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  1. Very nice to see this VW 181 coming! This Scale Production VW is based on a 3D-modeling I made some years ago. I then built one from 3D-printed parts. I used Tamiya Beetle as a base and this Scale Production VW Thing will also be based on Tamiya Beetle. My build from 3D-printed parts: http://www.eerokumanto.com/cars/scale-models/vw-thing
  2. I don't know where all the photos hve gone but I uploaded some photos here.
  3. I recently finished also this Mooneyes themed Hasegawa Pick-up. Rust and patina is made with hairspray and salt technique. I also opened the roof and added that mexican blanket there.
  4. Eero

    VW Beetle Mooneyes

    The sun visor is a prototype from Highlight Model Studio. It is similar to this product but there is thin yellow film instead of that metal net: https://www.highlightmodelstudio.com/en/product/16788424 This product might be available in future from Highlight Model Studio.
  5. I built this Mooneyes themed Beetle from Tamiya ยด66 Beetle kit. Paintjob is done by "salt technique" with Tamiya spray paints.
  6. My company provides a wide selection of photoetched parts. Latest product releases are official Mooneyes products. www.highlightmodelstudio.com
  7. Hello everybody! I have been offering photoetched parts for 1:24 / 1:25 car model for some years now. Mostly VW related but not only. A while ago I opened my website. If you consider to put this on your list I would really appreciate it! Highlight Model Studio photoetched parts: www.highlightmodelstudio.com
  8. Hello Revstew! Yes, those parts can be ordered directly from Shapeways. I chose that "Frosted Ultra Detail" as a material because it's most accurate and needs less sanding & filling. So even this "Ultra Detail" material still isn't 100% perfect. Some filling & sanding is needed. I 3D-modeled those parts by myself. I just took the most important measurements from those short parts. So no scanning. I'm using Rhinoceros 3D-program.
  9. Well, I opened a shop at Shapeways. So, now these long bed parts can be ordered. http://www.shapeways.com/shops/eero_kumanto
  10. Well... haven't even thought about that. All of those parts for bed aren't 3D prints because I made couple of parts from styrene. Like the floor of the bed. Will you think somebody would like to buy these parts?
  11. Yes, same guy! If you watch closely you can even spot the F&F DVD at the front seat. I designed those parts but etching is made by Eduard at Check. This model was a birthday present for Jesper.
  12. There seems to be somekind of a problem with my webhotel provider. Hope the problem will be fixed soon! Patience
  13. Hello! This time I wan't to introduce you this model that is built based on a real car. My Danish colleaque & friend Jesper Bram owns this C10 pickup. Real car has long bed when Revell kit provides short one. I made parts for longer bed with 3D printing. I used Shapeways to create the parts. Flake for the roof is made with children's party glitter hairspray. Wheels/hubcaps are made from aluminium with lathe. Texts on tires & door logos printed with ALPS. Stickers & detail according to a real thing. I designed also some photoetched parts for this one. Diampnd plated tool box, rear lights, car club sign etc. Mexican blanket is made with regular printer. http://www.riemudesign.com/kuvat/jesper_10.jpg Stickers according to a real thing. http://www.riemudesign.com/kuvat/jesper_11.jpg The real car.
  14. Hello again to everybody! Couple quick answers: Yes, all that graffiti is painted by free hand by using those two brushes shown in last picture. It's not Beastie Boys at screen It's Flake & Flames Movie, that's rollin from dvd there.
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