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  1. These two Aoshima Nissans are almost out of box. Both have suspension lowered and wheels changed. Older Gloria was easier, as it has the old battery style floor. Also changed the exhaust tips.
  2. Steel wheels are from Ukrainian scale car production items.
  3. Moebius Models Ford F-100 with following changes: Resin Def.Model MRAP tyres (1/35). Lifted suspension. Scratchbuilt front bumper with winch and brass shackles. Modified rear bumper and brass shackles. Scratchbuilt rollhoop with scratchbuilt led bar. Random stuff added to bed. This one fortunately had a good windshield.
  4. Belkits Opel Manta was built as a street car. That meant lowering the suspension and changing the wheels. Rims are from Beemax Volvo 240. Body color is Tamiya TS-100 and side stripes came from Hobby Design.
  5. I built this Aoshima/Beemax Volvo 240 as a street car. I changed rims to resin steelies and tyres to road tyres. Scratchbuilt muffler. Passenger seat added. Otherwise, almost straight from the box.
  6. How did you do that oval exhaust tube? I didn't see an explanation. Is it a kit part?
  7. This project started when I found 1/32 Hispano Suiza WWI engine. It is designed in 1915. So I had to find something to put it on. Behold the Smer 1912 Mercer. Awful kit, but it was cheap and perfect for 1915's engine. Some cutting and lengthening, so the engine would fit. Better tires from parts box, Eduard gauges etc. Lots of modifications. You see them when comparing to box art. Last photos are with 1/32 Hino Contessa. It looks so small.
  8. Wonderful kit from iMech inspired by Ian McQue's fantastic art. I just added some gargo and the base.
  9. Jurva

    Widebody BMW M3

    Unfortunately there is no engine in this kit. Although it has some nice detail in the engine compartment. Glass is just stock kit glass. And that one headlight is missing for a reason. It's turbo air-intake as Powerplant wrote.
  10. Hi. This is almost out of box. - Added little bit custom paint areas behind the decals. Paint is suppose to be completely blue - Added carbon fiber wing and silver carbon to rear hatch - Changed wheels
  11. Hi. This is the new BMW M3, built as a street/track car. Changes - Widened fenders - Widened rims. I used Fujimi's wide spoke wheel set. Can't remember where the centers came. - Added carbon fiber to front lip and rear spoiler - Added 350Z rear spoiler as a roof spoiler - Changed exhaust tip and made wastegate ehaust trough bonnet - Added passenger seat and made seat harnesses.
  12. Nice beater. I would like to know more about that engine.
  13. This was quick one-day build of Bandai's excellent kit. It is very tiny, 11cm or about 4 inches. Little bit of painting and weathering and ta daa. Finished. Hardest part and where I goofed a bit, were canopy windows. I didn't want to use stickers that came with the box. But that aside, these kit's are super detailed. Those details are perfect for washes and highlighting. Thanks for looking.
  14. This was a double build to make two different 300C. Black one gave it's roof to red one. Black also got shaved sides and converted to 2 door. Red one had engine modified and supercharged added. Both had their wheels changed and lowered. Both also had some diffuculties fitting the front fascia.
  15. This Fujimi kit, built to look old and ratty. Modification were, changing wheels and tyres, lowering and exhaust tip. Rims were made using old Esci G-class centers and Pegasus aluminium rings and tyres.
  16. Thanks for the hint. Love the Pantera. Very clean execution.
  17. Just came to mind that, did this era Mustangs had its fuel filler cap between rear lights? If so, I need to add license plate to cover the blank space.
  18. Jurva

    FC3 Mazda RX-7

    This car would have its rotary heart removed and replaced with twin turbo LS3 engine. Hence the twin exhaust from front bumper.
  19. I added some Molotow chrome to the interior to spice it up. Interior was somewhat simplified.
  20. Actually, I think the engine could work in real life. Not sure about tuning and make it working flawlessly. Nicely done.
  21. Thanks for the comments. Forgot to mention that I also added sidemirrors from 350Z and some random rear view mirror.
  22. This is Revell Motor city muscle series which came with those awful extra wheels. - Added supercharger to kits tunnel ram intake. Scoop is out of top fuel dragster. - Changed wheels and tyres to look extra muscle. - Oh, and alot of rust. I left couple of body parts to look like they were fiberclass, instead of rusty metal parts.
  23. Revell's somewhat questionable snapkit kit. Lot's of small changes have been made to make it look less toyish. - 4mm lowering - Brakes added, with new wheels and tyres. - Headlights were painted with silver backing. Removed that and added some random reflectors. - Rear panel painted with smoke color, to hide kits hideous rear lights, which paint cannot be removed. - All the markers had to painted along with the interios parts - New tail pipes - Added side mirrors from 350Z and some random rear view mirror.
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