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  1. Jurva added a post in a topic '32 Ford - the Silver Brick   

    It's certainly different but very cool. Especially that engine sets it apart.
  2. Jurva added a post in a topic Tricked out Honda S600   

    Thanks for the comments. Seatbelts are made using photoetched parts and some "seatbelt" material cutted to 2mm width. I don't exactly know what that material is, but it has pattern close to seatbelts.
    Here's better picture of the belts. Also forget to mention that I modified the seats a bit, to have better side support.

  3. Jurva added a topic in Under Glass   

    Tricked out Honda S600
    I wanted to build this Honda S600 as a track oriented street car. I was thinking about changing engine to wankel engine or turbocharging the kits own engine. Even when I cut the wheel wells, it didn't have enough room for turbo. Then I found a picture of these twin stack intakes, I decided to build those. Also remembered that I have this metal bike exhaust silencer from Fujimi, that would fit nicely to this little bikeish engine car. Other mods for this car was changing the wheels and tyres to 15" ATS Classics from USCP. They might poke out little too much. I lowered the suspension alot, although rear seems to be a little too high. Interior got some belts and a roll hoop. Paint is Zero Aquamarine blue.

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  4. Jurva added a post in a topic Ford Fairlane with lifted rear   

    Here is the shackles. They could almost be used as exhaust manifold flanges too.

  5. Jurva added a post in a topic Sleeper Chevelle   

    That green is straight from spray can. I don't know specific shade.
  6. Jurva added a post in a topic Ford Fairlane with lifted rear   

    Nice photo you added John. Haven't seen that movie. I'll add picture of those shackles I found later.
  7. Jurva added a post in a topic Nissan Skyline R32 Time Attack   

    Both cars have detachable hoods. Red one is built without engine and i glued it to have raised from rear. White's hood isn't just placed properly. But they are little tight to put in place.
  8. Jurva added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Nissan Sunny pickup for track days
    Nice Hasegawa kit. Added front bumper from old Airfix Cavalier, wheel arches and side skirts from Fujimi set and Tamiya rear wing. Seats are changed. Wheels are resin TE37V's. Also added side exhaust.

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  9. Jurva added a topic in Under Glass   

    Ford Fairlane with lifted rear
    This AMT kit started when I found these jewel things, that looked very much leafspring shackles. So this car was deemed to have its rear end lifted way up. That of course meant finding some big rear tyres. They are Fujimis with widened steels rims. Front wheels are some lowrider tyres. Otherwise pretty much "stock" build.

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  10. Jurva added a topic in Under Glass   

    Sleeper Chevelle
    AMT kit with some mods
    -Scratchbuilt intake manifold, oil catcher tank and lot of wiring. Engine is otherwise "original" 396
    -Resin widened steelies and wider rear tyres

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  11. Jurva added a post in a topic Nissan Skyline R32 Time Attack   

    Couple bonus pics

  12. Jurva added a topic in Under Glass   

    Nissan Skyline R32 Time Attack
    Here's my recently finished R32 Skyline for time attack events. It's Tamiya AXIA Group A version.
    -Scratchbuilt frontlip, diffuser and wing stands.
    -Rear wing and mirrors from 350Z race car.
    -Center exhaust

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  13. Jurva added a post in a topic Mud dragger   

    If you can, order some tire black color. Many manufactures offer them. Also you could mix something up. Anybody has an idea how to mix tyre color?
  14. Jurva added a post in a topic Mad Max Gigahorse   

    Air cleaners look very nice. Please post how-to making them.
  15. Jurva added a post in a topic EUROPA CLUB RACER   

    Very nice project you have there. What is that tubing for cooling interior?