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  1. comp1839 added a post in a topic Favorite street rod of all time   

    oh ye, of little faith.
    i see none on the car above either. actually, quite a few on here you can't SEE a license plate.
  2. comp1839 added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    happy thanksgiving to every one!
    paul, your 3-D cad skills will be infinitely useful in building your engine. i wish i had your talent. i hope you'll let me see some of your design efforts on your engine. oh, and yes, there are quite a few companies that do pressurized  pin oiling on h-beam rods. carrillo and crower come to mind. i'm sure there are a ton more.
    saw this on visner's facebook. food for thought.

    leonard, how are you doing? i'm hoping to get a video made from IN the car very soon.....hint hint !  hehe.
  3. comp1839 added a post in a topic Favorite street rod of all time   

    i'd have to say.........mine.

  4. comp1839 added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-19   

    happy thanksgiving to you too tim!!!!
  5. comp1839 added a post in a topic vintage Hemi tunnel ram   

    i know it's newer picture but, i would call this an early fabricated tunnel ram.

  6. comp1839 added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    chris, THANKS!!! always good talking to you. you seem to get me motivated to get back to the bench everytime we talk!!!!! hehe.
    tim, thanks!!! soon, we'll be cruising to lunch in this thing!!!!!!!  maybe by years end (so i'm told) so bring a jacket............. no matter the temp. as long as it ain't precipitatin' ........we're rollin'!!!!!
    paul, i gotta agree with you. the EFI and twin turbo package is the way to go any more. it's way more drivable / tune-able. and the dart is such a wonderful mopar body to start with!!!!!!! i'm jealous THAT's for sure!!!!  i'm not really super up-to-date on cylinders heads for small block mopars but, those w9rp's look like they could flow some pretty good numbers. i would think easily 2000 h.p. capable.  i think edelbrock does make a set of victors with your bolt pattern. i have a question, do the P5 small block prostock heads work on your block?  i know the cam lobe sequence is different but, those are freakin' awesome heads.
      as far as the dry sump, on the 604, that's in the car,  i am not running a scanvange line to the lifter valley. it's a 5 stage. 4 scavange to the pan and 1 pressure to the block.  on the 730 i am running a 6 stage.......4 to the pan, 1 to the valley and a pressure stage. it will be vented to atmosphere or a vaccum break with a VERY low setting.  personally i don't think it's worth that much effort for a street motor.  between putting piston oilers in and pump maintenance (to maintain that much vaccum the pump will require periodic rebuilds). i don't think, on a "street car", you need every horsepower you can get. especially, when you can create more boost. i also like alot of oil on everything in a street motor. your A8 block will require a scavange line to the lifter valley,  unless you open it up and let it drain back. the block doesn't have a fully enclosed cam tunnel so 50% of the lifter oil and all of the cam oil, is still going down over the reciprocating assembly.  are you considering oil returns from the heads to the pan? this will reduce the oil in the lifter valley. in the end it's all about what you're willing to do and how much you're willing to spend for horsepower. gotta say i love where you're going with this project!!! please keep me up to date on it. best of luck!!!   although you and i both know.....LUCK ain't got nothing to do with it.. hehe.
    let me know when the new scoops ready, so's i can order one.
  7. comp1839 added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-19   

    simply awesome tim!!!  can i hire you to come work on my '37?   i'm looking at the detail in the tank supports...........the effort you put into them is hard to believe.  totally in tune with the project.  the whole thing is really coming together SUPER CLEAN!!!!!
    tomorrow's my baby's big day .....wish me luck!...............gonna need it.
  8. comp1839 added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    john, thanks buddy!! always appreciate your input.
    bruce, we'll see what we can do. i have a video or two around. have to figure out how to load them.  i can assure you.......it does rumble. hehe.
    chris, it's all good bro. been a little too busy to do any modelling as of late any ways. give me a yell when your free.
  9. comp1839 added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    thanks guys. i'm coming down to the final bits on the '37. perhaps i can add a little inspiration to paul's build. i had a pair of badly hacked up olds cast valve covers and i decided to resurrect them and make them fit the newer version drce1 head that i run. after much cutting and machining and welding i came up with these. they'll be replacing the moroso fabbed units i had on the car originally. i like these much better.


    let me know your thoughts.
  10. comp1839 added a post in a topic 69 pro mod chevelle,back after a brief recess....   

    it looks like christmas came early, paul!!!!!!!! that......... is a thing of beauty. any thoughts on what cylinder heads you'll be running? congrats on your new acquisition!!!!!!!!!
  11. comp1839 added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-19   

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. comp1839 added a post in a topic Small tire camaro   

    WOW!!! really nice work.
  13. comp1839 added a post in a topic 83 Hurst Olds , put a fork in it , done   

    nice job,  jeff. turned out very nice. now, if we can get leonard to finish his......you guys could run one off. hehe.
  14. comp1839 added a post in a topic 1/16 Beach City Corvette: On the bench 8/19/17   

    i haven't had a lot of time lately to visit, john.  boy i gotta make more time in a day.     this turned out beautiful / stunning !!!!!!!!!   love to watch you bring these creations to life!!
  15. comp1839 added a post in a topic BANTAM FUEL ALTERED - - New Pics 11-19   

    now THIS is an altered!!!!!!!