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  1. Thans Guys... Here are some pics of the underside...
  2. Hi, This is an old build (99-00) that got damaged during the 2017 Hurricane Maria here in Puerto Rico... I repainted the body and made some changes/repairs on the suspension, wheels etc... It was originally built as a close replica of a real 1985 Suzuki SJ-410, the predecessor to the SJ-413 or Samurai as it's commonly know here... Hope you guys like it...
  3. Bro.... Don't give them nay Ideas...You know how they are!!!
  4. Hi, This was a Little Tykes toy car that my Son discarded about ten years ago... I kept it and saved it from the trash... Roof was cut, interior is scratchbuilt and exterior detail added... Hope you Guys Like it... It's Called "√Ďangara GT"...
  5. NIce model... Looks great. I've done a couple of them...
  6. Thanks... The roll bar is from the parts box... just the main hoop, the rear bars are styrene rod... Here's a picture of the interior before it was fixed to the body... Removed the "molded in" seats and floor section, made a new floor to locate the seats and console... Also covered the rear seat area with styrene an made a boom box sound system...
  7. Hi, just finished this Revell 2015 Mustang GT Snap model... I did some upgrades in the interior and the most notable, wheel tire swap... Hope you guys like it...
  8. Hi, just finished this Aoshima Toyota Corolla... It's built as we used to do these cars here in PR back in the 80's and 90's... But with RHD... Hope you guys like it...
  9. You're right, but I really was looking forward to receiving the parts... And i recently saw a FB post of somone receiveng a bunch of parts from him... But anyway, I placed a request for a refund today.
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