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  1. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Ferguson Tractor from Heller   

    Another conversion, the Elenco 4x4. I have also seen a conversion for the US spec version of the Ferguson (post merger with Massey-Harris as the tractor was in Massey colors) that is similar, but used a Jeep axle instead of M-37 Power Wagon.
  2. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Ferguson Tractor from Heller   

    Funk V8  http://www.oldfordtractors.com/funk.htm
  3. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Ferguson Tractor from Heller   

    The brake and clutch pedals are different, the 8N has foot rest platforms under the pedals, grille, Ford script on the hood sides, Ford script on insides of rear fenders depending on year, Radiator cap and filler coming through the hood, battery/fuel tank access door on hood.
    Fortunately, there's lots of good research material out there for the N tractors. In my case, I also have a 1:1 '48 8N sitting 1/2 apart in my garage.
  4. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Ferguson Tractor from Heller   

    Cool. I need to get a few of these, partly because I'm a tractor nut, but also because I want to convert one into an N series Ford. That'll take some work to do, but the basics are there already.
  5. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 4x4 Conv. for AMT's '92-'96 F-150 XLT kit??   

    The Lindberg F-150 is a '97, and does not have a TTB front end. '97 was the first year for the torsion bar IFS for Ford, and was only used on 1/2 tons.
  6. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Ford Bronco and Ranger Are Coming Back!   

    I'll believe it about the Bronco when I see them at the dealerships. This isn't the first time they said they were "bringing the Bronco back", this has been going on for over 10 years. GM has been doing the same thing with the Blazer/K5 concepts that they've been doing since '02.
  7. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Ironlak Sugar Paint   

    I would question the durability as well. While we don't generally handle them once built, but there is going to be handling of painted parts during assembly and finishing. Being that this paint is aimed at graffiti artists, I would think it would possibly be made to be easily removed by those who don't want said graffiti on their buildings/railcars, etc. Would it be a durable enough finish to stand up to say, wet sanding the finish out for polishing? Or perhaps even holding up to solvents for detail painting or handling while doing BMF?
  8. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Revell 65 Chevy pickup   

    If you can find one, the Welly '53 Chevy tow truck has correct for stock wheels. They're the 18" split rim option. It also has a reasonably accurate bed, though it is more of a '50s style. If you go that route, you will want to make sure you get the Welly and not the Jada. While they are very similar, the Jada has oversized wheels that are not very accurate.
    Another option for the wheels, if you can find them, would be the Modelhaus Vintage 1 ton Dual wheel set, which is correct for the 17.5" single piece wheel option that started around 1955. Unfortunately, they are no longer being made. On the bed, if you want to go a tow truck route, would be to use the bed from the Midnight Cowboy, which would go very well with the '60s Chevy body.
    For factory stock, you will need to stretch the frame for the longer wheelbase, 133" for the 1 ton dual wheel  truck. The rear suspension would also need to be changed to leaf spring. Unfortunately, there isn't a source for the Eaton HO72 axle that's accurate, but the rear from the Miss Deal kit is pretty close in basic shape and size to fake it. The front suspension would need to be raised a little bit too to get the stance right. The transmission should really be changed as well, the only source I know of for the correct SM420 are the old MPC '68-'72 Chevy kits, but the TH400 was available in 1 tons that year if you wanted to go automatic.
    Here's a source with the dimensions and all options for 1965. https://www.gmheritagecenter.com/docs/gm-heritage-archive/vehicle-information-kits/Chevrolet-Trucks/1965-Chevrolet-Truck.pdf
  9. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1:25 Tractors   

    Art nailed it. But, as others have mentioned, 1/25 does pop up from time to time, it just depends on what you're looking for (current or vintage) and if you're ok with die cast. That said, there is a line of Bobcat die cast that are 1/25, mostly current production models plus a 1958 Melroe (first year of production) that are very nicely done. With a little detailing, they can be made very nice. I have also seen some Kubota die casts in 1/25 as well. If you have one nearby, Tractor Supply would be a good place to check here in a few weeks, as they should be getting their Christmas stock in.
    In plastic, things are more limited, and in some cased, very spendy. Ed mentions the John Deeres and the IH from Ertl, there was also a pair of Massey-Ferguson 1155 tractors, one a stock ag tractor, and one customized pulling tractor that Ertl offered as well. I have also seen several M-F tractors from Heller on Ebay, mostly European spec, but could be converted to US spec without issue. Heller has also recently issued a Ferguson TE20, which was also sold in the US as the TO20. With some work, it can serve as a basis for a Ford 9-2-8 N, as many of the parts for the Ferguson were pretty much copied from the Ford.
  10. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1955 Chevrolet Pickup.   

    I just looked that truck over again, and noticed something I missed earlier, the radio is NOT the factory radio. It's an aftermarket radio, A Custom Autosound unit to be exact. I should have noticed it right away, too, I have the same one in mine. I also have an original factory radio from a '56, and the difference is noticeable. As I said in my earlier post, nice truck, but hardly an "all original unrestored survivor" as they claimed.
    If I could see the serial numbers, I could easily tell what is and isn't original to that truck.
  11. Longbox55 added a post in a topic No love for the 1/24th scale Model A coupe   

    Great place to look for OOP, been there a few times myself.
  12. Longbox55 added a post in a topic 1955 Chevrolet Pickup.   

    Most likely, those have been repainted from original, most likely during a rebuild. It's not unusual for a rebuilder to paint all their engines one color as a "branding" of sorts. Jasper for example, used to paint all their engines a pale green, regardless of what kind of engine it was.
  13. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Another kit Engine ID?   

    Definitely JoHan, but pinning it down to the exact kit might be a little more tricky as they used that same engine assembly in several different kits, mostly different years and variants of the Chrysler 300. The color doesn't help much to pin it either, as JoHan was known for having the kits molded in whatever color was available.
  14. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Converting 1957 Chevy Cameo P/U Into 1957 GMC "Calamity Jane" Civil Defense Rescue   

    You're going to be in for lots of alterations to make the pickup parts work. The entire front end of the larger truck is longer that the pickup counterparts, and it pinches in at the front, which is noticeable narrower as well. The rounded wheel wells are also much wider than is appears in the picture of the 1:1 due to the angle. Here's a better picture of a similar truck.

  15. Longbox55 added a post in a topic Avoid the reissue Revell Ramcharger   

    Good theory, and I can certainly speak from experience about warehouses doing just that from when I worked for a major retailers automotive department as a mechanic. Not only would merchandise be improperly stacked on the pallet, wrapped so tight that the boxes were warped, but they would stack tires on top of them, too! Lost track of how many times we got damaged merchandise we couldn't sell, not to mention broken oil bottles, partly from being crushed, partly from the driver throwing them off the truck because he didn't want to take the extra 5 seconds to carry it down to the doors to prevent damaging it.
    However, as far as Hobby Lobby goes, we used to have one in the mall were the company I worked for was located, and was in there on an almost daily basis, usually early enough to see what was coming in before it went on the shelves. Their model shipments come in the same way that regular hobby shops do, always boxed inside a larger lot box, and mostly delivered by UPS.