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  1. I’ve wanted to get a couple of these kits to build the truck I sold a few months back. 146k original miles
  2. Beautiful work!! That color looks great! Can’t wait to see this one done!
  3. Absolutely beautiful!!!! That color and the white stripes are amazing!
  4. Love that green on your build, it really pops!! I bought a built up kit of this with intentions to redo it, but after hearing how much of a hassle this kit is I may just leave it as is. I’m guessing mine is one of the original issue kits because of the different wheels and decals 🤷‍♂️
  5. Looking for one or both front seats from this kit
  6. Love it!!! That color combination looks beautiful!!
  7. That color looks SICK!!! I can’t wait to see the body sprayed 😳
  8. This is an amazing kit no matter which way you build it. I’m sure you’ll do a fantastic job with your build. Can’t wait to see it!!!
  9. Equal length headers with 3” pipe, 1 chamber Flowmasters and turn downs sounded soooo good on my 87 GT 😍
  10. He’s making me want to buy my old Fox Coupe back from the guy I sold it to 32 years ago. It’s still sitting in the same spot and only missing the steering column. 79 fox coupe factory V8 car. I can get it for about $350 🤣😂
  11. I almost picked this kit up from hobby lobby a few days ago. I’m more of a musclecars kinda guy, but after seeing some of the amazing builds on here I’m thinking of taking a stab at building some hot rods. Great build and detail, can’t wait to see it done!!
  12. Everything about this build is amazing. The color, details, stance, everything!
  13. I just read this entire thread and all I can say is……. WOWZERS!!!! I have been tempted several times to cut and join those 2 bodies just because I love the 67-68 Mustang (69-70 as well) but I just don’t feel my skill level is up to potentially wasting 2 kits and ending up with a pile of junk. I will DEFINITELY be watching this build!! 👍🏻👍🏻
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