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  1. So, here’s where I’m at with my solution to this problem. For years I have been outbid more than a dozen times for a suitable donor body. I was finally able to acquire a less than perfect shell (gold and blue in photo). I poured the red silicone mold around it and then used that mold to cast the gray and tan resin bucks. After a lot of filling and sanding, the gray one was used to vacuum form the three bodies in the second pic. They are formed from a clear plastic PETG film to the original scale size. The tan one will be cut along the black lines and a 1/4” will be added in both directions to form a body that will fit a modern slot car chassis that is 3 1/4” wide with a 4” wheelbase. I haven’t had time to try it yet with his mold, but I plan on doing a thin slush casting like I did with the Mercoholic pictured last.
  2. Never did find an exact match with that big hole in the grille, but than again I was looking at Prefect’s not Perfect’s. LOL
  3. There are a lot of guys on Slotblog that would know about this car.
  4. Tom, Thanks for the reply. I should have stated in the original post that I plan on using the bodies for slot car racing where crashes (broken bodies) are inevitable. I have access to a printer and that is why I was looking for reasonably priced print files. At $95 and $175, the two examples you show are beyond my limits. Also I was hoping to find the wide bodied Mecom version of the Lola. Thanks again, I do appreciate your reply. Thom
  5. Where would be the best place to search for 3D print files, looking for Jaguar C-type and Lola GT Mk6, or has anyone ever found files on these two cars? Thanks Thom
  6. Wait !! What ?? They can make a cup of noodles but I’ve yet to see a kit of a C-type Jag or a Lola GT Mk6, I give up.
  7. I have a sign on the lid of my Slot car box that says, “ Every one is born right handed, only the gifted overcome it.” It’s right next to the one that says “ I won’t say you are stupid but I do think you have bad luck when it comes to thinking.”
  8. After I heard the first f-bomb I turned it off and never went back, don’t need that!
  9. Ahh the Wren B model, mines 55 years old now. Haven’t used it much lately because it slipped out of the hanger and hit the floor a few years ago damaging the tip. Anybody know of a place to get replacements and if so what number? Thanks
  10. But the right hand drive indicates that it is an export, so shouldn’t it be a Crosmobile?
  11. I wanted something with vertical/straight sides. Found this Ozark Trail but there are other brands. Fed-ex delivered it Saturday, I haven’t had a chance to set it up yet.
  12. The early ones like this one had a Renault 1470cc engine. Always wanted one, wish I could come get it.
  13. Marty I understand your passion, the sad fact is that there just aren’t many of us around. I wanted to reply, but I’m out here in flyover country, 1500 miles away. I race with a regular group of about 8 guys. We have 7 tracks at four different houses. Three road courses and an oval in Omaha, a tri-oval and drag strip in Gretna, NE, and an oval in Wilbur, NE. We have learned to adapt, example, I’m not a big fan of drag or oval, but I have 10 drag cars and 10 oval cars. We do this for the sake of the club getting together and racing. Having said that we probably wouldn’t be able to get SoDak1 (who posted he last Friday) to come and race with us because he might only like Carrera cars and plastic tracks. If you haven’t yet found other forums look around, Slotblog is where I spend a lot of time and right now there are a couple of threads on growing our sport that you might be interested in, as well as tracks and groups in SC. Good luck and keep it going. Thom
  14. Obviously, you’ve mistaken me for someone who cares.
  15. Recently this track held it’s 4th Larry Shinoda( Detroit designer) Reunion Race with a large international turnout. Also interesting, they are soon beginning a new scholarship series designed to get elementary age kiddos into slot cat racing. Free car and controller if they attend with a parent and write a nice essay. Checkout Casey Putsch, Genius Garage, on YouTube.
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