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  1. congrats on your son and to a new family.as a father of four they are the greatest event that ever graced my life.get ready for some rough nights followed by a life time of memeries.congrats my children are my greatest acomplishment.
  2. love the stepside chevy truck i always loved them growing up.and do they still make them? i need to find one for a project a friend i know built some years back.and the bronco is awsome i miss mine i had a few models of them and a real one but rolled as i was a wild teenager if you know if they make any of them yet?man its people like you and the people on here that inspire me to get stuff done i live to far away to join a club in my area.
  3. looking for help with how to make side pipes.i want to make the kind that are on the shelby cobra i am building a 1965 mustang convertable.i am useing 17 or 18 in style crages with spinners and the car is in ivory i want to make side pipes tat look like the black powder coated ones on the cobra.
  4. i found one of my older kits at someones house that had some off my stuff from a previous divorce.it is a 1976 chevy nova with the snorkel hood.i must of painted it yellow at some time going to do it white with orange ralley stripes and have a low rise duel intake and edelbrock valve covers and air cleaners.aside of that black inside.and a local auction a guy sells model and parts from 50 cents to 30 bucks i got old school decals for the windows to make it look like it was a old school cruiser.money not good and christmas upon us i found some more of my stuff i had stored so i will be getting back to getting old projects done and hopefully the new year is better and i can get one of the olds cutles or a new challenger.aside of that models is what keeps sane and sober and straight that and my girlfriend and kid.but will post some photos tommrow of it as i start it then always busy with the kids.lol.i finaly found the rest of my old stash of kits i had a few years ago just never got to them.
  5. im looking for any good ideas or suggestions with a 70 mustang.my computer and internet went down for a week.but looking for ideas trying to do a elonor style one.but havent had time either dieabetis i got sick with and my son now seen his mother and is regressing so if i dont get on till another day to much in one life.
  6. it sa 90s promo i got for my 2 year old he broke it so i decided to redo it i like i use to do to 1:1 cars and trucks i added new wheels and took the sticker off the back of it and put up on the top to look like they use to do in the 90s and still do i think.it was fun and the first thing i built in years.ill be back with more i have some that need to get done and a friend gave me some for helping him out with his computer i fixed it and felt like i won the lottery.it helps with controling my MS useing fingers so they dont die.one of my toes is dieing.all you on here are my inspiration.i look at what all of you do then i start.so big thanks to everyone on here i thought my builds werent good enough.i hope you all like this truck.
  7. just finaly getting time to do some building thank god for a slow down

  8. First thing a bigf thank you to all im haveing trouable posting pictures but i got my first build done in years and all of you seeing what you all make were my inspiration.second thing a site call the hub garage is a great site for some of you that dont know of it.it gave me some good ideas just thought i would pass this on my son and i build and he loves to look on there before h elooks for his project or redo one that he has already.money being tight h ean di cut back when he comes up on weekends but he still enjoys it.i think the site is{www.hubgarage.com}and we love it i have a account there.you dont need to be a member but it is worth checking out its anything with wheels from around the world.and everyone thank you for all your help.
  9. i see various kits of the challenger srt8 and it seams none have the engine in it.any help with who or how do i go about finding one.i want to do a version of one that is in my area and need the motor and i have to find a newer style procharger for it.and the newer wheels they have the new torgue thrusts or look like them on it to.
  10. exhausted haveing heart problem and signs of a stroke.must have lived in th efast lane to much and now im in the slow and steady lane.but happy to be alive and loved.

  11. cool website there are no clubs close to me but you have a great page and nice to use not like some that i been on in the years.grat work on everything.
  12. cant wait to see it now i like the old way movies were done.now its computer special effects thanks for the review me and my oldest son are going to see it now.all my old heros and pile of stuff being blown up cant wait.
  13. my girlfriend and i had a little boy 6lbs 10oz she didnt even know she was pregnent until three weeks ago she never showed but wont be doing anything for a little while but unfortunely our son had some complacations and had to be flown a to a hospital 2 hours away but we are getting ready to go there.his lung had fluid and had to have a tube put in but as of 5 oclock tonight he had it removed and is breatheing great.i now have three boys rangeing from 12.2 and newborn and a doughter 8.but it truely a miracle seeing childbirth.sorry but big proud dad here.
  14. remind me of the one i use to own but it was in primer but same highth and style amazing work.
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