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  1. New 1/24 Tamiya kit?

    Aoshima is aiming their snappers to first time modellers, parents getting their kids something quick and easy to build and especially people who are getting back into the hobby after decades of hiatus. It seems to be working fine so far. Fujimi's Car Next series cost more than a full detailed Tamiya kit while Aoshima's are selling for less than 1300 yen, roughly the same as two bowls of ramen. They are in entirely different markets.
  2. New 1/24 Tamiya kit?

    You are discounting the line of six all new 1/32 snap kits they released since the end of 2017, which appears to be one of their upcoming focus. Still, releasing 2-3 new 1/24 molds every 2-3 years is not bad for a 2nd tier manufacturer like Aoshima. And for many of the reissues, they are able to bundle new parts to make them interesting (like the front lip for the AE86 Trueno and the aero bumper for the upcoming Initial D S13 Silvia).
  3. 82 trams am

    If you ask me, the screaming chicken is too cheesy for anything other than the equally cheesy 2nd gen.
  4. New 1/24 Tamiya kit?

    I wouldn't call it outsourcing, it is their own facility that they started in 1994. Used to be that the newest kits were molded in Japan and after they became 2-3 years old they got shipped to the Philippines for periodic reissue. I guess their work is good enough that even new tools are molded there now.
  5. Revell BMW E36 line

    Dragon is alive and well in the military world, although they seem to be lost in their direction after the daughter took over the business a few years ago. Diversification into the miniature toy business did not work out and they have closed up all their local retail stores, leaving only one outlet shop. There was also a nasty fallout with their long term partner Hasegawa over cross wholesale distribution agreements. The Dragon line of E36 M3, 318ti and touring cars were collaboration with Hasegawa. The main chassis sprues were from Hasegawa's sedan kit and the model specific parts were tooled by Dragon. As they have completely pulled out of the model car business in the early 2000's and the fact that they depend on Hasegawa for 1/2 of the kit's content, there is almost no chance for them to be re-issued. Revell made their own 325i sedan street car with engine, which spawned the Alpina version. They have also reboxed Dragon's versions of the E36 which are curb side. Tamiya reboxed Revell's 325i sedan street car in the early 90's for the Japanese market only to compete with Hasegawa. That and the 850i were pulled out of the catalog soon after.
  6. Right now I am far more excited by Beemax's announcement. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1318421358299394&id=139351649539710 Really looking forward to that A4.
  7. Am I the only one who hates the standard US model kit box where they guarantee the body would warp by cramming it with the sprues in a single plastic bag and stuffing the whole shebang into a box that is barely too small? Glad they made the Cuda AAR. Even better it is released by ROG. That means I might actually be able to get one in my LHS without the ridiculous shipping charges.
  8. AMG Hammer wheels in 1/24

    The closest you can find are the DiOlex Production Lorinser. You will need to scratch build the center caps. DiOlex Production sells on eBay. Their quality is quite good.
  9. In general Tamiya makes paint to sell their kits. It is hard to imagine them making paints that help sell others' kits, and by the same token no other Japanese kit manufacturer would list Tamiya paint code in their instruction.
  10. Back in the 80's it was "close enough is good enough". Tamiya would have you paint every red car in TS-8 Italian Red. Along with the F-1 kit boom in the late 80's to the mid 90's, Tamiya started to formulate special paint to match the livery of their F-1 kits. They also made generic popular colours for Japanese cars like Mica Red and Gun Metal. Specialized colours to go with their regular car lineup started after 2000. Some of the more specific colours like the Pennzoil yellow, the Aston Martin racing green or the Toyota 86 orange were only offered as a no-number limited release.
  11. Shapeways increasing prices on Feb. 4 2019

    If Shapeways does not charge for listing then I find it interesting that multiple vendors are discontinuing a vast amount of small parts in their catalog because they "cannot be printed affordably". If people really wanted that part they would have gladly paid for that few bucks increase. If they cannot afford it then they can simply not print it. The only reason I can think of is to avoid people whining about being gouged by the individual sellers, which seems quite plausible when you see modellers complaining about kit prices all the time.
  12. Ghosn arrested for securities fraud

    Ghosn admitted that he got Nissan BoD to pass the motion to cover the FX contracts for non-Japanese directors "for the good of the company". He also admitted that Nissan Middle East paid his acquaintance around 1.6 billion yen for "legitimate services that was beneficial for the company", which mostly amounted to greasing up the dealings with government officials and business partners behind the scene. He also admitted that the Lehman Shock was something "no one could ever possibly foresee in their lifetime". For common folks like the many retirees here who got duped into buying the "very secure" Lehman Brothers mini bonds, the only choice would be to suck it up and see their retirement funds go down the drain. Yet if you are a high-flying executive, you can just ask the company to pay for your mistake, all for the sake of the company.
  13. Ghosn arrested for securities fraud

    Based on what I read in Japanese and English media, this is part of what happened: 1. Ghosn admitted that he preferred to be paid in US dollars but Nissan would only pay him in Japanese yen, so he invested his salary in USD/JPY FX derivatives. His investment (or more fittingly, gamble) suffered huge losses in the financial crisis in 2008 and his bank asked him to put in additional collateral, or they would call his margin. 2. Ghosn had the Nissan board of director pass a resolution to authorize Nissan to enter into foreign exchange contracts "for the benefit of non-Japanese corporate officers and directors at no cost to the company." 3. Ghosn asked his acquaintance in Middle East for help. His acquaintance provided his bank a 3 billion yen "standby credit note". 4. There was an attempt to have Nissan head office to invest 3 billion yen to his acquaintance's company in Oman. This did not work out. 5. Nissan Middle East then paid his acquaintance's company 14.7 million US dollars (around 1.6 billion yen). Ghosn maintains this is for "critical services that substantially benefited Nissan."
  14. '60 Starliner mild custom

    If it is just a dimple I'd use GSI Mr Dissolved Putty. If it is really shallow I'd just dabble some Mr Surfacer 500 on it.
  15. Opinions needed

    Beige is good. I am not particularly fond of colours that will potentially rub off to clothing in real life, so gold is out for me.