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  1. Thanks to all, the green one is an old Doyusha kit of a1971 Toyota Crown HT and the Brownish thing is a Li'l Tykes Toy car that my son discarded... So Daddy took a razor saw to it and... well, you know the rest...
  2. Hi... Seasons Greetings to all... These are my latest builds... Sort of my Class of'19...
  3. I finished my Fujimi Astro Van last Saturday... Took it to a local Top 20 show along with 3 more models... And took 3 of the top-20 medals, one with the Van...
  4. I had a lifted 2wd 87... sold it a couple of years ago... I have a lowered 99 similar to this model... but it's not running right now...
  5. Drilled the center and added a chrome Thumb Tack...
  6. I'm currently working on this Fujimi Chevy Astro Van... It's loosely based on my old Daily Driver... hope you like it...
  7. Hi, this is an old Doyusha Nostalgic Heroes kit, I made a plate style chasis and used an AMT 1970 1/2 Camaro interior... Wheels are from a Pullback toy car... Hope you like it...
  8. Hi, this one is restored with new wheels and some minor fixes to the paint...
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