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  1. Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that the Calnaga Castings store is open and filling orders again. We were closed for a couple of years due to a demanding work assignment, but the store is open again. The correct web address is www.calnaga.com. I’ve seen it stated incorrectly in various threads. We also have a Facebook page, Calnaga Castings. Happy Modeling Steve Perry/Calnaga Castings
  2. Calnaga Castings is currently open for business. The correct address is www.calnaga.com
  3. Jeff, I'm digging the workbench shot. I'm interested in the '73 El Camino to do the "My Name is Earl" TV show truck. I also like the Ranchero and Grand Torino you have in process. Regards, Steve
  4. Good work so far, Jonas. You do have the valve covers on the correct sides. The sloped end is toward the rear. The front has a more square shape to allow room for the cam timing chain inside. If you are planning to do the ignition wires, the spark plugs are located between the bumps along the top edge of the valve covers. The Polar Lights/Round 2 valve covers are a little "soft" on detail. If you want a more accurate part, check out Calnaga Castings (www.calnaga.com). It's probably too late for your build to use different valve covers, but check out the pictures anyway to see the spark plug hole locations. Happy Modeling, Steve Perry/Calnaga Castings
  5. Doug, did you ever finish the boat? Would love to see it. The automotive windshield and instrument panel is very cool. And the tow vehicle is pretty snazzy as well. Great work! Regards, Steve Perry/Calnaga Castings.
  6. Hakan, your order is in the mail, though it may take some time to get to Sweden. I think it's cool that you are building American drag, muscle car, and street machine subjects. Thanks for giving Calnaga Castings a try. We will never receive funds for an order and leave it unfilled. Calnaga quality goes way beyond just making good resin castings, it includes good service which means timely, accurate fulfillment of orders. Best Regards, Steve Perry.
  7. Thanks for the kind words George, you are an asset to the club (Downriver Model Car Club, Dearborn MI) yourself. And I can't deny the part about being a nut. Regarding GSL, here are some objective facts: I've won Best of Class, Competition-Drag for the last four contests. With the Prock and Howell '33 Willys in 2007, Freight Train twin engine dragster in 2009, Top Cat C/SA Cougar in 2011, and Bad Cracker nostalgia funny car in 2013. But here's the thing: At least one or several parts from each of those models is available to anyone through Calnaga Castings. We truly offer "award winning model car parts" and we can back that up! Regards, SP
  8. Alan, Calnaga Castings specializes in high quality 1:25 scale model car parts. We have several categories that include High Performance (carbs, blower, fuel tanks, valve covers, etc) Powertrain (4x4 conversions, differentials, transmissisons), Marine (jet drive, boat seats, marine battery), Tires, and Miscellaneous. We focus on scratch built masters or kit parts that have been enhanced for detail and buildability. We avoid parts that are already on the market and simple kit knockoffs. Regards, Steve Perry
  9. Thanks guys. The whole purpose of Calnaga Castings is to contribute to the hobby by helping modelers have more fun and satisying experiences with their projects. Resin casting allows me to share the effort that goes into the masters. Many of the parts we sell were scratch built for my own models. Additionally, I want to raise the standard of quality seen in model car resin castings. Great models are built with great parts, and great models are fun to build. Check out the Gallery at Calnaga Castings. Thanks Again-Steve Perry www.calnaga.com
  10. Excellent choice of subject TxRat. One of the enablers of the high nitro loads were innovations in high pressure injector pumps and fuel nozzles. A technical detail I hope you include is the absence of a blower belt idler pulley. True to the Surfers' minimalist style, they fit the belt exactly to the crank and blower pulleys and did away with the idler. You can clearly see it in your reference pics. Good luck with your build.
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