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  1. I remember when hobby lobby carried italeri kits.....after the sale I got an fld120 for 24.00.....man I miss those days! This is a great deal! Wonder if you can use the coupon code to pre-order the new volvo?
  2. P&p didn't have the turbos, there's a new resin caster that will be casting the engine you're looking for. His name is Sandy Mcguire, I know for a fact that he's doing the exact engine you're talking about because I sent it to him, look for it soon. Chad
  3. No, the wrecker uses almost all of the chrome from the kit....not really alot left over from the kit actually. ....instead of adding a second rail like they used to now they just add in a splice section. Chad
  4. Lol I personally wouldn't mind either way. ....id say it'd be easier for you to cast them as one piece :-) I totally understand on the honey - do list.....Mines very long with us moving next month lol Chad
  5. I have an entire list of things.... Pete 379 ultra cab 70" bunk 362-110 377 sfa Regain sanity Moebius reefer cut down to 48' with a 12' spread Scratch built lowboy and drop deck
  6. Great work Chase, do you mind sharing what you used for the sub structure? Awesome idea with the trash bag! Chad
  7. Please let me know via pm as soon as these are available. I want one asap
  8. Yes, more than likely being aristocraft they are actually 1/29th scale, for anything near 1/24th and 25th, the closest you will get is USATRAINS and Bachmann, I have 2 antique rail cars from bachmann I will be putting in a really cool diorama......Once I stop being lazy....all G scale trai n s use the same size track.....that's all they have in common. Chad
  9. Most definitely at that price count me in for 2 immediately. Chad
  10. Bill, how does one go about ordering from you? I'd like to get a 358 hood Chad
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