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  1. hello, here is my email for matador and others. christian.chapson @ orange.fr I'm from France.
  2. a very good start construction Christiaan, and model and you'll do great, I'ma fan.
  3. here is the realization of kenworth Justin Klos (Australia). the cab sleeper hood are carried out in plasticarte to 1/24th, chassis and lengthen italeri 8mm, parts such as tanks air filters, the exhaust pipes, the bumper, the Rings has battery cap, polished aluminum are carried out by myself.
  4. thank you gentlemen for coming to see my models, so I'll show you how I made ​​the kenworth in plasticarte.
  5. bonjour Messieurs, ce model et a moi, il et réaliser avec une carrosserie de VW, il et rélargie et rehausser monter sur un châssis revel. je réalise aussi des Matador tempo VW utilitaire. voici quelque exemple.
  6. Here are my models in 1/24th I realize resins and aluminum parts.
  7. construction trucks Randy Supak and Novosad Truett Texas. Equipment Express Inc company. its trucks and trailer are in plasticarte realize the wheels are italeri and chassis. parts are chrome polished aluminum, parts and body are all the resin and performed by myself.
  8. ce plateau lui va très bien, pour la bétaillère je suis en train d'en réaliser une avec les trous ovale, beaucoup de travail. this plateau him very well, for I am cattle to achieve with oval holes, a lot of work.
  9. très beau travail sur ce kit, le orange le va très bien. great job on this kit, the orange is fine.
  10. ça prend forme Thierry, tous et nickel est bon travail sur ce T2000. Thierry form it takes, everything is perfect and good work on the T2000.
  11. thank you to you gentlemen, for I make a suspension kit droppage as the true custom truck, I go back and re-package the blade foot of air cushion.
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