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  1. Thanx The back seat are removed and one racing seat is mounted way back. and center console with dash is from Skyline r34 GTR modified to fit the smaller WV bugg interior. pics is coming soon
  2. the biggest i could find it's a mercedes V8 from 500SL
  3. Looks real nice so far i have built this one myself, and i will build another one with different decals
  4. I have built 5 of Aoshimas D1GP models so far but i have them all and all will be built
  5. yes it isn't good pictures and it's red. i think i must post new pic of christine taken at same place as D1GP S15 cos they are painted with paint from the same tinlet
  6. And it's painted with this http://www.humbrol.com/paints/enamel-paints/aa0206-19-bright-red-14ml-gloss-enamel-tinlet/
  7. Must be light in the room when taking these pictures cos it's painted with the same colour as the D1GP HKS Silvia S15 RS-2 Humbrol enamel Gloss 19
  8. more darker red, the meaner look for the devil
  9. am using extremely soft brush, and the body's looked like ###### in the beginning before i learned my way of brush painting. the few body's i have spray painted don't look nice . so i will continue using my brush
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