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  1. i think bandia had some 1/24th scale armor kits. those will certainly be raidable for parts. the engines looking nice btw..
  2. hahaha way to be using an engine from a 1946 lincoln in a car from 1987... in other words.... thats imagination... i would have never thoight to put one of those in a buick.... which is btw one of my favorite cars of all time.
  3. hey romell, the trucks looking grat! i have modelers tip for you though. i saw the beatiful lighting work did on the trailer. i would say sand the leds so that the glass is matte and the light is diffused a little. stock leds are just too focused to be realistic.
  4. Yeah hahaha i can just imagina this van bombin down the highway with smoke porin out of the cracks of the rear door, and the popo in hot pursit hahaha
  5. Wow, that is a beauty. have you consided putting those big spiked lugnuts on the wheels? those always look cool on these big trucks.
  6. if you want ground making tips, visit a model armour forum. (oh sins of sins to say that lmao) lets face it, the armor biulders are alot better at biulding dioramas than most car modelers. pick up a few tips there, and youll be set.
  7. Wow, thats a beauty. whered you get the offenhauser heads? are they resin?
  8. Wow. i love this idea, a musclecar custom. and the nova graft looks phenomenal. keep up the good work.
  9. have you considered strengthening the inside of the fenders with styrene ribs and then a layer of epoxy or squadron putty? ive built a few big heller kits and this has always been the best solution. i do like that bracing though. its almost like a real car.
  10. Wow i didnt know the top was that rounded! i love the two tone white and black color scheme!!! XD lol jk jk thats actualy a real nice 53' how good is the body?
  11. I have always wanted to buid one of these elkys as a shop truck with a rusty old model a body and a pair of frame rails in the back, being taken back to the shop to be hotrodded.
  12. i saw a picture of a real one of these with a tractor grille and a model t bed on it that was at SEMA.
  13. If you want to go really fatr out, use two straight sixes to make a U-12 engine for this car. chebby blue flames would do the trick, and look sickkk. lol the revell 54 vette kit has a really good one.
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