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  1. Steve Keck added a post in a topic post your tuner builds here   

    Tamiya Supra race version with street version engine bay and passenger cabin, and Ferrari Modena rear end sectioned and grafted on.

  2. Steve Keck added a post in a topic '53 Vette   

    Well, hopefully you won the dare. You sure captured the salt racer look.

    Have you named it yet? If not, then I suggest Blue Moon
  3. Steve Keck added a post in a topic Roush Mustangs   

    Nice 43'rds, Mark!

    Great photography as well.

    Your work stands up to digital photography, the Great Equalizer.
  4. Steve Keck added a post in a topic Completed Larry "Spiderman" McBride Top Fuel Bike   

    st....st.....st.....stunning. Takes my breath away.
  5. Steve Keck added a post in a topic A Law?   

    Ya, two fazed
  6. Steve Keck added a post in a topic highly detailed general lee... done.. 5/6/11 to 5/13/12   

    I thought the doors on the original General were welded shut............
  7. Steve Keck added a post in a topic Buick Grand Camino GNX   

    Works for me!
  8. Steve Keck added a post in a topic Tamiya Mercedes CLK-GTR   

    Nice, clean build.

    I like the subtle coloring on the exhausts.

    It's not too late to add the roof antennae.
  9. Steve Keck added a post in a topic Completed Hudson Hornet for my friend!   

    That's the best ever Hornet I've seen. Your friend better give you a big kiss on the lips for that one. Bravo!
  10. Steve Keck added a post in a topic Ferari F430 Scuderia NoviTec 747 Edition   

    I like it!
  11. Steve Keck added a post in a topic LAPD Racing Pro Stock Camaro   

    I've seen the real one when I lived in SoCal. I thought I was looking at the real thing ..........until I saw the plug wires. The diameter could easily be a third of what they are. They look more like pipes than wires. With a smaller diameter wire it will be easier for you to get them to sag as they would on a 1:1. Gravity would keep them from hovering over the valve covers.
  12. Steve Keck added a post in a topic 79 Trans Am   

    Thank you!

    Look for a PM about the decals
  13. Steve Keck added a topic in Under Glass   

    79 Trans Am
    This ’79 Trans Am was for a client that contacted my local IPMS chapter looking for a builder. Younger brother gave it to older brother for his 50th birthday. It was his first new car in ’79. The model will be displayed in a clear case with a picture of older brother sitting on the nose of the car along with the original license plate and ignition key.

    Client had already obtained an intact MPC 10th Anniversary edition Trans Am when we met. I’d never built an MPC kit before and ever again will be too soon.

    There are few or no locating points for joining parts. The nose was offset to one side once attached to the fenders so two part putty was used to create a proper contour. The leading edge of the dash had to be removed to allow the interior tub to fit. The drip rail on one side was almost non-existent so I removed both sides and replaced them with styrene strips sanded to shape. The biggest challenge was getting the wheels & tires centered in the wheel wells and the track correct from side to side. 3/32” was added to the right side to solve the issue.

    Separate chrome pieces are provided for the shark mouth openings in the nose. Why chrome is beyond me as they are all blacked out on the 1:1 cars. These pieces had straight ends while the openings had curved ends. I solved the miss-fit by cutting off all mating sides and “floating” them in the openings. The turn signals were foiled and finished with orange colored Sharpie.

    Seems most, but not all, TA's have black head light surrounds. The photo reference my client provided had black surrounds so I gave it my best shot. Knowing I was not up to masking/painting four uniform surrounds on four different shaped openings I thought I could cut black decal strips and apply those. In determining the ideal width of the decals it dawned on me that the back mounting surfaces for the head lights were canted back from vertical. Just for grins I decided to find out just how far off the kit was. I tacked a piece of Evergreen styrene to the headlight bucket face. I made a unicorn!

    The kit head lights were chromed with raised cross-hatched engraving. No clear lenses were provided. I was able to fabricate lenses by adding drops of Formula 560 (RC canopy glue that dries clear). A front license plate mounting bracket was fabricated from two part putty and custom license plates from Scale-Master Decals replicating the 1:1 plates finished off the front and rear. The side markers were detailed with strips of BMF colored with orange or red Sharpies.

    No underside or under hood detailing was to be done – essentially a curbside build. All panel lines were rescribed in anticipation of clear coating. The kit mirrors were rectangular and were trashed in favor of mirrors from a 1973 AMT Camaro. Mylar faced sequins provided the mirror faces.

    The steering column was void of turn signal or tilt steering wheel levers. It received a signal lever fabricated from styrene and piano wire. Various NASACR kits donated gauges for the dash.

    Kit tires and wheels were useless. A ’69 GTO Judge kit donated the Rallye II wheels and a ’69 Vette donated the tires. Shabo transfers made them proto-typical. The chrome wheels were dullcoated and the centers were painted with Tamiya German Gray.

    The 10th Anniversary edition graphics included in the kit were different than regular production cars. Scale-Master Decals provided correct custom decals. Sundance Yellow factory paint under PPG urethane clear finishes off the build.

    Here it is as delivered:

    Thanks for looking!
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  14. Steve Keck added a post in a topic SCCeh Beretta - Frustration   

    Bob, you exhibit a level of determination that is beyond comprehension. I would have stopped before you started.
  15. Steve Keck added a post in a topic Super 7   

    Bumping this to the top. Worth another view.