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  1. comp1839 added a post in a topic 1-8 outlaw 10.5 camaro   

    here are some of the build shots.
    rear suspension.

    front suspension. notice the tapered spindle.

    bruno converter drive with lenco 3 spd.

    soldered brass tubing chassis.

    primer-ed in mock up.

    if you have any questions or comments please feel free.
  2. comp1839 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    1-8 outlaw 10.5 camaro
    crowe -t here is the 1/8 10.5 camaro you asked about.





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  3. comp1839 added a post in a topic 1/8 outlaw 10.5 '82 camaro   

    michael, yes, i finished it. i'll post some pics in the drag section.
  4. comp1839 added a post in a topic aa/fa revisted   

    my pleasure, michael.  i'll be sure to check in on your altered build. great craftsmanship going on over there. will the manifold be done in your casting process?
  5. comp1839 added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    i actually have drawn up some prints for the powerglide trans for this car joe.  helpng tim was time well spent, for sure. as soon as i get a break from work and my '37......i may just get to do a little top dragster-in'. say,.....are those minions of yours free for about a week or so?
  6. comp1839 added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Does a bear..... New Pics 9-16   

    tim, glad to see you're going to build this in an era when actual engineering and good common sense were starting to emerge in the sport. as usual, your skill at machining and building is exceeding all expectations!!!! the 100% machined donovan and the 100% machined quick change rear are just beautiful!!!!!!  the wheels should be the bomb when you're done.  i'm only glad to help when i can. thanks buddy!!
  7. comp1839 added a post in a topic aa/fa revisted   

    these  are examples of set back blowers that are a little more extreme than mine.


  8. comp1839 added a post in a topic aa/fa revisted   

    not to confuse you even more but, the blower on my altered is designed as a "set back" blower manifold. since blowers with any kind of twist in the rotors always push the air to the front of the blower case. sitting the blower back centralizes the discharge in the manifold. it helps tremendously with fixing the front cylinders being lean. the discharge opening on these blowers differs from what i've posted.
  9. comp1839 added a post in a topic aa/fa revisted   

    the blower discharges only in the area i've marked in red. the rest of the blower case is for support.

    a company called hot heads makes aluminum 392 heads today and their intake SORT OF  looks like what you need to do.

    this should give you the general idea.
  10. comp1839 added a post in a topic WINGED FIAT ALTERED - Tooling Around - 9/25/16   

    joe, im turned on, tuned up and i ain't timed turn it loose!!!
  11. comp1839 added a post in a topic aa/fa revisted   

    i went to google and found this for you. if you look closely you can see the the runner of the intake man. this is probably like 76-77 ish. don't know who took the shot.

  12. comp1839 added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - Does a bear..... New Pics 9-16   

    see you in the morning, sunshine!
  13. comp1839 added a post in a topic aa/fa revisted   

    thank you all so very much!!! hope it makes for some good inspiration!!
    good question michael. i'm not a drag racing historian but, i'll tell you what i know. i believe the manifold came out in late 74 maybe 75. the was a good article about dale armstrong in car craft magazine and his use of the donovan. there was a great picture of the manifold in that article. had a big donovan moniker right where i put the burst panel on my manifold. there was also another tall version that had the donovan logo on the bottom of the plenum area, not on the front face. both where individual, tall runner style intakes. to my knowledge all of the brands of 392/ donovan blower intakes short runner or long runner  left the lifter valley cover exposed. not to say some one didn't make a manifold that did (i'm sure somebodies uncle jed cast himself one in the back of the shed using pie tins and pop cans)......i've just have never seen one.
  14. comp1839 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    aa/fa revisted
    with all the AA/FA builds going on i figured i'd through out one i did a while's '23 ford body i started with (actually donated to me by a very good friend al)  it's modified a bunch. the rest of the car is 100% scratch built. somewhere between 2000 and 2500 hrs. in it as near as i can figure. hopefully it will inspire those who are currently working on or may be considering an altered build. joe, you should be particularly pleased since it's lot's "o" wings. the car sits on a modern funny car style chassis w/ a blown donovan (perhaps my most favorit-ist motor in da world), B&J3 spd. , strange 9" top loader rear.  
    got a question....? ask i'll do my best to answer it.





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  15. comp1839 added a post in a topic What year did NHRA Pro Stock cars change to full carbon fiber bodies?   

    micheal, i get what you're saying and i agree with you on the body's not looking very stock. i really like the idea of different wheelbased cars and at least as somewhat stock appearing body.
    on the other hand. i wonder how "stock" a body can be and go 210+ mph. in 77 they were going an whopping 155. that's a big difference. LOT'S of stuff has changed in pro stock.
    gary, i have to disagree with you on something, drag racing was never a sport of and for the is a sport of and for the drag are a happy by product for the suits selling the seats.