I'm trying to get some historical data on the Canadian hybrids of the '50s and was wondering if you could recommend any sources or contacts you might know of?

    Could you contact me at the Realm? resinrealm@yahoo.com or give me a yell at 402-387-2882

    Thanks much!!!

  2. JerryK added a topic in General   

    Could sure use your help...OT
    Hi, All...our little town of Ainsworth, Nebraska population 1800 is in 7th place in the Readers Digest "We hear you America" contest and we sure could use some help with votes for our zip code, 69210 at their site.

    You can vote 10 times a day for every day left in the contest by clicking HERE and logging in. If you have more than one e-mail address, you can vote 10 times for every e-mail address you have just by logging off and re-logging in with a different address. While they do ask for personal information, at the bottom of the sign in screen are a couple of radio buttons that let you opt out of any junk mail.

    For those of you that have already been helping us, thank you and please keep on voting until the contest ends. We're the smallest of the towns in the running and the prize will help us get an addition to our library and repair our community youth area and pool.

    Once again thanks to any of you who can help us out.

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  3. JerryK added a post in a topic AMT 1966 Olds 442?!   

    Since I both sold and owned a couple of these puppies when they were brand new I thought I'd offer some data you might find useful about this kit...

    First thing: the car on the cover and the car in the box are different models. The car on the cover is an F-85 Holiday Coupe, model 3617. The kit car in the box is a Cutlass Holiday Coupe, model 3817. Both equipped with either 4-4-2 performance option L69 which came with 3-2bbl carburetors or option L78 which included the more common Quadrajet 4bbl carburetor. Both of these packages included the red line tires shown on the box along with heavy duty wheels. A no cost white wall exchange option was also available.

    Getting back to the box art, it was definitely Photoshopped. The tell-tail clue is the two-tone/vinyl top chrome separator between the windshield and the side windows that they forgot to remove when they were making the changes. From my experience, average buyers bought 4-4-2's with a vinyl top. Boy racers skipped the vinyl top but equipped theirs with heavy duty items for weekend fun at the strip. some of them ran at U.S. 30 Dragway in Indiana where I raced GT 350H Mustangs courtesy of Hertz.

    Just in case you're interested, the following interior colors were appropriate for both the coupe and convertible versions of this kit.

    Parchment Pearl (Opalescent) white with matching headliner and black carpet, black with Ivory headliner and black carpet, red with Parchment Pearl headliner and dark maroon carpeting and blue (matches 66 Olds color code D Lucerne Mist) with matching headliner and dark blue carpeting.

    Vinyl tops came in Black and Beige (actually an off white)

    Convertible tops came in beige (Khaki comes real close), black, blue (a bit darker then the interior blue and white.

    I'll be posting the actual paint chips and swatches of everything at the Resin Realm after the first of the year. The pic is of two of the pages from the Olds Dealer binder.

    Hope this has been helpful to you.


  4. JerryK added a post in a topic Resin Caster   

    Hendrix kits are sold by STAR Models (http://resinrealm.net/Star/STARModels.html) and The Resin Realm (http://www.resinrealm.net/). The Resin Realm versions come cleaned up with all flash and mold release removed and include glue, sanding sticks, a sheet of chrome vinyl and in some instances, even paint.

    You can contact the Realm at resinrealm@yahoo.com or reach them anytime (well almost :-) at 402-387-2882

    STAR Models can be contacted at stevekohler@cox.net or call him after 9pm central standard time at 402-896-4379
  5. JerryK added a post in a topic How long do u soak a resin piece!   

    Since I started prepping my kits before they go out the door I can tell you what works every time. First I clean off all the extraneous flash followed by a 24 hour soak in BLECHE-WITE. A scrub in WARM soapy water using a tooth brush is the next step. Use Hot water only if you want a warped part. Finally rinse the part(s) in warm water and blot surfaces to be painted with with lint free paper towels or a chamois to eliminate water spots.

    After you follow those steps there is one more thing that's very, very important. Don't handle your clean parts with your greasy mitts. Use some cheap medical gloves to place them on a paint stand, folded wire hanger or other holder.

    The rest of the process depends on your skill with a rattle can or air brush and the paint you use.

    Jerry Koszut
  6. JerryK added a post in a topic How To Convert Jpeg Images To Line Drawings?   

    You can use a drawing program like Adobe Illustrator to create a vector image which can be saved as a .jpg or.png. You can also turn it into a sketch with a paint program like Photoshop but both of those require a learning curve you probably would tire of before you got any results you were satisfied with and you can buy a a lot of resin or Styrene for what those programs will cost you.

    Quite frankly, the best solution is a sheet of transparent drafting vellum and a pencil followed by a run through a scanner. You can then touch up the resulting .jpg or .png with Microsoft's Paint or other shareware or freeware painting program. You can probably wind up with a presentable graphic in an hour or less depending on the amount of detail you have to trace onto the vellum.

    Good Luck!

  7. JerryK added a post in a topic AAM '54 Stud Connestoga   

    The interior mods are almost done. I managed to save a 54 salesmans binder from the trash when I worked for Studebaker so it'll be pretty accurate.

    I will also have the correct colors in Acrylic Enamel taken from a Stude factory color chart. I may offer paint with the kit...we'll see what the bottom line needs to be first.

  8. JerryK added a post in a topic '53 - '54 Studebaker post coupe & '57-'61 Hawk - resin bodies   

    Bill, that is one project that needs finished. those fins, the hardest part to recreate from scratch are perfect!!!

    Git'r Done!

  9. JerryK added a post in a topic '53 - '54 Studebaker post coupe & '57-'61 Hawk - resin bodies   


    I had Hendrix whip that one up so I could build a model of the one I had. Some of the things to watch out for are the thinness of the casting on the passengers side (although the ones I just got in are perfect) and the rain gutter moldings which when trying to cast to scale became fragile. I just remove them since the ridge that's left is close to good.

    The one from the Resin Realm comes cleaned up (Bleche-Wite 24 hour soak, detergent wash and rinse) with all flash removed. It takes me 2 to 3 hours to get it to the point where all you have to do is the final fitting prime and paint. You can see it here...


    and here is the paint page which I haven't linked to the Home page yet.


    Hope this helps...

  10. JerryK added a post in a topic goin postal 2..   

    And worth every nickle of it! An awesome kit to say the least.

    The Resin Realm
  11. JerryK added a post in a topic Looking for a Resin Truck Cab   

    Steve Kohler of STAR Models has them. You can reach him at http://resinrealm.net. When you get there click on the STAR Models button and select Hendrix from the resin kits drop down menu.

    The Resin Realm
  12. JerryK added a post in a topic STOCK 49-51 mercury woody wagon Where to get?   

    I have one from Hendrix in stock, Jim. It's had it's Bleche-Wite soaking, detergent wash, and it's been deflashed as are all the kits I carry at the Resin Realm.

  13. JerryK added a post in a topic Resin Studebakers   

    Hi Duane,

    I had someone on line to do a 64 Daytona 2 door hardtop but he passed away before he could even get started. I'd still like to do it and or the Cruiser since I had a 65 in Bordoux Red.

  14. JerryK added a post in a topic Resin Studebakers   

    HI, CLAY...

    As Andy mentioned, we have the 53 Commander coupe but our 54 Conestoga is getting a correct interior mastered for it and won't be available until the end of May. We are also going to be releasing a 56 Commander 2 door sedan later this year. I'm also kicking around the idea of a Sky Top version of a 62 Daytona Regal 2 door hardtop if anyone is interested.

    In addition to the 53 Commander coupe we also have factory colors for it and many other cars available in single stage acrylic enamel in one and two ounce bottles. Details are posted on the home page and on our Mason City Miniatures product pages.

    Jerry Koszut
  15. JerryK added a post in a topic Just got these today...   

    For those of you who asked how the 56 Studebaker President Classic was made...this is straight from the horses mouth. I thought you might be interested.


    The '56 President Classic Model began life as an old Revell '56 Chevy 2Dr Sedan (Box Art was a Green Chevy with chrome wheels) ........anyway, we started sawing, re-shaping, adding door lines, and of course all the side trim,(boy was that a job) headlight eyebrows, etc.....grill assy., tail lights, hood ornament all carved spruce. Interior is modified from a Jo-Han Lark with correction for the dash, including the famous cyclops speed odmeter which set on top the dash in front of the driver. I used the same paint, from when the Full Size '56 was painted, filled into some spray cans and shot it on the model.......I believe that is best color for the '56 President Classic,.... Doe Skin & Mocha. The car was built, gosh ........probably 16-18 years ago, and as I said......if I were doing it again I would do a few things a little different............wished I would have had the '56 Commander kit back then, it would have been a lot easier............thanks, Pat