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  1. whilest surfing the net i came upon (i hope) some inspiration.
  2. major undertaking the Paul. while i'm sure you're totally capable...i'll wish you luck anyway!!! can't wait to see it!!!!
  3. spectacular fit and finish Tim!!! can't believe how tight those tolerances are......WOW!!!
  4. Glad to her all is well Tim!!!!! hope to see you soon!!
  5. it's a shame that the rear will be under the car Tim. You AMAZE me brother!!!!!
  6. when can we expect to see the manufacturers logo on the cover???? and which one will you choose????😁😁
  7. looks FANTASTIC Tim!!!!! the Ramchargers would be jealous!!!
  8. looks like you're getting that uv printer dialed in really well Paul. your parts are just fantastic looking!!! keep up the excellent work!!!
  9. i realize that John. the plugs could go on either side of any of those combustion chambers or put dual plugs in each combustion chamber. the reference was to the fact that it was indicated that your head / spark plug spacing didn't work with that v-12 block when in fact it does. that is what i was pointing out.
  10. i would say my "edumacated" guess, was pretty close.
  11. i can seriously appreciate the amount of labor you poured into that board!!!!! can't wait to see the end product, Tim...time to let the chips fly!!!!!
  12. WOW Paul!!!!! you're parts are looking incredible. Great job on designing and creating them. can't wait to see them all together and on a build!!!!!!!
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