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  1. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic '50 Olds Custom...   

    Gorgeous as always Steve! Wonderful job on this!
  2. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic 69 and 70 Javelin Question   

    The 70 Javelin had a totally different dash than the 68/69 (though same as the 70 AMX). Also, the 70 had high back bucket seats, whereas the 69 had seats with separate headrests. Each year had its own unique door panel, but they were shared same year between the AMX and Javelin. Hope this helps.
  3. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic 1972 AMC Gremlin   

    The AMT Pacer kit has a nice AMC six cylinder engine.
  4. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic 1972 AMC Gremlin   

    Please tell me that they are NOT going to cast the stock AMT Gremlin seats! Those things are hideously too narrow. Unfortunately, I don't know of a better seat short of cutting a set out of a Johan AMX interior. Or taking 3(?) of the stock Gremlin seats and making one good seat.
  5. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic Tell me about your spray booth please...   

    Smokey, I have the middle size Pace that I got a year ago or so. I'll show it to you next weekend. Karl
  6. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic Vinyl roofs!!............Calling all vinyl roof experts..   

    Hi Len. Thanks for the compliment. I believe that the strips are .020 x .030 Evergreen. I have so much of this stuff, it's hard to keep track of all the sizes! I just go with what looks good. Hope this helps! Karl
  7. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic Vinyl roofs!!............Calling all vinyl roof experts..   

    I'm certainly no expert and feel that I just got lucky with the vinyl roof on my Cuda. I used Evergreen strip to create the seams and surrounds. For the seams, I glued down the strips and then blended the inside of each strip with putty. This leaves the outside edge a little "raw" and makes it look like the side that was folded over. I then shot Krylon Semi Gloss Black from a long distance (about the length of my arm) to get the pattern I was looking for. I can't remember if that was all I did or if I also did a few arm length blasts of Testor's Semi Gloss Clear. I was very happy with the results.

  8. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic Esler's Update   

    So sorry to hear this George! Personal email sent.
  9. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic '69 Baldwin-Motion Nova   

    Great build there Lyle! Per usual, it is all of your little details that set this off!
  10. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic cheech's 64 impala   

    I built this a while ago, so the details are sketchy! I pulled it out last night to look and I think that one of the speakers was from my parts box from an unknown kit. The other one looks like I took a carb "horn" (sometimes used on the top of high rise twin carbs) and stuck a piece of Evergreen rod in the center to make it look like a speaker. The hood ornament was scratch built - the body whittled out of a piece of sprue and the wings were cut from some clear sheet and tinted with Tamiya Clear Orange bottle paint.

    Sorry I took so long to get back to you. I don't get to this board very much. Hope this helps!
  11. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic cheech's 64 impala   

    I think that would be me. I displayed it at NNL East in 2003.

    It took a lot of viewings and I even took pictures of the video to try to get all of the details correct. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Karl Sheffer added a topic in Under Glass   

    73/74 Cuda
    Well, here is my latest build which I was able to (almost) complete it in time to debut at NNL East. I was going for a mid to late 70's street machine look. The paint is Tamiya Orange (TS-12?) and the vinyl top was painted with Krylon Semi Gloss Black.

    This build was to reflect someone who may have bought this car new in 73/74 and had some bucks to update it a little bit over the next few years. I built it as more of a canyon carver than a drag racer, hence the wide tires on all four corners. I'm blaming 70's Mopar quality for the alignment of that right fender striping!

    The front license plate reflects a local speed shop (S & W, which is still in business in Spring City PA). The hood is a Bandit Resin piece. Both bumpers were replated using Alclad (rattlecan version) and I kept those hideous bumper guards for a period look. I tried to fix the headlights on the snap kit body by filing the surrounds and sinking the lenses in a bit. The rear license plate is a circa 1976 Pennsylvania Bicentennial plate (an old Scale Vanities item). See that chromed rearend cover peeking out?

    The engine is supposed to represent the 340/360 that may have been ordered with the car (hence the blue block, heads and valve covers), but somehow this owner came across an AAR six barrel setup and installed it (after painting the intake manifold "aluminum" - couldn't leave it orange). Hey, it's 1976 and who cares about "factory correct"? LOL! We just wanted to go fast back then!

    And what self respecting street machiner wouldn't want BF Goodrich tires (if they could afford them!) and Keystone Klassics (just like on the Sox and Martin Cuda! LOL!). The tires are from an ARII wheel and tire set and the mags are Modelhaus items. Note that I had to sleeve the tires for the rims to fit those tires.

    And here is my parting shot heading towards my next build.

    Not a bad Mopar for an AMC nut, huh? Thank goodness for Ebay Motors and Google Image Search which provided a lot of detail shots. Sure beats searching through my volumes of car magazines! A couple of little things I still want to do and this one is ready for the shelf.

    Hmmmm, what should I build next? See ya!
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  13. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic 1971 Javelin AMX   

    Super AMX's! You sure don't see the 71/72's done very often and your correct vinyl roof sets off this build wonderfully! Well done! And Machine wheels?!!!! Where did you get those?
  14. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic 59" Impala Complete!!!!!!!   

    That Turquoise and White combination is fantastic! Looking forward to seeing that at NNL East!
  15. Karl Sheffer added a post in a topic Question About Dodge/plymouth Engine Colors   

    So what does everybody use to recreate the orange and turquoise in 1/25 scale? TIA