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  1. marsharf added a post in a topic Lf: A Resin '37 Auburn Cord 812 Beverly Sedan Conversion For The Monogram Kit   


    My first 50 or so Cord sedans were based on a massively cleaned up ScaleKraft body (it was horrid, to be polite). After an exchange of letters with Guido, I determined to make a sedan that was truly correct (his wasn't, having clearly used the roof section of a Monogram '37 Ford Tudor.

    My second sedans (trunkback supercharged, and flat back non-supercharged) were done with the generous reference assistance of Josh Malks, President Emeritus of Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club, long time technical guru of the 810/812 Cords. Josh brought his '36 Cord 810 Westchester sedan to the 1994 NNL-West, where I photographed it extensively, then took a hot, fast ride (with Lee Baker in the back seat) down the 101 Freeway through San Jose, out into the countryside and back again. The second-series AAM Cord sedans (both with Westchester interiors, BTW) were evaluated by Mr Malks, and other Cord authorities, and they pronounced them "dead on" accurate.


    I am new to the site and am also very interested in Dave Lindsay's All American Modes Flatback (aka Westchester sedan. Do you have any contacts who might have bodys or molds for this car. I plan on using the Montagram kit for the various trim pieces needed and for the engine , chassis, and so on. I
    Of you do not know of anyone who has these available, I have also been toying with creating a 3D CAD model of the car and printing it on the Dimension 11 3d printer I have availabel at school. Once that is done, I can work with a friend who has access to resin casting work that he uses to make spacecraft, which my students are modeling for him.
    There is a one person whom I have not been able to contact who produced a beautiful CAD drawing of the Westchester, and I would like to see if he would share his work with my students.
    Let me know if you have some ideas.