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  1. looking forward to the "real" one Tim. the test turned out "spankin' good!!!!! nice colors great period correct design. Dude i hope you get fixed up soon!!!! gotta take you for a ride in the street rod now the big motor is in. Get better Buddy!!!!!!! hope this makes you feel better Tim..... throttle wack just for you!!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/david.sherman.98031506/videos/5356118021130939
  2. holliglogismchemfealionsky. i don't know what else to say!!!!!!
  3. good lord, man!!!! you're gonna make a grown man cry!!!
  4. I'm afraid if this doesn't "energize" you, you're sleeping on the wrong side of the grass. well done Francis!!!!! totally amazing!!!!
  5. always in awe of your talents John!!!! sometimes amazing just falls short of describing your work!!!
  6. i just thought i'd let you guys know i'll be putting this on the back burner again. hopefully not for 10 more years. my '37 needs a motor transplant so that will be taking my time for awhile. thanks for all the nice words and i'll be back as soon as i can. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!
  7. the new door handles are much more accurate looking. Amazing work Francis!!!
  8. hard to believe what can come out of a simple block of aluminum!! like watching a statue being chipped from a block of marble. just beautiful Tim!!!!
  9. you really knocked those wheels out of the park Charlie!!! well done!!!
  10. i came upon some pics of the rear housing i made for this one. i turned some spindles out of brass(i was going to make the rear work but later canned the ideaa) cut some axle tubes, cut the individual plates and the soldered her all up.
  11. thanks Tim!!! you always motivate me. thanks Steve. thanks Jason, every once in a while it's not long before it hits the floor!!!! hehehe thanks Francis. there was so much time and effort in it already i knew i had to finish it. i guess i'll just have to wait and build a super killer 1/8 scale version of my '37 now. spent the better part of the day making decals, nitrous valves, gauges, and tie rods. got the sparky plugs wired too.
  12. would it be wrong for me to say, this is down right sexy?
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