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  1. Here is one of mine....AMT 69 Falcon
  2. Very nice build. Love the stance and choice of wheels.
  3. An easy way to build the 64 and make it a (64 style) full detail is to use the Blue Printer Body with the 63 Galaxie kit. The hood can be cut open on the 64 and the interior can be modified using the 64 and 63 tubs. The chassis is a drop in.
  4. I thought it's a wonderful kit as it is. It does lend itself to alot of possibilities.
  5. Very nice build! What chassis did you use under it, or what chassis was it when you started?
  6. I've read all the coments on this Cuda kit and not one person has said anything about the proportions of the front fenders, From the center body line to the top of the fender, it appears too wide. Like the wheel opening is too short. Over all it looks good, but the fenders look too fat to me. Not that it would stop me from buying this kit. It wouldn't. But if all the talk is about proportions, look again. I realize this is a TEST SHOT, and maybe it will be something they will change, maybe not..... I think Revell will do a great job with this kit, and I know it will sell VERY well. As far as the wait for it to be released, March will be here before you know it. Heck, it's almost Christmas now!
  7. A friend of mine was in Toledo for the toy show and snapped a couple of pics. Any News about these?
  8. fastram

    1970 ½ Camaro

    Looks great! Nice job and nice color. Keep up the great work.
  9. Here's mine to add to the list.....
  10. I think it looks GREAT! Love the stance, the choice of wheels & tires. Just looks great! Good Luck!
  11. Pro Touring has my vote! But no wire wheels, maybe a solid smooth wheel with the big fat tires........
  12. Does anybody make any of the Spoiler & Flare parts for the 77 - 80 Plymouth Volare kits? Or Dodge ASPEN SUPER COUPE or R/T parts? I know they never did the R/T Aspen kit but conversion parts (grille& Tail lights) would be cool.
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