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  1. new for 2018

    As for the Gemini, I'd say Hasegawa has a pretty good sense on what the Japanese modellers who are actually buying and building car kits want. The Sunny Truck, the Jimny, Honda N and the 2002 all sold quite well, and the Civic is expected to sell well too. The Gemini has quite a cult following in Japan. Many people in my age remember their TV commercials very well. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=街の遊撃手
  2. new for 2018

    There is actually quite a large interest in the F-150 in China. Big enough for Ford to officially import it.
  3. Best fix for Revell's '48 Ford Custom roof?

    The top is not that off to my eyes, it is mostly the window opening and subsequently the door line that was pinched. I would just reshape the window and rescribe the door lines.
  4. It is shipping now, 24,000 yen plus shipping. http://smp24modelcars.blog.fc2.com/ Best bet is probably getting it through Keystone. http://keystone-models.com/ There are also 2 kits listed in Yahoo Japan auction. Ends on Nov 4. https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/search/search?auccat=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=utf-8&aq=-1&oq=&sc_i=&fr=auc_top&p=smp24&x=0&y=0&fixed=0
  5. GM never really wanted to sell the SS. In exchange for billions of export subsidy from the Australian government, GM had to export Australian built Holdens. So what they did was to export the bare minimum number of SS to satisfy the subsidy agreement.
  6. 1/24 DeTomaso Mangusta

    You can use the transaxle from Revell's Shelby Series 1, it's the 6-speed version of the ZF RBT. Clearly Scale also casts one.
  7. 1/24 DeTomaso Mangusta

    It'll be 24,000 yen each, and 50 kits are to be cast. The first 3 kits will be sold on Yahoo Japan auction.
  8. 1/24 DeTomaso Mangusta

    There is a resin Mangusta coming out from Japan real soon now. http://smp24modelcars.blog.fc2.com The blog is in Japanese, but there are plenty of pictures.
  9. Knock off kits..common?

    Speaking of Academy, they also started out by copying Tamiya's kits. The 959, the M635 CSi and the Countach LP500S can still be found in their Korean lineup. http://academy.co.kr/1p/1p_plalist.asp?pPage=2&pView=PLA0000005&pScale=
  10. All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2017

    Yes, that one is a spot reissue.
  11. Found a very (extreme?) rare modelkit, dare I say it?

    Dragon? Their relationship with Hasegawa was good enough to share toolings back then, and I think they have reciprocal distributorship in Japan, Hong Kong and the US for a long time until last year.
  12. This Guy's on Glue

    Those DeAgostini subscription kits run for around $15 per issue, so $550 for 60 parts is not a bad deal. The bigger concern is if one can get the rest of the 60 pieces.
  13. Clearly Scale

    I never had any problem with them. I live halfway around the globe from Jeremy and I always receive my order within a month, communication is never a problem and the parts are top notch.
  14. Revell 4 Quarter 2017

    Compact pickup trucks were all the rage in the early to mid 90s. They pretty much killed off the sports coupe market in real world.
  15. Photobucket

    For all the Photo Bucket bashing, people should realize hotlinking your photos from PB (or any other photo hosting services) to forums, blogs, web sites etc. consumes their bandwidth while generating zero income to them. Every single image page load on said forums, blogs, web sites etc. is a toll on their resources. With the amount of photo hosted on their service, the bandwidth consumption must be huge. I am surprised it took this long for them to nix it, at least for free accounts.