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  1. Shapeways increasing prices on Feb. 4 2019

    If Shapeways does not charge for listing then I find it interesting that multiple vendors are discontinuing a vast amount of small parts in their catalog because they "cannot be printed affordably". If people really wanted that part they would have gladly paid for that few bucks increase. If they cannot afford it then they can simply not print it. The only reason I can think of is to avoid people whining about being gouged by the individual sellers, which seems quite plausible when you see modellers complaining about kit prices all the time.
  2. Ghosn arrested for securities fraud

    Ghosn admitted that he got Nissan BoD to pass the motion to cover the FX contracts for non-Japanese directors "for the good of the company". He also admitted that Nissan Middle East paid his acquaintance around 1.6 billion yen for "legitimate services that was beneficial for the company", which mostly amounted to greasing up the dealings with government officials and business partners behind the scene. He also admitted that the Lehman Shock was something "no one could ever possibly foresee in their lifetime". For common folks like the many retirees here who got duped into buying the "very secure" Lehman Brothers mini bonds, the only choice would be to suck it up and see their retirement funds go down the drain. Yet if you are a high-flying executive, you can just ask the company to pay for your mistake, all for the sake of the company.
  3. Ghosn arrested for securities fraud

    Based on what I read in Japanese and English media, this is part of what happened: 1. Ghosn admitted that he preferred to be paid in US dollars but Nissan would only pay him in Japanese yen, so he invested his salary in USD/JPY FX derivatives. His investment (or more fittingly, gamble) suffered huge losses in the financial crisis in 2008 and his bank asked him to put in additional collateral, or they would call his margin. 2. Ghosn had the Nissan board of director pass a resolution to authorize Nissan to enter into foreign exchange contracts "for the benefit of non-Japanese corporate officers and directors at no cost to the company." 3. Ghosn asked his acquaintance in Middle East for help. His acquaintance provided his bank a 3 billion yen "standby credit note". 4. There was an attempt to have Nissan head office to invest 3 billion yen to his acquaintance's company in Oman. This did not work out. 5. Nissan Middle East then paid his acquaintance's company 14.7 million US dollars (around 1.6 billion yen). Ghosn maintains this is for "critical services that substantially benefited Nissan."
  4. '60 Starliner mild custom

    If it is just a dimple I'd use GSI Mr Dissolved Putty. If it is really shallow I'd just dabble some Mr Surfacer 500 on it.
  5. Opinions needed

    Beige is good. I am not particularly fond of colours that will potentially rub off to clothing in real life, so gold is out for me.
  6. WW III, the war on plastic.

    Polystyrene is 6 or PS. It is recyclable, just not profitable.
  7. Tamiya '60s F1 Kits?

    Those kits were planned at the tailend of the Mini-4WD boom, around 1993-94. Sale of the Mini-4WD funded all the interesting less profitable projects like the Caterhams, the annual 2 x F1 kits and the 60's classic cars. Once the Mini-4WD boom waned, there was no money to spare and the car line was drastically cut back. Word at the time was that the classic car kits sold far less than expected and the entire project was shelved, so Tamiya could concentrate their resources on the newly re-acquired Ferrari license. It was around that time that Mr. Kiya quit Tamiya and founded MMP, parent company of Ebbro. He was told there would be no more resources for the F1 kits and the classic sports car kits, 2 of his pet projects.
  8. Umm Ford,What's going on?

    This is very well preventable, and no reason for it to happen in first place. All the entry points for the hacks were from the entertainment system. There is no need for the manufacturers to tie in the user electronics with the system electronics.
  9. Tamiya '60s F1 Kits?

    Ebbro's F1 kits are very nice. You can consider them as Tamiya+. Ebbro's owner worked for Tamiya for 30 years and was responsible for their F1 kits in the mid 80's to mid 90's and was project chief of the short-lived 1/43 diecast car line. When Tamiya scaled back their F1 line and changed their direction to simplified car kits, he left and started his own company to concentrate on subjects that interest him, mainly race cars and historic Japanese cars. In an interview he mentioned that when Mr. Tamiya heard about his desire and push to establish the 1/43 diecast project, he said that "if he wants to do this project so badly, he can always do it out of his own pocket". When he quit to start his own company, Tamiya gave him an extra large retirement package that footed Ebbro's first 3 diecast models.
  10. DeTomasa Pantera with engine??

    The Fujimi Pantera is readily available.
  11. Here you go. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=207460082655029&ref=content_filter
  12. Easiest way is to use the contact form on the left of the web page. The fields are name, e-mail address, title and content of your inquiry. Mizorogi-san can speak English and takes PayPal. You can also find him on Facebook, his page is "Sports Cars Modeling".
  13. If I Ran Revell....

    They should have done that at least with modern subjects long ago. It was a major issue with their "tuner" line, instead of making them compatible with other kits of Japanese/European subjects, they had to make them in a scale that is noticeably dwarfed and aftermarket wheels from Aoshima and Fujimi wouldn't fit. Regarding Snake's idea, I think Aoshima and Hasegawa are doing it right: curbside with an open hood and some rudimentary under hood detail, and leave the engine to the aftermarket. I don't know how well it would work in a market where people proclaim they will not buy anything not full detailed, though.
  14. Not a Urraco but if you are interested in an Espada, there is one SMP24 resin kit left in Sports Cars Modeling's web store right now: http://mizorogiscm.shop-pro.jp/?mode=cate&cbid=2315812&csid=0&sort=n It is expensive, and it is worth every yen. The Urraco is slated to be reissued some time in the future. The next kit in line will be the 308 GT4.
  15. So i bought some Tamiya enamels off Ebay...

    Depends on what shipping service is chosen. If I ship to the US by e-Express (under 2 kg) or Speedpost the packages are fully trackable. If I ship by registered or air parcel then it is not trackable once it leaves Hong Kong. As for why registered is untrackable, you can thank USPS for that.