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  1. BigBeze added a post in a topic '92 Mustang GT Convertible   

    I am wondering how you did the tail lights to? It looks just the way it does in person.
    Really nice build. Its cool to make blue mustangs, red, purple what ever the color there is never enough 5.0's
  2. BigBeze added a post in a topic pics of my wifes yamaha in progress   

    That is awesome that your wife is getting involved in a hobby with you. I wish mine would try it out instead of "Are you done yet" "Is it supposed to look like that" LOL
  3. BigBeze added a topic in On The Workbench   

    My first conversion "The Viperwinder"
    I first got the idea from the Mustang Honda Hatchback. It made me really want to slap to cars together so I did and this is what I have! Any suggestions welcomed. Those are the stock 20's in the front and 21's in the rear, really sweet flame tread on the rubber. I am also using bits and pieces of the interior from both cars, I will post pics when it starts to come together. Thanks for looking.

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  4. BigBeze added a post in a topic 79 Suburban   

    Looks good. Makes me want to build another 4x4.
  5. BigBeze added a post in a topic USA-1 Monster Truck Done!   

    Thanks guys, Some times your girlfriends "That's great honey" just doesn't cut it. Hearing it from people that are good or should I say great at the same thing you are trying, just makes it worth it.
  6. BigBeze added a post in a topic Truck,Jeep, Hummer, Suv Build Off   

    I put it together the best I could but heres the USA-1 Truck. done earlie but done.

    I would take 17 place with no problem.
  7. BigBeze added a post in a topic USA-1 Monster Truck Done!   

    Thanks guys. Words of inspiration. I appriciate the words of wisdom and I will keep on modeling, just have to figure my groove.
  8. BigBeze added a topic in Under Glass   

    USA-1 Monster Truck Done!
    I decided to change the grill of the truck to a 2004 Escalade grill with the original headlights. Instead of the original paint I gave it my first attempt of a two tone saphire blue and mettalic silver. I almost want to give up on modeling if the paint jobs dont get better. ButIm going to keep on trucking in hopes of better paint jobs sooner or later.

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  9. BigBeze added a post in a topic Lowrider 92' Mustang GT   

  10. BigBeze added a post in a topic Chevrolet El Camino 1966   

    That Camino is super clean! How do you do your paint? Air brush or can?
  11. BigBeze added a post in a topic Xmods=1/24???   

    Thanks for the input, we'll see how it goes. And those xmods look pretty sweet. How do you stretch the wheel base might I ask?
  12. BigBeze added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    I have heard of people using 1/24 kits for there xmods. Can you use a 1/24 kit to put on a xmod? That is my question for the day.
    All responses apriciated thanks!
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  13. BigBeze added a post in a topic Lowrider 92' Mustang GT   

    Thanks guys for all your input and offers. If I get more money soon I will need the pics of them so I can make it look better. Yes it is missing the shifter, I totaly forgot about it. I put it up after I got bummed about my dog eating my side view mirrors. Shifter will be added. Thanks.
  14. BigBeze added a post in a topic Lowrider 92' Mustang GT   

    Hope to hook up with some 05 mustang rims, They are just holding the car up for right now.
  15. BigBeze added a topic in Under Glass   

    Lowrider 92' Mustang GT
    Here it is! Final edition. I got hooked up with some good people on here, not going to say any names, whale392. Thank you very much for the rims. Makes it look like a winning piece from a distance.

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