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  1. not a bit of trouble at all, like they were made for each other lol
  2. Keef

    1971 AMT Charger R/T

    the paint is Duplicolor DS CC 362 Bright White, its a Chrysler color
  3. Keef

    1971 AMT Charger R/T

    yes they did, thanks
  4. in regards to lowering the front the answer is very simple, i cut the mount for the wheel backs off the front spindles and superglued them back on higher up as for the body, its actually a Johan Roadrunner body, i still have the GTX body with the rear panel piece that ill eventually use for something
  5. lol thanks but it isnt foil, its a silver sharpie
  6. used AMT 69 GTX interior, chassis, and motor/transmission
  7. I have 2 of these in my stash to build eventually, yours looks absolutely awesome!
  8. i bought a set a couple years ago when i built my Midnight Express, cant remember exactly what site i bought them from but they were made by Billy Gooche(i think), the door and tailgate decals were fine but the wheelwell decals were too short, i ended up using the wheelwell decals from the LRE kit
  9. this is what mine looks like now that ive moved stash storage after my cabinet ended up being a mangled casualty of moving
  10. I LIKE those!!!!!, i need a couple sets like that for some other projects. VERY impressive!!!
  11. same kit, different decals http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/instruction_sheetsh/instruction_sheets/revell-2/revell-7eleven-must/
  12. looks pretty good but it isnt a 93 looks more like a 94-99
  13. one of my daily drivers my other one, fixing to get a heart transplant the new heart going in the blue truck
  14. thanks for the info, ive wondered how to do that, especially the rear fender part, i have a builtup gluebomb 69 shelby gt500 i might try that on
  15. Keef

    1970 super bee

    VERY nice!!!, gonna build the green one next? lol
  16. looking very cool so far, any pics of how and where you cut the roof and rear fenders?
  17. of you good sir i am quite jealous lol heres a couple pics of me with my kids oldest daughter, graduates high school this year youngest 2, she will be 5 in may, he is 6 and in kindergarten me and the missus
  18. http://www.hotrod.com/featuredvehicles/hrdp_1010_steve_bashfords_1978_amc_pacer_wagon/photo_01.html all i could find
  19. im sure most people already know this, but just in case some dont, the black top car is actually a painted top and not a vinyl top or so i have been told read here: http://stockcar.racersreunion.com/photo/richard-petty1968-plymouth?context=user
  20. i cut out the center of the decal and painted that area of the hood black
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