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  1. good luck, tim. i know you've been itchin' to do that mod motor. i can't wait to see the this power plant evolve!!!! hope you pick a week end with no rain to stop in.
  2. YOU NEED TO GET YOURSELF IN HERE!!!!!! applebee's has a spot saved for us!!!
  3. how incredibly cool is this?!!!!! 3 incredibly talented builders. 3 incredibly different styles...........oh, did i mention how incredibly cool this was?
  4. tim, you continue to raise the bar on the level of accurate detail that can be achieved in model building. absolutely incredible!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Fittings for nitrous

  6. Fittings for nitrous

    i found a shot of the ones i used if it helps.
  7. chris, your journey was epic,..... the results,,,,,,, OUTSTANDING !!! time to take a breather and get your head straight.
  8. i love the absolute incredible detail you've accomplished tim. i believe this is an 'all cards on the table" effort! sweet!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Fittings for nitrous

    TDR used to make these on shapeways site. i don' know if they are still available.
  10. awe inspiring craftsmanship, chris!!!!! i can ship you a little clutch dust for some added realism if you want.....hehe.
  11. tim, when / if the weather breaks around here, we'll have to do lunch and take 'er for a cruise. i think you'll be dully impressed. i was told "it'll knock the freckles off your face".....hehe.
  12. just amazing ,Tim!!! it just don't git no better!!!
  13. Tires...Tires...and more Tires!

    rear tires: 36-17-16 top fuel tire / funny car / pro mod tire 34.5-17-16 pro mod tire 33.5-17-16 pro stock tire (modern) 32-15-15 31-10.5-15 outlaw 10.5 tire 28-10.5-15 true 10.5 tire front tires 22-15 front tire funny car / super classes 25-15 front tire modern pro stock / pro mod i build in 1/8 scale but, making these tires available in 1/16 - 1/8 would be the schiznit.