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  1. Looks awesome so far! I'll be keeping an eye on this one!
  2. surprised nobody noticed the 4 lug wheels which, while correct for an inline 6 cylinder mustang, would be incorrect for a v8 car. one trip around a road course with that car would most likely result in a killer crash.
  3. they are in the recent AMT 69 Barracuda kit as well
  4. http://www.amazon.com/Classic-Plastic-Model-Kits-Identification/dp/0891457011
  5. got to be without a doubt the nicest looking transkit i have NEVER seen
  6. read this thread....you'll get it... http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=49672
  7. very nice, great attention to detail, love the engine and interior detail, looks almost real... *BIG thumbs up*
  8. 1974 Mustang II coupe....wouldnt have it back if you paid me the $300 i sold it for
  9. i agree Casey does make some VERY nice wheels
  10. best one ive seen would be in the monogram 66 malibu flipnose kit with the black car on the box
  11. I just want to say a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to all veterans everywhere for all that you have sacrificed to ensure the freedoms and liberties that most people take for granted.
  12. go here and scroll down http://mapleleafmopars.homestead.com/carsinbarns67.html
  13. You are correct, they are different cars NOPE!!! sorry wrong answer but thanks for playing. the Lindberg is a Dodge 330 2dr Sedan as seen in this pic: the Polara is a 2dr Hardtop as seen in this pic:
  14. looks pretty good, i like that color, i only have 1 tiny nit to pick about the engine though you have the coil wire running to the vacuum advance cannister(circled in red) when it should be running to the top of the distributor(blue spot)
  15. most likely the standard 350hp engine would have either a single or dual snorkle air cleaner depending upon what type of vehicle it was installed in.
  16. the high performance 440 was standard in the GTX in 1969 so orange would be the correct color
  17. The high output 440 was marketed as the Magnum in Dodges, the Super Commando in Plymouths, and the TNT in Chryslers. it was available as a 4bbl with 350hp or 375hp or the 6bbl engine with 390hp the standard 440-4bbl(350hp) was painted turqouise while the 375hp 4bbl engine and 6bbl engine were both painted orange
  18. Keef

    69 GTX

    im sorta building parts of a 69 GTX lol combining the chassis, interior, engine, and underhood with a Johan 69 RoadRunner body sorry didnt mean to hijack your thread
  19. looks great, i have one of these im wanting to cut and make a short bed out of
  20. one of my personal favorite mopars heres mine
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