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  1. fumi added a post in a topic Non-California Lacquer Thinner   

    Last time we visit LA all restaurant menus warned us tuna is known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
  2. fumi added a post in a topic Unidentified kit RX-7   

    That's kawaii.
    Kawai is usually someone's family name.
  3. fumi added a post in a topic James Bond's Lotus Esprit sub car   

    Hobby Search is listing it for 3230 yen.
  4. fumi added a post in a topic When Badges go bad: Daewoo LeMans out of box   

    The Opel Kadett/Vauxhall Astra was in the same class as the VW Golf, Peugeot 205 and the European Ford Escort.  It was actually a decent car, and the GSi version had a 2.0 DOHC 16V engine with a Cosworth designed head.
    As an aside, it had always baffled me why GM did not just use the C20XE in the North American market instead off reinventing the wheels with the Quad 4.  They were already using the OHC version in the Sunbird at that time, it would probably cost them less to manufacture the new head in NA instead of all the development cost for a brand new engine.  And the C20XE was good enough for Caterham to replace the Cosworth BDR with in the Super Seven HPC.
    Another example: take a rock solid 1986 Acura Legend that everyone raved about, throw some cosmetic tweaks to the body and some wood bits to the interior, and build it in the UK.  You got yourself a Sterling 825, a car that literally falls apart after a year.
  5. fumi added a post in a topic When Badges go bad: Daewoo LeMans out of box   

    I just find it interesting that when badged as an Opel the car was European Car of the Year and when badged as a Daewoo/Pontiac it became a POS.
  6. fumi added a post in a topic After 8 years of searching: my holy grail found!   

    That's a very good price.  I haven't seen the clamshell fender version for a long time, and the cycle fender version retailed for that much a few years back when Tamiya seemed to have made a run of reissue.

  7. fumi added a post in a topic Flush mount fuel filler   

    Not exactly the same style, but Scale Production offers photo etched fuel filler caps.
  8. fumi added a post in a topic No NFL in LA?   

    Speaking of hockey, I think the last thing the NHL really needs is yet another team, especially in the Sun Belt.
  9. fumi added a post in a topic Rally Lights   

    Something like this.

  10. fumi added a post in a topic Rally Lights   

    I might have some from Fujimi's AE86.  I can send them to you.
  11. fumi added a post in a topic TOMYTEC Nissan Cedric Gloria Wagon V20 Deluxe 1/35   

    They are more like Buick, big expensive sedans for people over 50, just one rung below the President.
    The commercial version is very different from the consumer version.  It uses a posted sedan body style instead of the consumer version's hardtop.  At the 1991 model change, the commercial version broke off and remained on the Y31 platform, and is still being produced today.
    The consumer version progressed to the Y32/33/34 platform until it was replaced by the Fuga in 2004.  The Y34 Cedric/Gloria was exported to North America as the Infiniti M.
  12. fumi added a post in a topic New FIAT 124 Spider   

    So Ford ripped off Aston for their front end design and Fiat is ripping off Ford now?
  13. fumi added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    Digital camera was invented by a Kodak employee in 1975, and by 1989 they had developed the first DSLR.
    Kodak rejected to marketing it, for fear that it would jeopardize their film sale.
  14. fumi added a post in a topic Scale Modeling and Youth?   

    Funny you mentioned that, because in the Facebook car modelling groups I am in, kids are turning out great works on Hondas and Toyotas, works that can rival many builds in here.  Especially with the Revell Honda kits that people keep saying Revell couldn't give away.  They are not just building them straight out of the box but also parting them out to swap the engine and mechanical into other curbside kits.
    There are definitely young people building models, they are just not hanging out in the typical forums or LHS.  Many of them are attracted to Facebook groups where they can share their builds and talk about model cars with people all over the world.  No memes, no flames, and no lectures on how lame a particular genre or build style is.
  15. fumi added a post in a topic Replicas & Miniatures Co. Of Maryland   

    I usually ask Norm for a pdf copy by e-mail.  He responds very quickly.