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  1. 3 and half old abandoned cars in the woods based on a real place about 1 hour or so from maybe alittle more remember seeing this few years down an old country road in a little small town in southern illinois
  2. Same here back in the days 4.99 at big lots
  3. Revell 1969 dodge dart back in 95 or 96 my mom got me 2 of these darts 1st 1 got lost in the move this 1 I just finished it up,I really like these kits not a big fan of the door handles you have to put on,I added some different rims to it
  4. 1958 impala Goldie just box stock,cleared coated its there with few others built over the years
  5. robo37

    1965 Impala

    Revell 1965 chevy impala I recently finished up,ill be honest I had a few problems I lost the decals lol, and the bare metal foil kept breaking up on me but I did try my best ,Not a fan of adding door handles but did the best I could and the rear wheel axle broke on me to but other wise im happy with it
  6. thank you Thank you very much
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