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  1. Yessir that’s one thing that drives me nuts!! The front pan on these Mopar kits has to be molded in to look right !!!
  2. I try to do something new/different with every build. I drilled the carbs out and found these little rivet things at Michael’s a couple years ago. Thanks for the compliment. The paint is a factory Jeep color called Rescue Green
  3. Keef

    1970 Roadrunner

    I used some wire and beading thingies I found at hobby lobby and some CA glue to glue it all together
  4. Good eye and good catch. I have been working on this thing off and on for awhile now, I’m sure it was on my to-do list and just got overlooked. Thanks for reminding me 👍🏻
  5. Keef

    1970 Hemi Cuda

    Good help is so hard to find these days 🙄😂🤣
  6. Another one from the past few years.
  7. Built this one a couple years ago
  8. Keef

    1970 Hemi Cuda

    I built this one for a Facebook group buildoff a few years back. I think it’s one of my favorite builds so far.
  9. This is just a project I’ve been working on for a few years off and on. Life gets in the way and sometimes I just stand at my bench looking at everything lol. I’m also posting this to see if pics show up from my iPhone or not.
  10. Absolutely beautiful!!! Where did you get those scoops from?
  11. That is a "Super" Mopar, but i may "Bee" a bit biased lol
  12. Keef

    71 Hemi Gtx

    built from leftover parts, paint is Dupli-Color Tourmaline Green, interior is Italian Olive green Krylon, thanks for looking
  13. its from Lex's Scale Modeling on ebay
  14. started this one today from a leftover parts kit, paint is Dupli-Color Tourmaline Green with Krylon Italian Olive satin interior
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