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  1. i am speechless.......well ,except for saying i'm speechless. LOL!!
  2. can't wait to see this one!!! makin' chips is always the best part for me. LOL!!!
  3. tim, wonderful start buddy!!!! love the stance.
  4. Tim, watching you explore the world of machining / model building has been absolutely riveting (pun intended). You've created a thing of beauty here from nothing but raw materials...something from nothing if you will. I sincerely believe you have made the Gods of Metal weep. Kudos, my friend,....... Kudos!!
  5. MONEY SHOT!!!!!! that's some mighty good mod'l buildin' an' pi'ture takin' there Tim !!
  6. i hope you won't mind me posting these here Tim. i had the pleasure of Tim's company on friday so.....we had to go for a ride in the big model. https://images15.fotki.com/v1669/photos/9/3807219/14341077/637057299-video.mp4 https://images51.fotki.com/v733/photos/9/3807219/14341077/637057266-video.mp4
  7. tim, of course my car has a/c......a/c does mean attitude crusher , right?
  8. uhh.....that's why they call 'em "hard" lines tim.......they're hard. if they was easy....... they'd call 'em "easy" lines. absolutely incredible buddy!!! i hope everything is going well my friend. we're waiting on ya and saving you a seat!!!
  9. the pics you posted certainly "POP" at this end. the word "awestruck" does not begin to describe my feelings about your work!!!
  10. Tim, beautiful assembly work. can you tell us how much time you have in just doing the spark plug wires? impressive stuff!!!!!!
  11. LOL..... Dave, i don't know,......... 'cause it's too loud inside to tell!.......literally. hehe.
  12. this'll be your view Tim. we just need to get you in here!!
  13. couldn't be happier for you, tim. the paint turned out spectacular. i don't know what advice john gave you but, WOW!
  14. sorry to see the paint mess up, Tim. i'm sure you'll be able to fix it. john's a master at painting. simply love the color. it really makes the engine POP! wires look awesome buddy. keep after it!!
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