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  1. JDS Parts & More added a post in a topic Decal Sponsor Question   

    Premier was the precurser to Bell Helmets I think it said Safety equip.
  2. JDS Parts & More added a post in a topic Ford Pinto Kit   

    There were some older and maybe reissue modified's from AMT, There was a Vega and a Gremlin and a Torino I'm not sure how many there were in the series but I know there was a Pinto the only thing would be no front section
  3. JDS Parts & More added a post in a topic Will'S ( My Son )1St Build Of 2010   

    WOW!! Better than my first model at age 6 ,but we never had snap kits. I believe that finding part #'s and locating the part. Then to follow a pattern or directions to test fit parts and end up with such a nice trophy. Do me a favor and put it away someplace special and never let anyone throw it out, and someday it will be one of your most treasured memories you will ever have.
  4. JDS Parts & More added a post in a topic fall guy   

    I have built over 15 of these kits in several different configurations Chevy & GMC Fall Guy to Hardcastle as well as my own Hot Rod versions of these trucks Have spare parts from cab's and box's to just about everything else. There was an original truck kit from about 1974 that had the square front end cab's also. Let me know if I can be of assistance.
  5. JDS Parts & More added a post in a topic 70.5 Camaro   

    Very Nice Rendition, not trying to be judgemental,More defined tailights You don't want it to look like a Mustang across the back. A suggestion that I was considering for the kit, change the contoured rear deck spoiler with a blade type spoiler and wrap it around the rear fenders and end at a point just above the side reflector lens. I think that would help with the rear fender skirt's look.
  6. JDS Parts & More added a post in a topic 34 Ford Pickup   

    very very nice stuff! I am a big fan of pickup truck models of all types and semi's as well. Big kit basher too!!