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  1. "Don't sweat the details, just build like you did as a kid!" Oh, so I have to use a whole tube of orange Testor's' glue in my build, enough to deform the roof to keep the glass intact? HAHA!!
  2. This has been my mantra for many years Gary and I bring this to every build I do.
  3. I've always loved the Cheez Whiz car and your model is doing it justice. Very cool project!
  4. Really nice! Too bad about the decals though!
  5. What a great build! You're right - it does look very wicked from the rear! Great color too!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous build! Great brass work! This car is on my "to do someday" model building list, but in styrene.
  7. I love this! I checked out the other pictures from your Under Glass post, and WOW! That dual opening tonneau cover is too cool!
  8. She was in jail for shooting her husband but I think she was recently released after a nine year sentence.
  9. Yes, those front wheelwell locations have always bugged me too! Nice job on relocating those! I like where you are going with this!
  10. One of my favorite FEDs! Nice job!
  11. Never saw one in black! It looks fantastic!
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