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  1. Wow John, you did well. Impressive collection, is that last picture a Cougar? Love it!
  2. Hey everyone, anyone know when the 1976 Vega Funny Car is being release?
  3. Great looking wheels, well worth buying.
  4. Very cool Howard, thanks for sharing.
  5. Looked like a great show, thanks for posting pictures.
  6. Wow, I remember this in Street Rodder Mag. This is one of my favorite models of all time to build, and this is cool with the chop top, great model.
  7. Beautiful work, killer pictures. WOW!
  8. Welcome aboard Bill, great bunch of people hear.
  9. I have a Reggie Jackson Corvette in Red
  10. Mmmm smart looking car, well done. Beautiful!
  11. I read everyone's comment, and I feel good about the state my desk is in. I have cleaned my desk up many times and as soon as I start to build back to looking like yours. I like it clean but I like it messy. Thanks everyone for sharing.
  12. DumpyDan

    T - Touring

    So glad you found it, this needs to be finished.
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