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  1. IMO, still the best Firebird offer for this model, the only one with a right looking body, the new edition in 1/25 scale doesn't look right to me, anway I will buy one someday to compare !!
  2. Hey nice build, finally this kit can look nice even if it's "simple" late 60ies MPC material !!!
  3. Thanks for the nice comments !!
  4. Hi guys, Back with a new built : a 1958 Imperial from AMT, it starts life as a built and painted convertible I stripped and restored using an AMT chassis and engine to bring life to the underside. I used a roof from a 59 Imperial kit reissue, modifeid the engine intake and air filter box, open the hood, painted it with a real Chrysler red color. Hope you'll like it !!
  5. Thanks for the comments, yes the Blue one is a 1957 Plymouth Savoy, it is a Modelhaus kit
  6. Like them all !!! Special mention for the 59 Olds convertible and 68 GTO !!!
  7. Thanks for the nice comments !! The Plymouth wagon is from R&R with an AMT chassis and engine, the 1961 Dodge Phoenix is an original Johan kit I restored from a glue bomb, it now has a Lindberg chassis and engine
  8. There it is, a good year I think with 13 models completed this year !!
  9. Looking at this Oldsmobile instruction sheet reminds me the 80ies Monogram production, like the Monte Carlo or GN Buick, I know those cars are very close but I don't see any "progress" concerning details compares to kits that were edited around 30 years ago !!! Anyway I will buy one because this one has the flat hood so that would do an easy grocery getters base kit
  10. Thanks for the nice comments. Bill, I used a spray can I've found here in France which was first devoted to ........ garden stuff use !!!! Brand is Dupli-Color, you might have that in the states The color is very similar to the Hudson "Spring Green" Sorry for the time it took me to answer
  11. Thanks Bill, I also got the convertible one so I will modify it as you did, the day I'll touch it !!!!
  12. Thanks for the nice comments
  13. Thanks for the nice comments guys
  14. Choosing the right color for these period cars is always a challenge, I think I did well on this one !!! I let you judge
  15. Here is my latest, a Moebius 1954 Hudson, built box stock expect for engine wiring. What a nice kit, always a pleasure to build, the color I choose are close to the 54 Hudson color : "spring green" and "pasture green poly" for the roof. Hope you'll like it
  16. One of my most wanted new tool kit would be the 1960 Chrysler 300, one of hte nicest design from this area and a very potent car !!!
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