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  1. Single exhaust is actually pretty simple - Ive taken the kit dual and cut off the offending pipe at the split and used a sanding stick to make it flow into the remaining pipe. (wish I had a picture) You can also use solder wire to build your on piping coming off the turbo to the stack, or use bendy straw elbows and kit pieces of pipe for exhaust piping configurations. Practice and test fit to where you get something that looks good and doesn't interfere with other parts. I'm sure whatever you decide will look great!
  2. Beautiful save on a Classy Paint job ! I thought only models shipped to my address showed up like that. 😒
  3. This truck just rumbles with "Bad to the Bolts"! I love the white Detroit with the orangish logos - really makes it stand out.
  4. That is just plain awesome - reminds me of a little cycle shop my buddy had 30 years ago. Only one thing I saw was missing to make this complete - A Dave Mann centerfold or two out of an Easy Riders magazine on the wall !
  5. That is Top Notch all the way, love the stance. I use to order the Ramchargers Performance catalogs back when I was in Junior High. Loved looking through them and dreaming.....
  6. That's a fabulous build of an old stocker !
  7. That is a really cool diorama !
  8. A cool build with intriguing story to follow. Was knocking down the wash shed from watching too many 70's and 80's trucking movies and tv shows?? The Mack looks great - so happy to see your still building trucks.
  9. My wife is a Teacher, she went back to school in her 40's taking out numerous student loans to get her teaching degree and a secondary in Special Ed. Previously she had worked as a paraprofessional for seven years for a school district. She found a job in a very remote location in Montana at a "One Room" schoolhouse grade K-8. She currently has seven students - we have been here for two years and her contract was terminated due to the school board does not want to offer a Teacher tenure. (but they do not tell you this) When she Interviewed for the position I was there as we would be living on location in a two bedroom apartment connected to the school. The gave us their big smiles and said "We really have been hoping to find someone that will stay" , claiming that others could not handle the remote location and being 40 miles away on dirt road to the nearest town. If they had said this was a two year job only , that would of made a big difference in our decision to come here. They tell you that "we hope you like our community and will stay" what a crock. Sad thing is these kids have no stability for learning as there is a two year turnaround on teachers. And beings that two sets of students have parents on the school board - what kind of example are they setting for their children ? So here we are with little over a week from school being out without her having a job or even a place to live.
  10. Forum legend is it goes something like this - You've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk? Just kidding, I never use the chat as my typing is too slow for most people.
  11. Montana is a beautiful state in certain areas, where I am at not so. This part is one area that was not meant to be inhabited. Even the dinosaurs died off from lack of greenery to eat or water to drink. That should of been the first warning. The well went dry for the ranch I worked for last summer, they had to drill to a depth just shy of 2000 ft to hit water. Where I am our well went dry in February, we have had to haul water and it is not drinkable. Harry there might not be any hurricanes but the wind blows here( my area) all the time. Usually straight down from Canada and frigid.
  12. Harry, when I lived in Washington state I was transforming into a birder and logging them along with lots of photography. Here in Montana where I am at the birds are few and far between as they have better sense to travel through this desolate place.
  13. Building and flying Model Rockets ,Feeding and watching birds, I collect old "cowboy era" pistols and rifles although I never shoot any.
  14. Yes it does, I used several coats of Tamiya fine primer on my grill to help eradicate them.
  15. The trick with Alclad is to paint it with very low pressure and from a distance.I spray about 8" away and such a light mist you wont even see any color untill about the 3rd or 4th time. Maybe that is how you need to try the Spaz. I have never used it so I dont know for sure.
  16. You are probably the first here to build one, everyone else just has the kit in their stash.
  17. Brian - that air dryer looks pretty convincing to me. Very nice scratch building.
  18. Truck projects like this is what makes this forum so great. You hardly ever see a kit built represented by the box art. Very impressive work on this one Terry.
  19. Well it does include free shipping! http://www.ebay.com/itm/1-25-Kenworth-K123-Cabover-Hobbies-/201550615230?hash=item2eed5a52be:g:OKoAAOSwdU1W-UZi
  20. Like the phrase "Sexy" - I have learned that should read "Look away"
  21. Thanks guys, Due to an unexpected upcoming move I am disassembling my hobby room. I have lost my momentum on this truck and several others. I do not feel like packing these partial builds up to move. If anyone is interested in taking over this GMC project drop me a p/m. Thank you for following
  22. I always find those listings pure entertaining. I am pretty sure I have seen that persons work before from you accurate description. I think you may have forgotten the seam line separations. The way I look at it if those trucks are "pro built" then that must put my models in the "expertise" level . I have only bought "old built ups" due to needing parts or to restore as the kit is no longer available. But a lot of people do buy built models as well as diecast for displaying.
  23. It is not as difficult as you think ,everything you need to know - http://www.swannysmodels.com/Scribing.html That is a beautiful spitfire, those old planes have such a menacing sound.
  24. Revell also puts out two 1/25 Semi trucks, a Kenworth W-900 and a Peterbilt 359 .They are favorites among the big rig builders as the possibilities are endless on how you can build them.
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