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  1. Thanks, Pat I remember him working on that actually...on his bench even. Ginger is a sweet lady. Here is the cover for you. Congrats to Marcos while I am at it!
  2. I just wanted to say I recognized those cars on the cover right off the bat and thought "what the?". It was nice to see them and read about Bud in MCM again. I think it's really cool that though most people forget the ones no longer with us, MCM honored Bud Lefevre and brought thoughts of our friend again into our minds. I had the pleasure of knowing Bud personally and have been to his dinner table and his workbench. Bud left an impression on so many of us, probably even more of you that didn't know him..you saw his killer hot rods and drag car models at Toledo NNL for many years. I only got the privelage to see them in person a couple of times before he passed. I live in Omaha, Nebraska , so getting to Ohio costs a bunch and is 12 hours one way. Well I am not trying to be sappy, nor do I claim any fame to having known him....I just want to give props for keeping Bud's memory alive! Bud gave me one of his projects, a 1/16 scale '55 Chevy drag car that he was scratchbuilding the chassis and wheels for. One of these days I am going to finish it for him. He sold a replica '56 Nomad of Randall Klein's drag wagon and had it dropped at my house on the way to him to ensure any loose parts could be put back on and then I could deliver to Randall myself. Well..the car had a bunch of parts come off and some broke HAH! I tell ya what....I felt very "cool" to be able to take HIS work to my bench and repair it. I don't take credit for the results, but it's something I won't forget... Just taking a seat outside NNL Here is the Nomad if anyone would like to see it. http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/1/2/finished-models/1/bud-lefevres-nomad-/ I have not posted in a long time, but I felt this must be said and applauded...thanks MCM! Feel free to share memories and photos...I would love to see them.
  3. Hi everyone, I haven't been here for awhile being busy with life and things. I was told there was a thread about my site, so I had to check it out. Thanks for all of the kind words and I really do get pleasure in knowing the site is being used! It's free to everyone and is definately a work in progress that is going to take many years to ever complete....if that's even possible? lol I could not do it , if it were not for the help of the BUNCHES of modelers around the globe that pitch in or donate. Thank you, I enjoy doing this and love seeing all of these kits! http://thedpmcc.com/contributors.html The best way to search is by going to the main page and clicking on the brand you want and go from there. I don't have a search engine installed ,because this is an offset of my club's site and the results you would find , won't always be instructions related.....not to mention, I would have to do more work and edit everything already there LOL www.thedpmcc.com/instructionsintro.html If you can't find what you need, it's simple to send me an email making a request or just go to the MKIBA forum and ask. Sometimes it takes awhile before someone comes up with what you need, but we always get them. http://modelinstructions.proboards.com/index.cgi Some forums out there have the logo at the bottom of their main page for quick reference.
  4. Photos from last Saturday, some aren't so clear but I hope you enjoy! http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/1/2/2/mid-america-summer-/5th-annual-mid-amer/
  5. I for one am really looking forward to the '48! I think it's awesome that Revell has been adding and changing things in their kits to please those of us who love traditional styled rods and kustoms. These things like chopped tops, hubcaps , whitewalls, kustomizing parts etc....that's what keeps me buying "new" kits. Otherwise....I hunt for the oldies to build what I love. (to each their own)
  6. uh....ahem....hack! What about me? I am 36 and restored an original....cool is as cool does, momma always said.
  7. Just an FYI, I think most all of those photos were taken from my fotki. In fact, one of the videos showed nothing but pics of my model. I am not mad, I am honored?...it's just cool that someone else liked them that much! I didn't build all of the models he put in the videos, but I did have permission to save those photos in "my favorites" from my own forum. That's all from me, I thought I should reply since the pics came from my fotki...I don't care if anyone wants to use the pics as long as they don't claim the work as their own. http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/1/2/1/my-favorite-models-/
  8. very cool, love me sum kustom!
  9. thank you Mike, you are very kind!
  10. Thanks! Here is a link to the progress. The photos are backwards...newest to oldest, so you can see "before". http://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/1/2/finished-models/fomoco/black-widow-/
  11. thanks everyone, I am glad to be done with it and glad you liked it!
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