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      The Report function of the forum works well. If you see someone acting up, acting out, or just being an okole, use the Report function. It works! I have it set up so it not only sends me an email, but that email is then marked with a flag, and get's put to the top of my email list. I will try to access/look at the report/topic as soon as possible, but remember, I'm on a six hour time delay, and other mods not only have a life, but a real job as well.  k den


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  1. paularfons added a post in a topic DMCC (Dearborn) Meeting pics   

  2. paularfons added a post in a topic 1932 ford   

    TREEHUGGER, GO FOR IT. I WOULD LIKE TO LEARN HOW TO DO THAT!! I HAVE SOME 1/8TH, AND 1/12TH SCALE KIT THAT NEED LEATHER INTERIORS. COOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. paularfons added a post in a topic Which Resin Part(s) or Conversion Would You like To See?   

    how about the 1960 ford roof on the 1961 ford to make a starliner,just like the article in model cars, in a resin body? im talking about the amt kits here. im too lazy to do the conversion!!!!!
  4. paularfons added a post in a topic any michigan model car builders   

    highland,mi this is just a little north of milford but south of holly,mi . any of you boys from grand blanc and howell let me know if you want to start a model club. we could meet at the highland library's meeting rooms once a month!!!!! i currently drive to the downriver model car club meeting in dearborn on the third friday of the month!!