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  1. john, i don't know how you come up with this stuff but, ......that's awesome!!
  2. hard to believe the detail you are capable of, tim!!!! micro....sch-micro. that's just friggin' small. beautiful stuff, bud!!
  3. Built 44 years ago

    great looking 1:1 ride, john. hard to believe that it's 6 yrs. old! beautiful.
  4. What makes these "Radial" ?

    the question was about the word "radial" in the name of the class (pro drag radial) not what classes run radial tires. when myers said he never heard of cars being referred to, by the tires they ran. i listed a few classes that are referenced by tire size. yes stock and super stock run radials. so do bracket cars. yes there are street drag radials (DOT), there are also drag radial slicks (nonDOT - true slicks). there are ALOT of small sanctioning bodies the run radial classes. that is why i didn't bother to try and list them.
  5. 1/8 TDR Nova

    he should be smiling.....car looks GREAT!!!! nice job guys!!
  6. What makes these "Radial" ?

    if you're asking if it's nhra....it is not. mostly local and area geographically close tracks. nhra wishes they could get the attendance numbers some of these venues draw. serious cars, serious car counts, serious performance. what's your point?
  7. What makes these "Radial" ?

    well, i guess you might learned something new today greg. just to clarify, it's not referring to a car but, a class. pro drag radial is a class. just like the many other classes defined by the tire you are allowed to run. some radial, some not. BTO ( big tire outlaw ) 10.5 outlaw 10.5 limited 275 275 x275 pro 275 limited drag radial etc., etc., etc. .......... neat '55. is it yours? edit: the tires on that '55 look about 10" wide. you could do: pie crust 10.0 pro piecrust 10.0
  8. What makes these "Radial" ?

    hey meyers. is this legit question? or are you, just being you? if it's a legit question, i'll give you a legit answer. D.W. as far off as your as your answer is, i'd expect some fit throwing. drag radials go as large as 33x 14.5. record is a 3.70 something in the 1/8 mile. you're definition of serious racer is highly questionable. no sense in talking technical here as it makes no sense to waste time.
  9. you are an incredible talent tim. i'm definitely looking forward to friday. hoping we can put one of those babies under the car. that ......will be bitchin'!!!
  10. the top fuel limit is 500. the max limit on a gen 2 hemi is around 632 with an aftermarket iron block. 4.600 bore x 4.750 stroke. although on a blown application like this, i don't think you'd want to go over a 4.500 bore.
  11. top dragster scratch build

    thanks david!!!
  12. WOW!! i'm jealous!! those are beautiful!!!!
  13. lookin' good, tim. why is it........i'm getting excited over this? hehe.
  14. i didn't get a chance to say how nice these look jeff. nice job! hope you'll post a mock up of the 18x 3's and the rear wheels on the car.