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  1. Ghosn arrested for securities fraud

    "le cost cutter" was synonymous with Nissan since 1999, when Renault sent him to restructure Nissan. While I agree that cutting the redundant models and dealership channels which were a legacy of the bubble economy was inevitable, he went further with an un-Japanese move and cut all contracts with their long time suppliers which he deemed "unprofitable". This drove a lot of the small and middle sized OEM suppliers, many of them partners with Nissan for decades, to bankruptcy and the quality of their cars took a nosedive. After the effect of cost cutting waned, design and development took a hit and models were left to languish for 10 years and more without refreshment. Engine development was cut up particularly bad, to the point where most of the engine lineup dates back to 2010 or older. But he did turn around the company and people worshipped him so much that a manga was actually written that showcased his life. He eventually took over the CEO job of Renault as well and became chairman of Mitsubishi when Nissan got a controlling interest. I guess his ego ultimately took the better of him and he believed he could to anything.
  2. Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of Nissan and soon-to-be-ex-president of Nissan and CEO/president of Renault and Mitsubishi, was arrested in Japan for securities frand. Apparently he falsified securities reports and underreported his salary by 5 billion yen and appropriated company money for his personal use. His alleged compliance in the Nissan board of directors is also arrested. After killing off all the fun and saddling the lineup with long in the tooth models in the name of cost cutting for almost 20 years, I am not sad to see him go. I am hoping for a change of direction, but with Renault still holding a leash on Nissan, I am not holding my hope up.
  3. Tamiya Fair 2018

    Not sure if it has anything to do with any new kit announcement, but Tamiya will have a real TS050 on display.
  4. Modern (Performance) IRS suggestions?

    C4 Corvette IRS from AMT and Revell are all over eBay.
  5. These were Hasegawa's very first car models. The bodies were supposedly pantographed from Johan and AMT kits and were meant for slot cars. They tooled up a generic chassis for the bodies afterward.
  6. Type T is just around the corner. No word on the type B, type W or the type I yet.
  7. Hobby Search has it in stock now. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10556867
  8. Tamiya Instructions???

    Here you go. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/10001672
  9. Icon Derelict '49 Merc

    I don't get why people are so worked up over it, personally I think it is great to see these old cars being modernized with new powertrains. Can't be worse than a flathead or a small block if you ask me. The 49-51 Mercury isn't even such a great car if not for Rebel Without a Cause. Design wise the same period Ford was much more innovative and technologically the Hudson was more advance.
  10. uuuuuuummmm...............................

    Didn't Revell change direction to those simplified full detail kits that are not so great at either end in 2014? Sales for the Camaro was probably good enough for them to tool up a new mold for the ZL1, along with that 2014 Mustang GT. The Challenger didn't make the cut, however.
  11. Academy Hyundai Excel GLS

    You can't. They are all rusted to dust. The management office of the place I lived in bought a Pony as their service car back when Hyundai was just starting to sell cars here 30 years ago. Those were the last "genuine" Hyundai before Mitsubishi invested and licensed their technology to them. Those were selling for around 60% of what a Daihatsu Charade would have cost, and was supposed to be in the same class as a Corolla. The thing was obviously not built for our climate as it started to rust within the first year. In the second year of service the doors, the fenders and sills were already blistering and it also started to have trouble with the electrical systems. By the third year the management office gave up and replaced it with a Corolla, which was still running strong when we moved out 7 years later.
  12. Resin Realm is out of business. Star Model, which is hosted inside resinrealm.net, is still in business. I just ordered from Steve 2 weeks ago. As for the resin offering, he sells Flintstone as well as his own line, which I believe were Hendrix before. They are not top notch, but still very workable.
  13. galaxie limited chevrolet cars 1948/1947

    That is exactly what Steve Boutte did with his excellent custom coupe. I lack his skill and don't have confidence in maintaining a uniform curved interface and a straight crease across the ridge, so I chose to preserve the curve/ridge and extend the flat part in the middle of the body side instead.
  14. galaxie limited chevrolet cars 1948/1947

    Having built 2 of these and having a sealed white box version still lying around, my view of this kit is not as glowing. 3 major issues jump out of my mind right away: - The "ridge" on the bottom of the body went up 3 scale inches too high. The easiest way to fix it is to cut out the lower half of the body half way across and around the rear fender, trim off the part along the lower door line completely, rejoin the body with the trimmed side as the new bottom, fill out the space in between, and rescribe the door line just below the crease of the ridge. You will also need to trim the floor pan where it joins the body, but fortunately that area is conveniently recessed, so you just need to grind out the step along the floor pan and not have to reshape the whole thing. - The mating area along the hood and the front fender is very vague. With the hood warped it would not conform to the fender. Use extra care if you want to fix the hood as it is very thin and can easily deform beyond repair in hot water. - Both grilles are too angular. They designed the front fender as a one size fit all deal and fit both grilles around the opening, but the 46 grille and the 47-48 grille are very different in shape. In the end the 47-48 grille is too thin and square while the 46 grille is so misshaped it is unusable. To make either grille look right you will probably need to scratch build it. All in all it can be made into a good looking model with some effort but it would take major work to fix the body issues. If you must have a 47-48 Chevy they are the only game in town, but I would not pay Tamiya money for them.