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  1. That is amazing looking build, where are you located in Canada?
  2. Using a Christmas ornament that was purchased years before a Ben Franklin Store. taking a 49 Ford Convertible, using a couple plastic spoon handles for skirts. Old decals for bling on the interior, and the figure left over from a old MPC Chrysler kit. Painted Copper with Clear red over webbing design. Almost came together like it should have as a kit.
  3. Wow, Randy this is fantastic saw on Facebook and now hear. Beautiful build.
  4. Thanks everyone for the great comments, was a fun build.
  5. Outstanding looking Chevelle, Bravo!
  6. Nicely done Glen, looks real good.
  7. Finished this 65 Impala in a 70's style Street Machine.
  8. Love it, great color!
  9. Started with a box of parts from 2 different trucks and some scratch building.
  10. Finished this truck, saw one picture on the net, and this is what I came up with. First picture is what I started with.
  11. Love it, very cool looking ride.
  12. Just finished my rebuild of the Monogram kit the Rattler, I bought years ago and thought I might never rebuild it. I decided to built the way I wanted it. Hope you like it, I call it "Surf's Up"
  13. As far as the interior goes, when I was in England found these at the pound store, they are stickers for your finger nails in wild designs, should find them at a dollar store.
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