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  1. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Mobeius 69 F100 update 6/4/16   

    That motor looks killer in there!
  2. BigEdsGarage added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Lifted IH Scout
    I started this Scout the other week and quickly decided there is no way I could leave the suspension in stock form. I couldn't find any good leaf springs in the parts box so I decided to try my luck at making some.  I used .030 x .125 strips, cut each leaf to length and rounded the corners just a bit. I will make some spring clamps from an aluminum can and put a couple on each spring. It took a little work to get the fronts and rears to sit at the same height and measuring distance off the frame allowed me to locate the best mounting points. I already made up some perches for the axles and hangers for the frame, they just need a little cleanup and to locate the center of the wheel opening before they get mounted. The lift was built around the tires which are BFG Krawler TA's I sourced from Fireball Modelworks. I also plan on using their deep five slot wheels for a more vintage look. The rear axle will be a Dana 60 and the front a 44. I scratch built a steering box, shaft and dropped pitman arm. The current plan is to build the axle so it steers but we'll see how that goes. I made some rock sliders for the rocker panels, built a rear bumper with tow tabs, a towing receiver and a swing away spare tire mount. The front bumper will be similar but I plan on building a winch and adding a fairhead to the bumper. This week I'll try to work on a dual shock setup for the front and rear, the steering knuckles and linkage and add a dual steering stabilizer.

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  3. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda   

    Outstanding! Definitely one of the best builds I have seen of that kit!
  4. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Johan 61 Olds F-85 wagon - Done - Under glass!!!!   

    Clean looking wagon! Great job on the motor too.
  5. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 1971 duster on steroids nov 6 decalled and nearly done   

    Great job on this Duster!! I like where this is going. What's the plan for the hood?
  6. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 1971 duster on steroids nov 6 decalled and nearly done   

    Too Funny!!! I actually know the guy who's car that is. Mike used to live up here in CT but moved to FL. We would race together at Lebanon Valley NY. The real car was a small block/auto/ 8 3/4 car just like mine. He'll be thrilled you picked his car for inspiration. Great job so far, love the stance and the tucked in meats.
  7. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 69 nova big tire car and turbo cobra mustang   

    Looks like a good start to me! I like the black wheels. Are those MicroNitro pieces? Also, what tires are you using on them? They really fill up the rear of the Mustang nicely.
  8. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 69 Chevelle SS-Pic update 12-22-12-Done!   

    This is a great build! It's always cool to see a replica scale car, especially when it can be done accurately. BTW the factory color on your brother's car is code 61 Burnished Brown Metallic, which is a fairly rare color on any of GM's performance cars. Wheels look like Boss 338's which are very similar to most torque thrust style wheels. Looks like you got the stance nailed down perfectly. Can't wait to see this one finished.
  9. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic "The Prowler" : 49 Merc with attitude   

    Beautiful job!
  10. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 1981 Miller Time Mustang Turbo GTX   

    Great job on the build. Thanks for posting this. I have a few of these kits stashed away and always thought they were quite nice and wanted to build them. Due to lack of knowledge on the subject matter I always found myself boxing them back up and saving the builds for another day. Seeing yours completed has sparked the desire to dig one out and get started on it. They really look like they build into a nice model.
  11. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Adventures in soldering:Hot Rod Wrecker Project Update 2/1/15   

    How about "INSANE"!!!! This is just incredible.
  12. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic "Sketch Pad Artist" Mike Lomaka "ITALIVETTE"   

    Awesome job so far. This was a cool concept and this build is bringing it to life.
  13. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic Drag racers   

    I absolutely LOVE the road runner. Awesome job on both.
  14. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 1929 Ford Roadster: Bare Necessities   

    Very cool! A right to the point style hot rod...gotta love it.
  15. BigEdsGarage added a post in a topic 67 GTX   

    Very nice! Great choice of colors for the exterior/interior combo. Real sharp looking "X".