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  1. Navy48 added a post in a topic 2012 Ford Police Interceptor   

    that IS pretty cool. I'm headed to Wally World tomorrow anyway, so I guess I'll be searching amongst the Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning aisles too......
  2. Navy48 added a post in a topic MPC Dukes of Hazzard 1/16th scale Charger   

    I have this kit too, only molded in orange and black. bought it several years ago at a swap meet. no box, but I believe it's all there. I'm planning on making mine into a NASCAR Daytona.......someday. LOL
  3. Navy48 added a post in a topic Jo-Han '72 Ford Torino NASCAR project   

    sorry, is it just ME or are the pics gone? bummer....I really wanted to see it.
  4. Navy48 added a post in a topic City Chevrolet Lumina   

    too funny....I was expecting to see an old Chevy "Laguna" decked out with the City Chevrolet paint scheme.

    still, nice car!
  5. Navy48 added a post in a topic 1968 Dodge Charger Hemi   

    for being a 'rookie', your car looks great! I love old Mopars and yours is really NICE!
  6. Navy48 added a post in a topic More old Nascars ......   

    older the better, I say. LOVE the '50s and '60s NASCAR stockers.

    great pic of Fireball Roberts Pontiac.
  7. Navy48 added a post in a topic 68 Torino #121 Ron's Ford driver Dan Gurney   

    yea, same here. Gurney is one of mine too. my plan is to some day finish the #42 Plymouth Superbird he raced at Riverside in 1970. some day.....
  8. Navy48 added a post in a topic We've lost a friend... 62ss   

    my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  9. Navy48 added a post in a topic Richard Petty #43 Plymouth Superbird   

    I'm doing NASCAR, or possibly a USAC Superbird from the JoHan kit, using the AMT GTX kit for the chassis. the JoHan kits can still be found and at a reasonable price, but it may take some time and research. also, you don't need an entire kit, only the body, nose and wing. just about everything else can be lifted from any one of these AMT kits: Dodge Superbee, Plymouth GTX, Plymouth Road Runner and any 68-70 Dodge Charger.

    best of luck to you with your build.
  10. Navy48 added a post in a topic Cale's 69 Cyclone #21   

    yea, nice build. I too have the PL Torino in my closet. maybe it's time to get it out and BUILD IT?? well, that and finish my Dan Gurney Superbird, my Petty Charger and my #41 Al Unser Charger. oh man, now I'm depressed and overwhelmed. too many projects, so little time.......
  11. Navy48 added a post in a topic 1974 Neil "Soapy" Castles #06 Kimball Music Centers Dodge Charger   

    Great looking model....well done! I LOVE all the old 60's and 70's NASCAR models, especially the MOPARS!!!
  12. Navy48 added a post in a topic Jerry Nadeau Sheetrock Pontiac   

    I happen to have the 1/24th scale diecast of this car, or should I say an entire Pontiac. (LOL) just ran across it this past weekend and now I come on here and find this.....what a coincidence.

    btw, even with the MC body and Pontiac doghouse, it still looks GREAT!
  13. Navy48 added a post in a topic Need HELP! How to put DENTs in body?   

    yes, heating up the plastic is tricky, both by flame on the body or by heating up a spoon or other item.

    my advice would be to experiment on some old, junk piece of plastic or body first. get a feel for it and then go to your project.

    have fun!!!
  14. Navy48 added a post in a topic Calling fellow Mopar enthusiast's   

    now what you should make is a '60 Plymouth Wagon with a 383 and cross rams....SWEET!

    btw, I'm a fellow Mopar enthusiast. raised on them in fact. my Dad wouldn't own anything BUT a Chrysler Product.
  15. Navy48 added a post in a topic Herb Shannon USAC 64 Plymouth Fury   

    the pic of the real car may have been taken at either Indianapolis Raceway Park or the Indiana State Fairgrounds. both of which held USAC races back then.

    Tom O'Brien has been a Mopar dealer in Indy since 1933. first with DeSoto and Plymouth and later with Chrysler/Plymouth and now at our location, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge in Greenwood. in 1964, Tom O'Brien Co consisted of two locations: Virginia Ave (later moved to Greenwood) and the 'new' Northside Chrysler-Plymouth on the northside of Indianapolis on Keystone Ave.

    it was common in those days for drivers/owners to pick up sponsorship from local car dealers when coming to town for races. this is why I feel pretty confident it's the same "Tom O'Brien Co".