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  1. your headers on this car should not be below the chassis. so, instead of chopping up your entire chassis. if you simply modify the existing chassis / floor pan you can achieve moving the headers up to a point higher than the main rails on the chassis.
  2. a better, more accurate way to do this would be to build it more like the real deal. if you'd like some pics and info. i could give them to you. LMK.
  3. i can only imagine the smile on your face right now Tim.
  4. francis, your dominator is turning out fantastic. i'm a big carb guy my self. if you need any dimensions let me know as i own a few of these.
  5. love this thing dude. i did this engine a while back in a more modern configuration for a salt flat car. one day i'll get to finish it. LOL.
  6. WOW. nice job detailing this!!! super clean work. gotta love me some 1/8 scale.
  7. well,..........you certainly have outdone yourself Tim!!!!! WOW,.... just freakin' WOW!!!!!
  8. HOLY float bowls!!!!..........o.k. that was it ...i got nothing. speechless!!!!
  9. THANK YOU very much, John! finding out we've inspired you to finish your project is wonderful. keep at it 'til you get the results you want.
  10. don't worry Tim.....you'll find them................right after you make all the new ones!! happens to me all the time!!
  11. Glad to see you back at the bench Tim. This bit of machining is almost to much to comprehend. Remarkable!!!!!!
  12. HOLY VENTURI TIM MAN!!!! 😀😀 that's one for the museum !!
  13. flippin' back and forth between you and Tim is becoming a real treat Francis!! beautiful work!
  14. the mock ups look breath taking Tim. your planning and machining are impeccable.
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