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  1. Hobby Lobby

    I just did the same thing last week. I bought what I thought was the lacquer version of Sublime spray, because that is what the sign on the rack said, only to get home and find someone had put the enamel version in that slot. Went back today and was able to swap them without incident. However, I did have to move ANOTHER enamel version from the lacquer slot to find the actual lacquer can.
  2. Just for Giggles!

    "Cough it up"? Pun intended? HAHA! George and I headed back to Toledo after being absent for a few years, driving from southeastern PA to OH. On Saturday, the toy show was winding down and the NNL had not yet opened. I was getting kind of hungry, so bought a hot dog from a vendor who had one of those hot dog roller machines. Looks like it had been on there a while, but I was hungry and bought it. Big mistake! About an hour into the show, my stomach was churning. I had to have George take me back to the hotel. He went back to the show and I spent the rest of the night in the bathroom - both ends. I was feeling not that much better in the morning. The usual 9 hour drive home was interrupted by stopping at nearly every single rest stop on the Ohio and Pennsylvania turnpikes. And I probably slept most of the way home. I'm still surprised that George still even talks to me! Ahh, memories! Do you think I can talk him going to the last one this coming October?
  3. Just for Giggles!

    George, I think that was the last time we went to the Toledo show. And also the year of the infamous Toledo Hot Dog Incident.
  4. 76 Pacer Wagon.

    Best build of this kit ever! And putting that upholstery pattern in there was perfect!
  5. Anyone ever built a 66 Pontiac Station wagon?

    Rear view:
  6. Anyone ever built a 66 Pontiac Station wagon?

    You mean something like this? I built this from the Revell 66 GTO and a 65 Chevelle wagon, before the 66 Chevelle wagon was released. I did it as a phantom 2 door wagon. I had to scratchbuild the taillight area to match a Pontiac. The 66 Chevelle wagon will get you there a little easier. Here is the link to my Fotki folder which also shows some of the cuts I did. https://public.fotki.com/kas1256/models/66-gto-wagon/
  7. Probably the best build I've seen of this kit! Nice job!
  8. || Beaumonts : Anyone Build One ? ||

    I built a 67 Acadian station wagon from the AMT 66 Nova with a Boss Nova roof added to it. I modified the kit grill with pieces of Evergreen styrene. I realized at a later time that the body side character line was not chrome molding and I have since removed it. Here's a link to my Fotki album with more pictures: https://public.fotki.com/kas1256/models/1967-acadian-wagon/
  9. 66 El Camino - MADE IN BRAZIL

    I really like this! Nice job!
  10. AMC Hornet AMX

    Check the MPC Pacer kit for decent AMC bucket seats. The one on the right is a Pacer bucket. The one to the left is one I modified for the 1980 AMX I built.
  11. 1975 Monza--Completed 12/25/2018

    Your wheels, tires and stance really make this model! Looking great so far!
  12. Are Some Models Just Cursed?

    I think that snap Chevelle kit also has a beautiful interior! The separate side panels are so easy to detail.
  13. I miss the good old days when they actually printed the name of the part in addition to it's number on the instruction sheet!
  14. 1936 ford

    What a sweet machine! Nice color!
  15. The Javelin & Other AMC Muscle Cars

    Thanks for the "heads up" on this Snake! I'll have to check the magazine racks.