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  1. Longbox55 added a post in a topic '60 chev stepper   

    Interesting project. You will be looking at lots of alterations to the frame, as the 4x4 didn't use the same frame as the 2wd due to the differences in suspension systems. The Revell '64/65/66 would give a closer frame as far as crossmembers go.
  2. Longbox55 added a post in a topic License Plate Size   

    That's a pretty cool site, Harry! Definitely bookmarking that one. I even found some information I was looking for, the dimensions of the 1914 Indiana plate.
  3. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Junior Stock drag racing question   

    In addition, there was also a 265/162 (2-barrel) base V8, which is identified by its chartreuse yellow color instead of the red-orange of the other V8s. This engine, other than color, is essentially the same as the engine found in the 1/2 through 1 1/2 ton trucks.
  4. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1955 Chevrolet Pickup.   

    That's certainly a very nice truck, with some interesting options (V8, Power Steering, Overdrive, Radio),  but they're fibbing a bit on it being "unrestored". I spotted a few things that point to it having had a restoration at one point at least in its life. The bed floor and the fender badges are 2 things that stand out to me right away. The floor should be white with that color combination (Cameo was the exception to the flat black floor), ad should at least show some signs of being painted. The fender badges are swapped side to side, an indication to doghouse has been apart and repainted. The lack of general wear and tear on the interior also indicate a possible older restoration.
    These trucks are something I'm very familiar with, this one is my daily driver. http://i281.photobucket.com/albums/kk203/Longbox55/013-1.jpg
  5. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1955 Chevrolet Pickup.   

    I refer to the same list myself, and am a member of the same Chevy truck site (Stovebolt.com) as the fellow who wrote it. I'm pretty sure that list is for US and possibly Canadian spec trucks, though. One thing that isn't made clear in the list for '57, is that the 283 is a 2 ton and larger only engine. Anything 1 1/2 ton and under either had the 235 I6 or the 265 V8.
    I'm not going to say necessarily that the Cameo you saw with the orange engine isn't correct, because sometimes and orange engine would find its way into a truck at some plants where they ran both truck and passenger lines, there is a good chance that somewhere along the line the engine may have been swapped. You would just about have to get the numbers off the engine to verify it. That's not really uncommon to see such swaps on trucks, as :numbers matching" really isn't as critical as it is on the later muscle cars.
  6. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Junior Stock drag racing question   

    That's correct. The brakes, rear axle, and wheels all come from the 1/2 ton truck (some source claim the rear axle is 3/4 ton, but that is incorrect), plus there's plenty of other changes. The Competition Guide can also be found on the Old Car Manual Project for free. http://www.oldcarmanualproject.com/books/1957ChevyStockCarCompGuide/index.htm
    One thing that can be done, especially if you build it as a 150 Utility Sedan (which the Black Widow kit does build as) or a Sedan Delivery, is put a 4 speed Hydramatic in it. There's a loophole in the rules where guys did get away with that by taking advantage of the inspectors lack of knowledge of what a given car really had as an option. In the case of those 2 particular models of '57 Chevy, they are listed as "commercial vehicles". While the Passenger cars, including the Utility Sedan and Sedan Delivery, were not available with the Hydramatic, Trucks were. It's just a simple matter of listing the Utility and Delivery as "trucks" to get away with it.
  7. Longbox55 added a post in a topic License Plate Size   

    You would also need to have the specific number as well. Illinois, for example, used several different size plates prior to the standardization in size in '56. The plate size varied according to how long the number was, the higher the number, the longer the plate was. Low number plates also were taller than the high number plates.
  8. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1955 Chevrolet Pickup.   

    I tend to agree, especially for an early Passenger V8. However, Truck V8s should actually be the same shade of gray as the 6 cylinder. Most 1:1s aren't painted in the correct color, so proper research can be difficult.
  9. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1955 Chevrolet Pickup.   

    Very nice.
  10. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Removing paint from resin cast.   

    I usually get in the 5 gallon jug from the FLAPS, which usually comes out to being the same price as buying 4 gallons in the regular jugs. Plus I get a jobber discount, which makes it even cheaper. I use for jobs other than just stipping models, thoug, so I can justify buying it that way.
  11. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Removing paint from resin cast.   

  12. Longbox55 added a post in a topic HMCA Show is BACK, May 21st   

    I'm going to be there. Hopefully, I'll have my builds done by Friday.
  13. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Is duplicolor better then rustoleum primer?   

  14. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 65 Chevy pickup project   

    No. There were no factory GM dual wheel trucks with a pickup bed until the Squarebody trucks came out in '73. Even then, the only factory pickup bed used with a dually was the Fleetside. They did off factory dual wheel light trucks in Cab and Chassis, Platform, and Stake bodies, in both 3/4 and 1 ton variants, though (2wd only).
  15. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Galaxie Limited's '48 Chevy Coupe   

    http://1954advance-design.com/Web images/PPIP/PPIP-1912-1966-EngineColors.html