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  1. fumi added a post in a topic New FIAT 124 Spider   

    So Ford ripped off Aston for their front end design and Fiat is ripping off Ford now?
  2. fumi added a post in a topic Death of the "Camera Counter"   

    Digital camera was invented by a Kodak employee in 1975, and by 1989 they had developed the first DSLR.
    Kodak rejected to marketing it, for fear that it would jeopardize their film sale.
  3. fumi added a post in a topic Scale Modeling and Youth?   

    Funny you mentioned that, because in the Facebook car modelling groups I am in, kids are turning out great works on Hondas and Toyotas, works that can rival many builds in here.  Especially with the Revell Honda kits that people keep saying Revell couldn't give away.  They are not just building them straight out of the box but also parting them out to swap the engine and mechanical into other curbside kits.
    There are definitely young people building models, they are just not hanging out in the typical forums or LHS.  Many of them are attracted to Facebook groups where they can share their builds and talk about model cars with people all over the world.  No memes, no flames, and no lectures on how lame a particular genre or build style is.
  4. fumi added a post in a topic Replicas & Miniatures Co. Of Maryland   

    I usually ask Norm for a pdf copy by e-mail.  He responds very quickly.
  5. fumi added a post in a topic Whats in the box, Chevy Cruze WTCC review   

    These decal sets from Auto Colour are available as of now:
  6. fumi added a post in a topic 3 Aoshima 1/32 Tuner Kits   

    The rest of the series are 2 variations of the Fujiwara Trueno, one with the pop-up lights down and the other with them up.
    They were first tooled up in the late 90's, when the Initial D manga series started to become popular.
  7. fumi added a post in a topic Strange business practices?   

    Internet shopping is so prevalent in China that many shops have turned online only.
    Have you tried TaoBao (www.taobao.com)?  There are quite a lot of stores that are selling model kits and paints.
    I have personally bought from T7 Hobby and I am very happy with their services.  Just pick shops that have been in business for a fair bit of time.
  8. fumi added a post in a topic Left-Hand Drive Dashboards   

    The Alphard has LHD model for the China market.
  9. fumi added a post in a topic Vallejo woes...   

    Vallejo paint cannot be thinned with alcohol or solvents. Your best bet is their own thinner.

    Which line of their paint did you buy?
  10. fumi added a post in a topic Shizuoka Hobby Show 2015   

    That was a show entry. Body was scratch build, chassis based on Fujimi R32 GT-R, engine based on Tamiya 240Z.
  11. fumi added a post in a topic Hendrix Mfg. -- Recommendations..?   

    I think they are listed under "STAR Models" in the resin kit dropdown box now.
  12. fumi added a post in a topic Anyone make DESOTO/ Merc. Grills?   

    Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland also sells the DeSoto grille, as well as the bumpers.
  13. fumi added a post in a topic Hendrix Mfg. -- Recommendations..?   

    You can also get them from Steve Kohler at Star Models. He posts pics of the real kits on his site.


    Star Models' home page:

  14. fumi added a post in a topic If Monogram had went 1/25th...instead of 1/24...   

    There are a lot of books and magazines on the history of Japanese scale models if you know the language.
  15. fumi added a post in a topic If Monogram had went 1/25th...instead of 1/24...   

    I highly doubt that was the case. At the beginning, way before Tamiya entered the smaller scale car model market, the competing scales were 1/28, 1/24, 1/21 and 1/20 among the Japanese kit makers. 1/28 and 1/21 soon fell out of favour, leaving the market divided between 1/24 and 1/20 (although it did not stop the manufacturers from rebranding their 1/28 kit as 1/24, especially after mergers and buyout of molds from bankrupted kit makers).

    By the 80's the market has pretty much settled on 1/24, with LS and Bandai as the last holdouts for 1/20. After Bandai stopped making model cars and LS went out of business in the early 90's, 1/20 finally died off as the general car model scale in Japan.

    Tamiya started out with 1/12 for their detailed car kits, and scaled down to 1/20 in 1977 with the Tyrell P34, and to 1/24 in 1978 with the Porsche 935. By that time the Japanese market had already settled on 1/24 and 1/20, and I don't think there would be any Monogram influence that late in the game.