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  1. DeTomaso Pantera Gr.3

    Thanks for the hint. Love the Pantera. Very clean execution.
  2. Ratty supercharged Shelby GT-500

    Just came to mind that, did this era Mustangs had its fuel filler cap between rear lights? If so, I need to add license plate to cover the blank space.
  3. FC3 Mazda RX-7

    This car would have its rotary heart removed and replaced with twin turbo LS3 engine. Hence the twin exhaust from front bumper.
  4. New Ford Mustang GT

    I added some Molotow chrome to the interior to spice it up. Interior was somewhat simplified.
  5. Ford '33 GAA Maximum Pressure

    Actually, I think the engine could work in real life. Not sure about tuning and make it working flawlessly. Nicely done.
  6. New Ford Mustang GT

    Thanks for the comments. Forgot to mention that I also added sidemirrors from 350Z and some random rear view mirror.
  7. This is Revell Motor city muscle series which came with those awful extra wheels. - Added supercharger to kits tunnel ram intake. Scoop is out of top fuel dragster. - Changed wheels and tyres to look extra muscle. - Oh, and alot of rust. I left couple of body parts to look like they were fiberclass, instead of rusty metal parts.
  8. New Ford Mustang GT

    Revell's somewhat questionable snapkit kit. Lot's of small changes have been made to make it look less toyish. - 4mm lowering - Brakes added, with new wheels and tyres. - Headlights were painted with silver backing. Removed that and added some random reflectors. - Rear panel painted with smoke color, to hide kits hideous rear lights, which paint cannot be removed. - All the markers had to painted along with the interios parts - New tail pipes - Added side mirrors from 350Z and some random rear view mirror.
  9. Mitsubishi Evo X

    Aoshima kit with small changes - Rims changed - Carbon fiber painted with candy red on hood, roof and rear hatch - Aftermarket rear wing
  10. FC3 Mazda RX-7

    Aoshima kit with couple of changes. - Rims are made from Revell tuner series rims. Lots of cutting. - Exhaust on the front bumper, as if the car has twin turbo ls - Resin side mirrors - Projector style headlamps - Dashboard changed to left side, using Tamiya parts. - Lowered suspension, ducktail spoiler
  11. Nice looking seats. Are you going to do one more pass with the wire, so wiring would look symmetrical?
  12. Got this old Esci 230G SW from friend who had opened quarter panels, to be used as doors. My job started putting them back. I think that the wheels and tyres are from Revell's Hummer. Because of them, I had to do little bit of lifting. Kit didn't include all seats, so I robbed them from Revell 3 series BMW. 2 subwoofers and amplifier were added, along with Aoshimas LCD screens Also roof antenna and more lights were added.
  13. White Ferrari F40

    Got this Fujimi F40 without tyres. Otherwise nice kit, but molded yellow. So, of course some of it bleeded trough several paint layers. Painting it white didn't help either. Changes to kit, are resin fifteen52 tyres and modified rear wing. Also noticed from pics, that there are couple of places that I didn't paint at all.
  14. Jiotto Caspita

    Quite nice. Front needed some tweaking to sit lower. I cutted pieces from floorpan to make it go higher.
  15. Nissan Z32 with RB26

    Tamiya kit -RB26 from R32 kit -Aftermarket turbos and wastegates