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  1. Liking this one so far… Might even give them a a try myself Nice work
  2. Hello... This is a small show I've hosted every year since 2009 in Puerto Rico. Last year i couldn't do it because of COVID and also I had Open Heart surgery last July 2020... So I had to postpone... This Year I did it online via FB and hosted the pics on Fotki so I could control access until voting was finished... Anyway, here's the link to the albums, hope you guys like it. https://public.fotki.com/fanfancito/model-mania-20-21-c/
  3. I'm building one... just like you said, Replace everything...
  4. Thanks to all... I'll be doing some more work this week... hopefully... I have my kids for a month here with me and will have my hands full for a couple of weeks...
  5. Hi… This is an old AMT/Matchbox Snap kit from the 80’s. I don’t remember how I got it but a couple of years ago found another one on eBay. It’s originally based on a 80’s Dodge or AMC something on a CJ chasis… So I guess it’s an SUV… Anyways, that is how it was 🤷🏽‍♂️… I built a chasis with simplified suspension and some details… I started it a long time ago, now I went to work on it again correcting some things and trying to finish it this time around. Well, here’s where we’re at…
  6. Nice one brother... Reminds me of an old build of mine also... No paint Just buffed the red and added the black details...
  7. Thanks... The engine is from the Chezoom detailed version... not sure but I don't thnk it is an LS... I think it is an LT1...
  8. Hi, this is a custom build based on a Scout II that was supposed to be for a club challenge almost ten years ago... Last year I decided to give it a try again. Here’s a list of some of the work done to the model... The top was chopped of and the windshield chopped a bit. Then it was made into a truck. The body was shaved and the tailgate molded in along with a custom roll pan and taillight. The wheel arches were moved up and re shaped. The hood received a cowl type scoop molded in and was hinges on the front. The stock grille was opened up and a metal mesh was added. The front bumper is a slightly modded rear bumper from a Mystery Machine from polar lights. It rides on a modified dodge sidewinder frame with scratchbuilt parts... the mirrors are aluminum parts from scale repros plus. The interior is part from the sidewinder truck and almost everything else is either scratchbuilt or kit bashed... Wooden bed insert is real wood. And finally, the paint is Duplicolor Universal Black with Duplicolor 1K clear... Hope you guys like it.
  9. This one is done... look for it in the Under Glass Section... Thanks to all for your comments. 👍🏼
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