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  1. I have had good experience with Model Empire. https://modelempireusa.com/
  2. fumi

    PE Borranis?

    Hobby Easy has it in stock as of now. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/pi5j1gry5cbwxcmp153m.html
  3. Forward Resin casts the pony wheels, they list them from time to time in their eBay store. https://www.ebay.com/sch/forward_resin/m.html
  4. Nice build. If anyone is interested this car was donated to the Tochigi Prefecture Police by the local co-op of the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives in 1973 for highway patrol duty, when the Tohoku Expressway was opened, and was in service until 1984. It had a reputation of being very fast, but also very thirsty. Another famous highway patrol car of Tochigi was the first gen NSX, donated by Honda.
  5. The Aoshima S13 body was fudged around to fit the S15 chassis. The proportion is strange, not just the wheelbase but also the greenhouse. You can see the comparison here, the wheelbase is noticeably longer and the rooftop appears to be in the same length, to compensate for this the top seems to become taller. http://modelcarshirobom.syanari.com/021-s13/s13-comparison.html So it looks like Nunu got the 935, Volvo 240 and the Lancia Delta S4, it says new tools and "being seriously developed". Makes me wonder if the rest of the Beemax line will follow suit.
  6. They stopped doing the engraved bathtub interior and provided proper door panels starting with the Galant coupe and R31 Skyline. I guess engraved interior would have been great if it were their bread and butter 1/48 and 1/72 jet fighter kits. But at least they realized it is a bad idea for 1/24 car kits and changed it.
  7. My guess for the next variation would be the rally homologation model SSS-R with hood scoop and grille mounted fog lights.
  8. I think only Revell made the C5 Corvette in notchback form.
  9. MFH also makes these. https://www.mediamixhobby.com.sg/shop/mfhp965.html
  10. Is there any concrete evidence that "Red China" seized Danbury Mint's tooling other than some vague statement in a mailing list and innuendos on some forum that are being regurgitated all the time? The official statement from Danbury Mint was that their primary sub-contractor closed in 2012 and their secondary sub-contractor also closed in 2014, and they were no longer able to cost effectively produce diecast model cars. At the time the $200 diecast market had all but collapsed and the cheap labour in China who was willing to move all the way to the southern provinces to work for minimun wage had vanished. Pulling out of the diecast market was a logical move for Danbury Mint.
  11. That would be the Group A evolution model, exactly what this kit depicts. The 500 cars were homologation special for all the neat parts you listed, over the 5000 "regular" model produced in a year.
  12. They can always buy Japanese kits from aboard.
  13. The US economic growth after the oil shock rode on the cheap labour of offshore manufacturing, you cannot really say one is taking advantage of the other. If you want other people to buy your goods, you actually need to export something desirable first.
  14. fumi


    1/24-ish, with a motorized chassis and half interior plate. First came out in the 70's.
  15. Those Beemax easy kits (280zx/M1/RX-7) seem to have shifted to Nunu now. I'm not sure if the Beemax 911 SC RS is a standard kit or easy kit.
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