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  1. 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Wagon

    i understand. again, awesome effort!
  2. 1972 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Wagon

    i am a big olds fan and love the vistas! i am completely blown away by this build. but, i have to ask, why would you paint the engine gold? gold=350. if you had a 442 W-30 it would have a 455. blue =455. most vistas including the '70 and the '71 i had came factory with 455's. just wondering.
  3. Modelhaus Order Question

    i know they are a reputable company and like i said ive always been happy with their products and services. i just dont remember it taking this long before. im sure it will get here soon.
  4. is anyone else having problems with orders placed from modelhaus? i ordered something on 5/30/12 and havnt received it or any notification about it since the initial order conformation. ive ordered from them many times before and never had a problem.
  5. i dont have a problem with scratches so much as im just not happy with the shine. ive heard of people using the same stuff and getting good results, but i just cant get the same. ive never tried anything after the scratch x. maybe i need to explore that.
  6. like it says, i use meguires scratch x for polishing and im not happy with it. i see all these paint job that just glow, and i cant get mine there. i would like to use something that i dont have to order and can get locally. give me some ideas PLEASE!
  7. 66 chevy sleeper

    havent touched it in a while. the color is testors bronze laquer. i need to get back to it but other things have been taken over.
  8. 66 chevy sleeper

    http://public.fotki.com/cnaind/drag-tires-slicks--/drag-radials/ heres the link to the drag radials. they are modeled after hoosier drag radials.
  9. 66 chevy sleeper

    i knew someone was going to ask that. i cant remember where i got them but ill try to find out. these were the only ones i could find at the time and im not 100% happy with them. i cant figure out what actual tire tread pattern they are supposed to be. wish they were mickey tomps. by the way, the wheels are from the 57 chevy black widow kit. i widened the rears and added valve stems.
  10. 66 chevy sleeper

    this is one ive been working on for a bit. my plan is a plain jain looking 66 chevy. it will have a big block chevy, steel wheels (widened for the rear)with dog dish caps, and drag radials. the pictures arent the best, but you get the idea.
  11. this is my buddy tom's truck. its a '49 international on a lowered S-10 frame with a TH400 and a 350 Olds. it started out as a long bed 3/4 ton.
  12. BBC in '84 jimmy turbo charged olds 455
  13. as far as the headlights go, i always drill them out and replace them with lenses. i usually put BMF on the back of the lenses, but next time im going to try to make buckets with bulbs.check out my 442 build and you can see how it looks if you drill out the molded lights.
  14. '72 cutlass/442 detail

    been away for a while. on the real cars, the 70,71,and 72 bodies are identical with the exception of the hood. the hood for the 70 is different than the 71/72. the headlight buckets are seperate pieces throughout all three years.