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  1. Jurva added a post in a topic 1984 Ford Transit by Esci   

    Very realistic. That the fate of old Fords. I really like the rust streaks.
  2. Jurva added a topic in Under Glass   

    1940 Ford Gasser
    Made this thing from awful Lindberg kit. Paints used: Tamiyan Gold Leaf, Zero blue with added gold flake. On top, Tamiya clear coat.
    Engine changes:
    -Resin McCullogh supercharger
    -New waterlines from 1mm silver wire and shrink tube
    -Edelbrock heads from Revell
    -2mm aluminium wire for exhaust
    Chassis changes:
    -Original front axle drilled and modified
    -Scratchbuild shocks, leaf springs and brackets
    Interior changes:
    -Racing seat
    -Steering wheel and gearstick

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  3. Jurva added a post in a topic Show us your Engines - Post Dedicated to the Engine   

    Here's my contribution.
    Toyota 2JZ

    Nissan RB26DETT

    Toyota 7M-GTE

    Chevy 454

    Ford Flathead


    Dodge 440

    Mopar 440?

    Pontiac 400?

    Chrysler Firepower Hemi



    Chevy 409

    Compound turbocharged truck engine

    And some projects:
    Mazda 20B 3-rotor

    Fiat 695 with VW engine

    And Allison V12

  4. Jurva added a post in a topic 1914 Mercer Raceabout by Pyro - Updated 2/19/2015   

    Seems like 1/32 Smer kit, but with engine. I'm building one too, with 1/32 Hispano-Suiza engine from Roden.
  5. Jurva added a post in a topic Porsche 962C Street Version   

    Well, it has to be a street car, because it has licence plates
  6. Jurva added a post in a topic Porsche 962C Street Version   

    Just paint. Alclad chrome on bottom. Then Tamiya clear yellow and orange and a mix of alclad red and blue to get purple color.
  7. Jurva added a topic in Under Glass   

    Porsche 962C Street Version
    - Hasegawa kit
    - Inspired by Dauer Porsches
    - Modifications: Exhaust changed to back. Tyres are widened Fujimi basic tyres.

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  8. Jurva added a post in a topic Aryton Senna’s Go Kart   

    My friend's doing this too. He hated the molded streering arms and redid those from brass. Have to warn him about those decals.
  9. Jurva added a post in a topic 1926 Model T Sedan - SomesortaRod - Final Details 11/30   

    Very nice work with the radiator and fuel filter.
    For photographing small objects, i used a lens from old camcorder viewfinder. I used blue tack to mount it to my phone

    Here's a photo of exhaust tips to my Porsche. They are 5 mm diameter. Only downside of using this method if the fuzzy edges on the photo.

  10. Jurva added a post in a topic 71 Ford Diesel "Noise Stroke"   

    Those stacks looks very much right for this build. Some bend or slash cut at the end to make them more menacing?
  11. Jurva added a post in a topic Mixing T and A update 11/17   

    We need those washers asap. Very nice looking wheels.
  12. Jurva added a post in a topic "Half a Hemi" Cuda build using a 3d printer - Adventure Begins 8-27   

    I really like the use of the silhouette cutter. Please tell us more about using it. This got me thinking about buying one. Amazon sells it at 149$.
  13. Jurva added a post in a topic Supercharged Dodge Ram   

  14. Jurva added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Supercharged Dodge Ram
    Amt's crappy Mitsubishi Dodge whatever.
    - Ditched the 4-banger. Added big block Mopat V8
    - Added supercharger with 4 carbs.
    - Made bed from styrene and wood.
    - Lowered front and rear suspension.
    - Gas tank is from some tank.
    - Scratchmade headers.

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  15. Jurva added a post in a topic Top Secret 350Z   

    I made bunch of those shifter knobs from clear styrene rods. Used drill as lathe. Some "machining" with hobby knife and sanding stick. Then polish and paint. I tried to find part trees with air bubbles inside to mimic the stuff that real knobs have inside.