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  1. The Watanabes from the Skyline will work just fine, and they are the de facto wheels on most 240ZG. My guess is they would be metal stickers like they did with their classic car line before. The front and rear windshield trims would be tricky; in real life it is a chrome strip sandwiched between the rubber trim.
  2. The European fielded cars were the pre-facelift version and would need an entirely new body to change the side molding and rear license plate housing, I doubt Hasegawa would go that far. The post-facelift version as made by Hasegawa seemed to have raced in Spa in RHD config, and can be easily produced from the existing tooling.
  3. Really didn't see this coming. All new tool with a "realistically depicted engine" and hinged hood, plus plated metal parts for window frame and headlight covers. Featured release for early 2021. https://www.tamiya.com/japan/featuredreleases_early2021.html
  4. There are free SSL certs, which this site already uses. By all means use HTTPS, it is already here. It is probably ok to not encrypt what kinds of paints we use, or what our latest model purchase was, or photos of our models. But don't forget your password also get passed along to the site when you login in. Even if you only use it for this site (which you should), it would still be terrible if someone steals it and uses your ID to post something you normally wouldn't.
  5. Japanese modellers have posted the inside shot of the Hasegawa body on Facebook, the recess lines for scribbing out the targa top are there.
  6. I expect separate wheel nuts for ease of painting. Hasegawa has been doing this for most of their recent kits, even when it is not entirely necessary.
  7. Makes sense as this particular scheme of 1993 Taisan was never released before and Tsuchiya "Drift King" Keiichi drove it to victory. It also helps snag sales as people who cannot wait for the Calsonic version will get this first and get the Calsonic one afterwards anyway. If it is done the other way round a lot of people will stop at one. From Hasegawa's web site the kit will come with proper single wiper, trunk lid with the fuel filler holes opened as well as brake ducts, race suspension, aero mirrors and proper interior bits. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/hc41/
  8. First saw it in Facebook, supposed to be an all new kit. I can't read Korean and all the words are embedded in the pics, it would be great if someone else can get more information out of it. http://www.academy.co.kr/1p/1p_plaview.asp?pView=PLA0000005&pCode=1985&pScale=PLA0000005
  9. There is also a Benz Soarer in the same series. Whether it would lead to something in real life remains to be seen.
  10. Race versions with different liveries and wheels are a given, they have already tooled the faces for all 4 types of mirrors used by different teams in the chrome sprue. The projector light housings, which are not used by most of the teams, are also on its own sprue. With the Nismo bits all on a separate sprue, I would also expect Spec V and Spec V-II variants with new BBS wheels but without the Nismo sprue.
  11. Hasegawa has officially announced the kit, tentatively for Dec 24 release: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/hc40/ Test shots here: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/hc40b/ From the layout the Group A race cars and the 3.0 Turbo A are a given after this release; they have already tooled the Momo steering wheel for the Turbo A. The Twin Turbo R is possibe down the road with new Recaro seats and wheels. Export version is not likely, the rear side moldings are molded solid to the body and do not have provision for side markers.
  12. Hasegawa has shown photos of the built up, looks very promising. Finally the Nismo sidestep and the front bumper ducts are properly scaled and not a huge blob of plastic. My only gripe is the tyres, nicely done Pirelli P7 with side wall engraving that should have been Potenza RE71. But I guess I can live with that. http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/hc39/
  13. There is actually an info@sefinecast.co.uk e-mail address in the front page and a sales@sefinecast.co.uk e-mail address in their PDF catalog. Why they don't put it on their sales page is beyond me.
  14. Licensing issue with Adidas? Seems both Aoshima and Fujimi issued Reebok Skylines in 2004, one year before Adidas started the takeover process of Reebok.
  15. I heard many Japanese modellers are holding their purchase for the Lancer until they see the Hasegawa release, even when Beemax released theirs one year ahead. I think this is going to hurt NuNu more. A lot of modellers will buy the rally kit and build it has street custom. It would be easier for them to get the Hasegawa kit and order sprue J from after service for the RHD dash board. That should also help them move their kits. The Calsonic and Taisan are a given. I'd also like to see the Reebok, Kyoseki and HKS livery from the JTC, as well as the Castrol from Macau Guia winner and Zexel from Spa. But whatever Hasegawa cannot do the aftermarket can easily fill the void, not only decal but also wheel and mirror sets.
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