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  1. That is awesome looking Camaro Nick.
  2. Nicely done Michelle, I also picked on up this year for 20 buck and in US dollars that's 15 buck. Sealed inside. Awesome build.
  3. A real beauty, awesome awesome real head turner, nicely done Claude.
  4. Well done, great looking build and body work. Bet this was quite difficult to smooth together, I just built a hot rod 37 and it was hard enough so applause to you Glen for a job well done. ­čŹ╗
  5. DumpyDan


    Well done Tom, love it very
  6. That is nice, very well done. I can look at the pics over and over.
  7. Looks great Urs, very well detailed.
  8. Thanks Bob, the truck trailer. the trailer was painted by a woman in Belleville from the one photo I had.
  9. Here are some still shots of the Toronto show.
  10. Good looking models, thanks for posting and sharing.
  11. Good looking build Tony.
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