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  1. hi all, sorry i haven't been on in a while, but i thot this site was hit by a big virus and shut down, the truck is coming along just fine, i reshaped the rear end, still kept it rear engined, i've designed my own panels and so on, should look stunningly kewl when it's all done rob
  2. Hey there Marauder how are doing My name is Rob quimby I also live in the soo.

  3. i ended up cutting the vette rear end off, and replacing it with a much more suitable clean flowing rear section, i went through many new models to finally end up with what i was looking for pics up this week
  4. WOW, everyone here is so helpful, and really knows their stuff too, i'm glad i joined this site, and have already made a few good friends here, this gives me more information to think about while shopping for an airbrush, i'm not too worried about the cost as i'll be having it for a long long time, and i mite even buy a single and a dual action and work with both of them, i didn't even think about having a water trap, but what a great idea to keep it all clean, and since i built a super clean, and bright spray booth with ventilation and pre and aft filters, i want to keep everything in my favour for when i do my spraying, anyhow, thank you soooo much everyone, rob
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to buy an airbrush and a compressor. But I have never been out shopping for one before. I know I want a dual action unit, and one that is adjustable in air and paint settings. So my fellow modellers, please give me information to help me choose, and any recommendations on what you are using, and if you would recommend me getting the same, and where can I order one. Thank you so very much guys. Robert. p.s. please check out my truck in the 'on the workbench' section, thanks. Robert...
  6. this one has a 3 port exhaust in the last picture. and did you notice the little flare style rear fenders? Robert Hosted on Fotki
  7. well, what i have is the typical revell '41 willy's street rod, but, i think up alll of my ideas and then photoshop them up, and then i build them, i'm not building a metal car, but i am building a plastic one, i use my small bandsaw to slice things up nice and neatly and use alot of new donor models to build each one, ya they end up costong alot and taking a while to finish, but they look amazing when done up. Robert
  8. thank you so much, it's funny how you find just the rite picture, and you get a little carried away with it, haha thanks,,, here's another one i'm working on to start building after i'm done my 56 ford truck kustom. robert. Hosted on Fotki http://public.fotki.com/MARAUDER46/willys-creation/tailightmockup4.html
  9. the post top the hard top Ihis side and her side, haha. original car gangster the limo the Pope-mo-bile had alot of fun with this one VW. and it was so easy to do. Thanks for looking. Rob http://images20.fotki.com/v527/photos/9/1621749/8437834/TailightMockup4-vi.jpg 8.bmp
  10. hi mike, i like your idea, thank you v ery much! rob
  11. thanks everyone, i've been building models like this all my life. i have used up to 14 models to build one single model taking as long as 4months but i end up just putting them back in a box to be hidden away in the closet, i guess its time to start pulling them out for some pictures. thanks everyone! Rob
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