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  1. ...and the amazement continues............beautiful work Tim!!
  2. WOW Tim!!!! that is awesome. what an incredible piece of ford history there. totally badass for sure!!!
  3. This is REALLY looking good Tim. can't wait to see those awesome hemi heads on that block. it's the thing dreams are made of....
  4. your drawing makes perfect sense to me Tim. the front cover / water pump turned out FANTASTIC!!!!!
  5. any one have some pics of the dry sump system being talked about? i'd love to see it.
  6. Tim, the block is looking fantastic!!! i'm really excited to see the cylinder heads and valve covers on this baby!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!!!!!
  7. SWEET!!! hey, i'm doing this 730 inch motor at home.....think you could make some stuff for me? LOL looks great Tim!!!!!
  8. jason, just passing through and i saw your build. Awesome job! you are doing a fantastic job at scratch building. this should be off the hook when you're done. i have a comment or two for you. you're going to spend alot of time on this so, i'm guessing you want really good accuracy. you may want to build you're chassis with different sizes of tubing/ rod. tubing in a real cage runs from 1" up to 1 5/8". not saying bar placement needs to be perfect but, varying the diameters will help with the "look". here's some drawings with some helpful info. hope it helps.
  9. i am speechless.......well ,except for saying i'm speechless. LOL!!
  10. can't wait to see this one!!! makin' chips is always the best part for me. LOL!!!
  11. tim, wonderful start buddy!!!! love the stance.
  12. Tim, watching you explore the world of machining / model building has been absolutely riveting (pun intended). You've created a thing of beauty here from nothing but raw materials...something from nothing if you will. I sincerely believe you have made the Gods of Metal weep. Kudos, my friend,....... Kudos!!
  13. MONEY SHOT!!!!!! that's some mighty good mod'l buildin' an' pi'ture takin' there Tim !!
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