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  1. Chrysler circa 1990 and up (last one owned was an 05) not sure of the build quality now but cheaply built cars with very weak power train and chronic repairs and reliability issues. My 05 sebring had a variety of issues that one should not expect from a car like the heater knob falling off in july, the dash lights work one day not the next, my favorite was the magic gas gauge fill the tank full then settle on empty then hours later rise to full and back around again. Not a sensor issue checked out fine, too many repairs to list.
  2. If this is the kit I am thinking of I had it and ended up tossing it due to the gargantuan thickness of the plastic and of course the super sized chasis
  3. Now that is a fine looking serpent
  4. Looks good, nice interpretation and execution
  5. Here are some of the silly and absurd things lingering on my bench this weekend 70 Charger 1/25th fused with 1/16th 84 corvette result post appocalyptic mayhem 06 Charger on a diet choped nipped and tucked. bench seat roadster with three on the tree and the Hemi of course
  6. Ugly Betty my green bombshell will get some much needed bench time to hopefully finish her off. Love this kit very nicely engineered.
  7. Husband and father would be my top two. Other then that I am really boring guy but the kids and the wife make it very interesting life full of love and happiness.
  8. Just one of the many deserving candidates for some attention, 57 chevy 150 in cream and hosta green with a little something something under the hood. heres the rest of the gang that may recive some attention today
  9. Well the caddy got my vote and really why shouldnt it, every time I look at that build I get pumped and want to add that level of realism to my builds. Tough contest though 12 quality builds and only one vote.
  10. loving the modern touches and classic lines. Great reults.
  11. Nice results very subtle and good details.
  12. Looks good I have a partial set of old reliable decals adn you just gave me some ideas on how to use them.
  13. This is going to be great I always enjoy your builds very creative.
  14. Looks great, the pain really suits it. I have to get one of the new challenger kits soon.
  15. Great work so far, crazy amount of surgery but the results are worth it.
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