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  1. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 999   

    Just from what I can tell, the only one that can be 100% identified is Henry Ford. The figure with the mustache does have some resemblance to Firestone, particularly how he appeared around 1910, but it's a little stocky compared to his actual build.
    The third figure, I'm not sure. The facial features just don't look right.
  2. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Your First Ride   

    1971 Chevrolet C20, Huggar Orange and white w/black interior. My Dad had bought the truck about a month or so before I was born. He had that truck until '78, when he decided he wanted a 4x4. Sold it to my uncle in Georgia, and he traded it for a '64 Chevelle Super Sport. To my knowledge, the body shop he traded it to still has it.
  3. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Henry J Kit...... Can it be built Stock..??   

    About the only parts from the kit that could be used for a stock Henry J would be the body shell and perhaps the floor pan. Nothing else is stock in that kit.
  4. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Amt 63 Corvette donor chassis   

    Not my pic, but my box is identical.
  5. Longbox55 added a post in a topic A '69 Blazer and a '70 Jimmy   

    Not to nitpick, but the engine you have in the Blazer frame is not correct for a '69. The correct engine, or at least the most recent source for one, is the engine from the Trumpeter Nova. I believe it's also being offered in resin, but I do not recall who is making it.
  6. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Amt 63 Corvette donor chassis   

    That is incorrect. I have a first issue of that kit, and it is clearly marked Monogram, with only mention of Revell in the copyright information on the box. It is 1/25 scale, and was tolled around the same time as the Monogram '59 Cadillac and '55 Chevrolet Convertible.
  7. Longbox55 added a post in a topic A Happy Accident With Castrol Purple   

    Any of the lye based purple degreasers will dissolve aluminum. That's why you never want to use it to strip die cast, as it will dissolve the metal. The tube you used must have been some pretty thick wall tubing, or your degreaser was getting weak,  if anything was left after 5+ days, as I have seen fresh Superclean completely dissolve an aluminum soda can (it was a Tahitian Treat can) in under 30 minutes.
  8. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Anybody into rockabilly?   

  9. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Movin On Kenworth color.   

    Bear in mind, Ivy Bronze is a metallic color. It is also a Ford color. You might be able to get it in touch up paint.
  10. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Navistar to Build GM Class 4/5 Trucks In 2018   

    Not any more. Ford didn't honor their end of the deal by not paying Navistar for the engines, so Navistar cancelled the contract. The new Powerstroke engines are in house built by Ford.
  11. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1001 uses for Bondic 11-5-2015 GMC Logo   

    I gave it try on clear parts. Installed a couple headlamp lenses in their bezels from an AMT '57 Chevy truck. Worked great! Since it doesn't set up until you hit it with the led, it was very easy to align the lenses correctly, and it set up just fine, even through the clear plastic. No hazing at all, everything is crystal clear.
  12. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Air Brush Paints   

    The Createx Auto Air line is aqueous based, however, you do not thin with water. You will need their reducer. In addition, you will also need the proper respirator. The specification for the respirator is noted on the bottle.
  13. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Take another Car Test   

    96%. MoPars got me.