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  1. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic Dukes of Hazzard Roscoe's Police Car   

    Dang, Terry Jesse...sum of a gun...I used to e mail you back ...a long time ago!
    Yeah, once YOU left **, it died! I learned more from your topics than anyone elses. Of course, I'm a 'Weathering' freak anyway, but it goes hand in hand with Commerciial aspects anyway.
  2. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic ......LOST.....FOREVER???   

    I'd LOVE to see the old Renwal 1966 cars! I can remember some of the box arts, I think I even built the Pierce Arrow! (age 10)
    Who's sitting on those molds?
  3. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic Announcing the grand opening of Ma's Resin   

    Congrats! Nice items, I especially have an affinity for the Amphicar. Back in 72, a female friend had one! Leaked like a cheese grater!

    Only advice, but when you give a time for delivery, stick with it. Give the customer satisfaction and you will go far. Too many recent resin shops turn up and neglect that portion. Let me know when you get that Amphicar up and running, I'm in for one!
  4. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic Making a car shell?   

    Not on a rotisserie yet:

    Here's how I cut down a 67 Dodge R/T:

  5. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic '26 Mack Hearse   

    I have no idea what the 'sniping' is that is going on, but I think that '26 is GD FRIGGIN COOL!
  6. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic FALL IN!!!!!   

    Aw c'mon Justin. I just played Tequila pong the other night with my Marine and 3 of his Marine buddies and GF's! Of course when we were done, my Bulldog Mongo looked real good in that grass skirt...
  7. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic For Harri   

    LOVE IT!...and all the way from Hawaii too!
  8. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic For Harri   

    For my Baptism, do I have to renounce SA-tan? or strap on a belt of competitors magazines wired to go off if I enter any other forum? Just wondering...

    Thanks all for the great tributes!
  9. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic Revell '57 Chevy 150   

    I've built 3 of those so far and none have turned out that nice!
    Does that mean I have to stop rusting mine so they are nice like that?
  10. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic Check my new gun out   

    OH WOW, so that's the new Glock .0040 caliber undercover semi automatic! I hear you can attach your compressor hose and it shoots .0040 caliber needles at a full automatic 12000 rounds a minute! That ought to replace the old Tek-9's "in da Hoods!"
  11. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic Michael Jackson dead at 50   

    Michael Jackson: The ugliest, white woman I ever saw!
    I know he was acquitted in a court of his peers...but look at his peers...weird Californians! Whoops, an oxymoron there!
  12. MkowaPhD added a topic in General   

    For Harri
    So Harry, what question are YOU going to pose for readers to respond to? If it gets "emotional" will you threaten to close it?
    Sorry, I just haven't been here in a long time...I'm thinking of converting! What do I have to do to get baptized?
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  13. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic 1970 Buick Wildcat-4 Door Hardtop!   

    Thanks for the great comments-Mike
  14. MkowaPhD added a topic in Under Glass   

    1970 Buick Wildcat-4 Door Hardtop!
    *More Pictures* http://s21.photobucket.com/albums/b262/mko...cat%204%20drht/
    I built this from the recently available MK/AMT Wildcat. Basically, enlarged the side glass area and rescribed the door lines, added the roof trim and made it a bronze/white two tone car.

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  15. MkowaPhD added a post in a topic 1950 Ford Flathead Six farm truck   

    Thanks all! Harry, the veggies are from a Tamaya WWII German detail kit that I resin popped.