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  1. i can seriously appreciate the amount of labor you poured into that board!!!!! can't wait to see the end product, Tim...time to let the chips fly!!!!!
  2. WOW Paul!!!!! you're parts are looking incredible. Great job on designing and creating them. can't wait to see them all together and on a build!!!!!!!
  3. we also did a "one off" liberty 5 spd. trans. and shifter in 1/8 scale to back the monster up.
  4. good luck on the 1:1 build. perhaps we'll meet up cruisin' somewhere.
  5. just eyeballin' it. i think you could get pretty close. give me some real dimensions and i'll make an accurate representation.
  6. the plug spacing could certainly be done the way it is in the model if so desired. simply grind the cam to the correct opening sequence, use the correct rockers and move the plugs to the same side of the valve layout. here are 5 small block chevy heads. 1.std. sbc wedge 2. sbc buick symmetrical port wedge 3. sbc symmetrical port splayed valve 4. sb2 mirror image 5. sbc hemi head all these heads bolt to a sbc block. all use different intake and exhaust locations, valve angle and position (wegde, splayed ,hemi) layouts, rocker arm layouts, pushrods, cam shafts and spark plug locations. everything your saying that doesn't work on your version of the v-12 could be changed to work for this design if so desired.
  7. 3 pedal cars ad trucks are the best Francis!!! keep up the amazing work.
  8. you can come build my engines any day Tim. beautiful man!!!!!
  9. Killer stuff Paul. your hard work is paying off!!! good for you!!! keep at it buddy. i have been looking at a project to put that killer strange rear into. just gotta make time in between the big stuff!!!
  10. your headers on this car should not be below the chassis. so, instead of chopping up your entire chassis. if you simply modify the existing chassis / floor pan you can achieve moving the headers up to a point higher than the main rails on the chassis.
  11. a better, more accurate way to do this would be to build it more like the real deal. if you'd like some pics and info. i could give them to you. LMK.
  12. i can only imagine the smile on your face right now Tim.
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