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  1. I think Revell would have hit this out of the ballpark like the 72 olds they did with miss hurst shifter im surprise they never did 1
  2. 1980 Plymouth volare drag car MPC kit 1/25th scale this was a very important build to me this was the last model kit I got for my birthday in Jan and the next month when my mom passed away she had picked out the paint and thought it look good in panther Pink motor 440 out of 70 Coronet drag kit parts box steelies I added some clear black on the carbs in on the valve covers bare metal foil trim
  3. finished up a another 57 chevy ex drag car junker that runs lol, few pics are a small diorama I did
  4. Thank you very much Very nice, I've got a nice rebuilder im gonna get to one day. Thank you cant wait to see it sometime
  5. Like to see them out again I know the 1 hasn't seen light of days for years but they way they are bringing some of the older stuff back maybe they can,,the caprice would be nice to see again since they brought out the dart again the others shouldn't be that hard either
  6. 1975 dodge dart street or strip car,painted panther pink,part box steel wheels,seats from 74 gt kit the racing ones
  7. 1957 chevys 3 of them the red 1 was a snap kit just added silver sharpie for all the chrome trim and did it for the other 2 the 1 -57 I added a gasser like front end on it
  8. Since the released the ford lighting I think its about time for the 72 chevy to come back out ? Wonder what is taking so long
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