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  1. Always wanted to make a WW1 Ambulance, I had a old build Stutz kicking around my model room for years decades. One day late last year I decided to give it a shot. This is not accurate by no means, it is just a little from my head some reference pictures but mostly what I thought looked good. This was a lot of fun, hardest thing was finding another set of wheels so I could have duelly's. I scratch built the body, the 6 cots, rear steps and railings also wood frame on front of the cap. Was a blast, everyone should try a little scratch building. Enjoy, I did. LOL
  2. Really nice, engine compartment looks so nice. Awesome build.
  3. DumpyDan

    Mazda Flares

    Does anyone have a set of these Flares from this kit, I have lots to trade.
  4. DumpyDan

    69 camaro hood

    Ha ha, this was a tough one, I had heard that the first release back in the 60"s came with an up top but could never find anything about it. I sliced and diced a 65 Chevy convertible, I found the Chevy kit for 5 bucks with an up top, so I thought why not see if I could make it fit a Camaro.
  5. DumpyDan

    69 camaro hood

    I found one in an old MPC kit.
  6. Thanks so much, just noticed I missed the heater hose. Nothing special.
  7. And where did you get them Steve?
  8. I have never seen this kit built, you did a really nice job on this build. Now I am going to watch for this kit to pickup.
  9. Hey everyone, I was able to get the 69 Dodge wagon I started quite awhile ago finished over the weekend. This started out as a glue bomb I picked up at a show years ago, I started cutting it up wanting to make a wagon this is the end result.
  10. Love it love it Love it!
  11. Looking awesome, will be following along. Keep the pics coming.
  12. Man that is one good looking build, and a tough kit. Beautiful truck!
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