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  1. Longbox55 added a post in a topic How to protect lacquer paint?   

    Yes, it does. I've used the Tamiya on the Testors a few time myself. Duplicolor Paint Shop and Perfect Match clears also work very well with both Tamiya and Testors lacquers.
  2. Longbox55 added a post in a topic How to protect lacquer paint?   

    That particular line is a base/clear system, just like their 1:1 counterparts. They have a clear in that line, plus the clear from their One Coat also works well.
  3. Longbox55 added a post in a topic What base coat to use for testors metallic enamels   

  4. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Today's dumb paint question: Can you mix regular paint with candy paint before airbrushing it?   

    It will work, but definitely not in the ratios you're thinking. Just like Richard said, one drop at a time. Candy paint is really nothing more than toner in a clear carrier with no solids in it like regular paint colors. You will not get a candy effect doing this, though, only a change in the shade of the color. Go slow, mix up a test batch to check if the color is what you're after, possibly even do a spray test on a spoon to make sure it's really what you're after. I don't have any pics of it, but I have done this myself to make a pale green pearl by adding green candy to a pearl white. It worked just fine.
  5. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Gluing in a windshield?   

    Another option is Bondic, which is a UV cure product. Since it doesn't cure until you expose it to UV from the led lamp that comes with it, you get the positioning where you want it before you set it.
  6. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   


    Comparison between the old Revell '56 and the new Foose FD100
  7. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Original AMT '57 Bel Air detailing questions   

    Pretty much anything you could want to know about a stock '57 Chevy.
  8. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Purple Power?   

    That has been ,y experience as well. The 91% alcohol will take the Tamiya spray off within a few minutes, leaving pretty much bare plastic.
  9. Longbox55 added a post in a topic No more Centerline racing wheels....   

    Their site still seems to be up, but I did see posts on a Yelp site that matches up with what you're saying, Brad. doesn't surprise me, though. Last time I had any dealings with Centerline, they cost the shop I was working at a $1300 wheel/tire sale because they never shipped the wheels. They weren't even an odd fitment, just the regular Centerline wheel for a '67 Dodge Dart. They claimed they only had 2 on hand, and had to wait for 50 orders before they would make the other 2 needed. By the time they called us to say that they had them ready and were shipping them, the customer had cancelled the order. Our shop wasn't the only one in the company that had issues with them, ended up costing them a rather large contract due to poor customer service.
  10. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Which paint stripper is best?   

    Purple Power will strip chrome just fine.
  11. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Which paint stripper is best?   

    Superclean is stronger than Purple Power, but both will do the job. If all you're wanting to do with is strip model cars, go for the Purple Power. If you're planning to use it for the intended purpose, degreasing/concrete cleaning, as well, then get the Superclean or better yet, Zep Purple degreaser. Both are far superior degreasers than Purple Power.
  12. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Revell '66 Surburban shown at NNL-East!   

    The Deserter would be good for a non stock 4x4 conversion. However, for a correct to stock 4x4, about the only usable parts would be the axles, the rest would be inaccurate.
  13. Longbox55 added a post in a topic SMP 1960 Chevy apache   

    The inline 6 from the AMT donor kit would be very accurate for a working truck from that time period, as many of those trucks were equipped with that engine in 1:1.  A smallblock V8 would also be ok. In either case, you would want to consider a different transmission, as the 3 speed found in both kits would be too light for tow truck duty. On the 1:1, the popular choice for that type of truck would be the SM420 4 speed. Unfortunately, the only scale version I know of for that transmission was the '68-'72 MPC Chevrolet truck kits. It should be easy to scratchbuild one, though.
    The V6 mentioned was a GMC only engine is light trucks, and there is no scale version of it available.
  14. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1954 and 1978 Chevy P/U's   

    The grille, cab, dashboard, engine, bed, tail lights, and rear bumper are different.
  15. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 60s Chevy truck bed   

    I take it you're working with the Revell '65 Chevy kit. They have a '64 and a '66 that have the bed you need. The one from the AMT '60 would work, but there are some differences between the kits, mainly some slight differences in the shapes. This is an issue with the kits themselves, as rickey noted, the 1:1 trucks are actually the same. If you're looking for a long Fleetside, AMT and SMP both did '60-'63 long Fleetsides as kits, and the beds from them do pop up from time to time, as do complete kits. However, those beds also have shape issue compared to the newer kits, mainly the lower part of the bedsides are flatter. In addition, the beds themselves are about 1/4" wider.