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  1. how did you do your distributor so perfectly did you use a kit or kustom
  2. You should of seen hot original one fit into place it was a nightmare.
  3. this is my Torch custom chopper modified the seat with custom springs on it and the exhaust and belt cover. and custom paint scheme. I spent alot of time building this one so i hope you guys like it.
  4. So it seems like there both in the same general idea of the purpose of liquid masking films thank guys alot i think ill try it on my mustangs wheels.
  5. I have recently bought some Fasmask and i was a little confused on how the stuff works i think i have seen some of it used on a post a while back but i do not recall it. If you you guys could help me out with some pictures of someone using it.
  6. thanks man the color is a little lighter than i thought but i think it suites the car very well
  7. Ive had this for about 3 months and i just now started to finish it hope you like it
  8. well when i mocked it up for thew first time the rear axel can be ajusted up or down and a little to the left or the right i had measured it up and i made so where the tires were just so where there was a cm inbetween the tire and the body the front axle was built and only turnedthe wheels one way buyt i got the steering colom to turn the wheels so that was my mod to this car but the height was way to high for me it would of just looked silly so i managed to adjust them upwards to the main body you also have to build the chassis form the ground up so i stuck with the original plans in the kit but you can always modify it i you wished to that also would changed the ride height
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