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  1. Very very nice !!! Have to restore mine, have a second one but missing the glasses...
  2. Don't know if the people at AMT/MPC read this topic but it would be nice if they could reissued this kit :
  3. Nice build and nice color combo !!
  4. Very nice build !! Will look good close to my 69 !!
  5. Ah ok so the black one is a Die Cast !! I thought it was also an AMT kit
  6. Thanks for the nice comments, the wheels cover came from the Revell 65 Chevelle kit
  7. Thanks I've put some BMF before the two last coat of red
  8. Hi guys, here is one of my latest build, an good old AMT GT500 kit, mostly box stock except the the side chrome molding, some more stuff under the hood, one of the main modification is that I seperate the grill from the bumper, dechromed it, and painted body color with just the surrounding chromed. Fog light has been drilled and got metal axle in. Hubcaps are from Revell. Color is an authentic Ford color spray by paint gun.
  9. Hi guys, it's a long time I haven't post anything here. Here is my latest, a 69 Ford Stepside. Starting as a model King/Moebius kit, I've changed the rear bed with an AMT one, otherwise it's box stock, there's a little surprise under the hood : a 427ci from a Thunderbolt The idea of this build came from an old Matchbox toy I've got when young. Hope you'll like it
  10. Very nice rendition of this iconic car
  11. One of the nicest build of this kit I've seen for a long time !!
  12. Very nice Oldsmobile, the perfect grocery getters
  13. Nice resto, where have you find the "Grand sport" marking on the blue one ?
  14. Superb, and the 2 tone colors is perfect !!!
  15. Beautiful as always with your build, mag 500 wheels are a nice add !!
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