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  1. THANK YOU very much, John! finding out we've inspired you to finish your project is wonderful. keep at it 'til you get the results you want.
  2. don't worry Tim.....you'll find them................right after you make all the new ones!! happens to me all the time!!
  3. Glad to see you back at the bench Tim. This bit of machining is almost to much to comprehend. Remarkable!!!!!!
  4. HOLY VENTURI TIM MAN!!!! 😀😀 that's one for the museum !!
  5. flippin' back and forth between you and Tim is becoming a real treat Francis!! beautiful work!
  6. the mock ups look breath taking Tim. your planning and machining are impeccable.
  7. WOW congrats TIM!!!!! you earned buddy!!!
  8. absolutimus optimazational of the aluminatical materialus. i'm sorry, i have to start making words up Tim. there are NONE to describe this!!!!!!!!
  9. exactly,........how does one go about complimenting you on this? abso-frickin-lutetely cool!!!!!!!
  10. thank you all!! i'm glad you're enjoying it.....maybe not as much as me but, hey........LOL!!
  11. congratulations Tim!!!!! well deserved!!!! we'll have to celebrate this summer.
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