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  1. I remember years ago keeping this from my uncle,wish I still had it
  2. Finished up Grandpa"s 65 chevelle wagon ,detail hubcaps,painted white walls,detail grill,added dual carbs,was a fun build,I sat it next to Grandma"s 65 chevelle wagon
  3. Wow thats sad how many times you come out with the same kit and decals??? the dodge van been out ,not that long ago I remember having some of the 64 fords to,Why not come out with the 76 caprice again or the 78-80 monte carlo something we havent seen in a while instead of stuff that hasnt been out that long ago just an ideal??? How about retool the 71 road runner or 72 pontiac ventura,or super charger????
  4. Looks like a fun build good job on that
  5. Super Job on Michelle cant beat a purple mopar
  6. Looking for front grill and rear bumper for a 77-78 plymouth volare 1/25 scale or does anyone who who would 3d print 1? Thanks
  7. You are welcome I agree with ya Burnt orange does look good on mopars
  8. That turned out super and cant be a orange paint job :}
  9. My 1976 chevy caprice painted beige with tan interior,painted white walls,bare metal foil trim,detail the hubcaps and grill,tail lights.front and rear bumper,Built this as Grandpa's Caprice
  10. I think Revell would have hit this out of the ballpark like the 72 olds they did with miss hurst shifter im surprise they never did 1
  11. 1980 Plymouth volare drag car MPC kit 1/25th scale this was a very important build to me this was the last model kit I got for my birthday in Jan and the next month when my mom passed away she had picked out the paint and thought it look good in panther Pink motor 440 out of 70 Coronet drag kit parts box steelies I added some clear black on the carbs in on the valve covers bare metal foil trim
  12. finished up a another 57 chevy ex drag car junker that runs lol, few pics are a small diorama I did
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