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  1. Yes, always study a lot of detail pictures before starting a kit so it can be accurate
  2. It was quite a good kit when it first been one production in th beginning of the 80ies, now it's a bit dated but still can be built into nice replica, here are my different version of this kit :)
  3. Exactly, built 5 of them and done this modification on all
  4. Perfect build, engine and chassis details are amazing !!!
  5. Again very nice build Tim, one of my missing treasure this 61 Chrysler, maybe someday....:)
  6. Very beautiful build Tim, makes me want to finally started mine before I got to old to build model !!!
  7. Thank you for the nice comments ☺️
  8. A friend of mince in Germany designed them, but it's out of stock now
  9. Thanks Yes, really a brain storming, but as it is the only kit available of this car, that's worth the effort
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