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  1. stepside83 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    looking for pics of your pro sportsman
    i just got a 55 pro sportsman and wanted to see how you built it, what theme you went with, and any issues it may have thanks
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  2. stepside83 added a post in a topic 63 chevy 2 nova outlaw prostreet updates 10/31/14   

    this build was awesome, i love the color choice, the stance, the detail, just a sick build, did have a question tho, i was wondering where can i find the msd boxes and all the other eletronic stuff you used, and wireing that went in and out of it? thanks
  3. stepside83 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    drag race parts
    im not sure if this is the right place for this question or not, if it isnt im sorry, i just got over the weekend a '55 chevy pro sportsman kit, i havent started it yet but will prob first of the year, i was wondering if theres anywhere i could get controll boxes for it, different wheels and tires, pretty much anything a drag car pro mod pro street etc would use to controll timeing, boost, nos, rpm readings, i want to make this car as real looking as i can with as much detail as i can handle, and im looking for the same type of stuff for 2 pro street cars i have as well, any links, or pics of things i can use and where to get them would be great thanks alot, cant wait to hear back, and again sorry if this isnt the right place for this question, feel free to move if need be
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  4. stepside83 added a post in a topic 1984 GMC Short-Box   

    this thing is looking pretty good, cant wait to see more.........there is more isnt there..............i really hope there is more
  5. stepside83 added a post in a topic blown 1940 panel van   

    thanks alot guys, im gonna be working on a new build prettty soon, im collecting bits and peices for it such as a fuel cell a-pillar gage pod, wheels, tach for in side, itll be a v-8 conversion s-10, thanks for the kind words again, im trying and i hope the next one is just a lil bit better than this one thanks again
  6. stepside83 added a topic in Under Glass   

    blown 1940 panel van
    i have this 1940 blown panel that i was going for a shop truck kinda look, its flat black with flat clear, the motor is a buick v-8 that came in the kit, with 2 different setups for 3 carbs or a blower so i went blower, it also came with a flat head but i wasnt goin for factory look, no where near as detalied as 99% of the builds on here but ive never did anything other than box stock, so im learning from thes site big time let me know what you guys think

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  7. stepside83 added a topic in General   

    how do i post pics?
    im new with posting pics on a forum like this, i put them in a photobucket album, of a build i did, but cant figure out how to post link so you can look at them, i tried to post them right on the thread i was trying to start but i cant do more than one and it said my pic is to big, and i have no clue how to make them smaller, and or post more than one pic, with out photobucket, please help
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  8. stepside83 added a post in a topic 1970 coronet super bee pro street   

    ok thanks guys for the info and pics where could i get different wheels to use for this pro stret car since it has the fat tires in the back
  9. stepside83 added a post in a topic Industrial Photo-Op Base   

    this thing is lookin awesome, i cant wait to see more, i love all of your builds there always very very detailed, i hope to be able to build have as good as you
  10. stepside83 added a post in a topic Custom Peterbuilt Wrecker, Kenworth Conversion   

    any updates on this sick build
  11. stepside83 added a topic in General   

    1970 coronet super bee pro street
    i just got a 70 coronet pro street off ebay the other day, im real big into the 1:1 pro streets, so i wanted to built a few 1:25 and 1:24 scale ones for a dio im gonna start soon, i was wondering if anyone has built this car before, and if so could you post pics of it, or links of ones who has built one, just to see what you have done to it paint interior wheels etc...... and if theres any tips or tricks i can learn about doing this model, im starting this one in a few weeks, after i finish my 1940 ford panel, thanks guys
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  12. stepside83 added a post in a topic ghost flammed 69 nova   

    car looks great, was wondering where you got the wheels from thanks
  13. stepside83 added a post in a topic New body/engine shop WIP.   

    any up dates on the dio would love to see more of it
  14. stepside83 added a post in a topic v-8 s-10   

    grimreaper, id love to have a ram air hood i thought when you said you were gonna make a hood for this model that it was a cowl hood, id so much rather have a ram air style hood, if that is what your makeing ill wait and use the scoop for something else let me know when i can buy one and how much thanks

    ericstone, i bought the hoood off a fellow on ebay who does resin parts, i cant remember his name but the gaps werent right the end of the hood pretty much came to a point, just want happy with it, and i dont know if youd say drg truck, its more along the lines of a weekend toy, that could win a race or two and a show all in the same weekend kind of build, this build is bascily what id like to do to an s-10 some day even tho v-8's in s-10's have been done millions of times, its just something ive always found very cool thanks
  15. stepside83 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    v-8 s-10
    its an amt 1994 ss s-10 im trans forming into a v-8 conversion, with a 350 and 350 turbo trans out of my 84 gmc the motor is 60% done i like to do them first not sure why just how i am, i shaved the 3rd brake light from cab roof and the gas door. also the body side moldings, i bought a resin cowl hood for it but it was really warped and missed shaped so i saved the scoop and ditched the rest of hood, im goona some how mold it on to stock hood, (any ideas on how to do this im all ears first custom build ever) bought pegasus 19" "t's" also in the pic with bed i got resin fuel cell which is prety much where its gonna go and a resin a-pillar 3 gauge pod sitting in front of bed i think im goning to mold it to the top of the dash instead of the a-pillar but well see the color on the engine block is testors one coat lacquer lime ice, and the body color is going to be testors lacquer blazing black on top or bottom, and the lime ice on top or bottom one or the other will be the top color and the other the bottom color any sugestions on that? or ideas? thanks heres the pics its a slow going process dont have much time to work on it but will post as much as i can

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