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  1. Perfect build, engine and chassis details are amazing !!!
  2. Again very nice build Tim, one of my missing treasure this 61 Chrysler, maybe someday....:)
  3. Very beautiful build Tim, makes me want to finally started mine before I got to old to build model !!!
  4. Thank you for the nice comments ☺️
  5. A friend of mince in Germany designed them, but it's out of stock now
  6. Thanks Yes, really a brain storming, but as it is the only kit available of this car, that's worth the effort
  7. Hello guys, It's a long time I haven't post here. This year has been a little bit complicated for me, anyway i managed to finish 12 build. Pretty proud of the Auburn that ask me looooooot's of work. Hope you'll enjoy them
  8. Nice production, favorite goes to the Nash and the Olds 57 ?
  9. Happy new year from France to all my fellow modelers friends :)
  10. Thanks for the nice comments, all the build have been posted here, the truck is in the right section so I think if you looking at Dick Landy Hauler on the research portion you will find it ?
  11. There it is, time to look at the mirror to see how productive I was this year, and well not unhappy of myself ? 10 models finished
  12. Very nice built !! It's a not often seen model, always liked this generation of Daytona. Got the approach as you but with the first Turbo Z from DD Mc Call ;)
  13. Don't know who built that Plymouth duet but the Golden Commando bronze one is particulary very well built and painted !!! ?
  14. Thanks for the nice comments, the wheels cover came from Trumpeter Falcon/Ranchero kits
  15. Thanks, concerning the engine, it was correct looking regarding the few pics I found with Fairlane 6 engine, maybe the inches were more important on trucks, but it's not choking from the outside ?
  16. Hi guys, Here are my last build, an AMT 65 Galaxie and a Revell 64 Fairlane. The Fairlane is build as a grocery getters with a Moebius 6 under hood and Trumpeter Hubcaps, wanted to done it like an AMT annual instead of a drag model, color is champagne metallic from Tamiya, had to scratch build a center console also. Thé Galaxie is box stock minus wheels and tires, from parts box, I saw this car on a Muscle Car of the Week video and had to build it ? Hope you will like them ?
  17. Wow that is absolutely gorgeous, incredible underhood details, really really beautiful !!! :)
  18. Really nice !! Remind me one from an old movie....
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