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  1. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 1971 duster on steroids oct 6 interior   

    Too Funny!!! I actually know the guy who's car that is. Mike used to live up here in CT but moved to FL. We would race together at Lebanon Valley NY. The real car was a small block/auto/ 8 3/4 car just like mine. He'll be thrilled you picked his car for inspiration. Great job so far, love the stance and the tucked in meats.
  2. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 69 nova big tire car and turbo cobra mustang   

    Looks like a good start to me! I like the black wheels. Are those MicroNitro pieces? Also, what tires are you using on them? They really fill up the rear of the Mustang nicely.
  3. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 69 Chevelle SS-Pic update 12-22-12-Done!   

    This is a great build! It's always cool to see a replica scale car, especially when it can be done accurately. BTW the factory color on your brother's car is code 61 Burnished Brown Metallic, which is a fairly rare color on any of GM's performance cars. Wheels look like Boss 338's which are very similar to most torque thrust style wheels. Looks like you got the stance nailed down perfectly. Can't wait to see this one finished.
  4. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic "The Prowler" : 49 Merc with attitude   

    Beautiful job!
  5. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 1981 Miller Time Mustang Turbo GTX   

    Great job on the build. Thanks for posting this. I have a few of these kits stashed away and always thought they were quite nice and wanted to build them. Due to lack of knowledge on the subject matter I always found myself boxing them back up and saving the builds for another day. Seeing yours completed has sparked the desire to dig one out and get started on it. They really look like they build into a nice model.
  6. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Adventures in soldering:Hot Rod Wrecker Project Update 2/1/15   

    How about "INSANE"!!!! This is just incredible.
  7. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic "Sketch Pad Artist" Mike Lomaka "ITALIVETTE"   

    Awesome job so far. This was a cool concept and this build is bringing it to life.
  8. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Drag racers   

    I absolutely LOVE the road runner. Awesome job on both.
  9. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 1929 Ford Roadster: Bare Necessities   

    Very cool! A right to the point style hot rod...gotta love it.
  10. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 67 GTX   

    Very nice! Great choice of colors for the exterior/interior combo. Real sharp looking "X".
  11. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Goodsmile Racing 911GT3R Hatsume MIKU Type B   

    Applying the decals must have been more time consuming than the rest of the build! WOW! Looks great.
  12. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Volkswagen Typ 2 Pick Up Truck (1967)   

    Love it! Each time I look at the pics I see more and more small details that really make for a realistic display. Very nice.
  13. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Chevelle wagon   

    That's a cool looking wagon. Nice job.
  14. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 58' Chevrolet Del Ray Sedan Delivery   

    Very sweet! I like the fact the trim level is the Del Ray, I wasn't aware that body was offered.
  15. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Weathered 64 Chevy C10   

    Thanks for the compliments guys! Seeing all the great builds here on the forum continually challenges me to try new things. I agree with everyone about the glass, and it is on my list of minor tweaks I would like to do. I did hit it with some steel wool and coarse cotton cloth prior to installing it, but it still is a little too shiny, although in person it doesn't seem as bad as the pics make it look. I had to slam it together to get it done for a club contest, so I never tried to correct it yet. Anyone have a tip on the best way to dull the glass? I am thinking a very light mist coat of matte clear with a touch of dust or tan mixed in. I could probably do that with the airbrush while it is still assembled and perhaps even mask off some wiper streaks and then just touch up the weatherstripping.

    Dr Cranky, I already have the addiction and I know it. I am already looking for kits in my collection that I don't particularly care for the accuracy of or detail of. I will say this, I had no idea how time consuming this type of paint detailing was. I have a whole new respect for the military guys who do this on everything they build.