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  1. I seen a post on facebook that Don will be retiring in 2017. I hope someone can fill the huge void that will be left when he retires.
  2. I forget who use to sell OEM paint colors in small portions anyone know the website
  3. thats cool, but looks like they put the steering wheels on the wrong side
  4. It would be neat if you could built a model for every pace car. How many of them are aval. in kit form?
  5. Looks like somebody put a Corvette & a Pacer in a blinder and this is the came out. I love station wagons but this one just doesnt look right
  6. Shouldn't this be posted in the ask a question section? after all it is a question
  7. saw this kit at the last show I was at look pretty cool but ho is not my thing really wish the would do A 1/24 1/25 scale of it I would find somewhere to set it up
  8. I would look for one or two of them on ebay that are being sold in auction form and add them to your watch list untill they end. it will give you a good ideal about how much it might be worth. Or you can watch a few that have been listed with the buy it now option and see if and how long it takes the seller to sell the. 3rd option would be find sombody that has the model kit price guide book.
  9. yea I also didn't like only the top ten cars getting awards. I would rather pay a few extra bucks to enter in the show to get the 1st 2nd & 3rd awards back for each class next year. Wish they would have mentioned in the flyers or there facebook page that it was top 10 style show I wouldnt of even entered my car curb side can't really compete with other classes. Don't get me wrong I still had a good time and had fun seeing all the cars and would hate to lose the show its just going to be a really hard show to build for now and not sure if I can build a top 10 car in 1 years time and if I can it will only be 1 car entered for the show. My last best of show winning model took 3 years on and off to build. guess I better get to work
  10. Found some at another hobby shop in dayton oh. now just need to do the foil and clear coat befor sat.
  11. Local hobby shop is out of chrome BMF. I need some so I can finish up a model for a contest this Sat.
  12. I'm trying to finish up a few cars this week for the show if all goes well I'll be there
  13. Wow got my kit today super nice casting. very little clean up needed. cant wait to start this on. Thanks Motor city resin you guys set a high bar for other resin casters.
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