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  1. Rat Fink added a post in a topic Attn: Treehugger Dave   

    I'll second that, I've used the Crystal Clear a few times with great results...it works better if warmed up in a tub of hot water if the ambient temp is a bit on the chilly side.
  2. Rat Fink added a post in a topic Ford Escort Rally Car   

    I can see your time spent detailing cockpits really shows in the interior. I noticed the fluid resivour on the e-brake even looks like it has fluid in it...nice touch. Oh and the dirt overspray is really good too. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Rat Fink added a post in a topic VW-56   

    Very nice Ufe. Love those V-dubs!
  4. Rat Fink added a post in a topic Mantaray II Kyote   

    Ah man the 70's were great weren't they? Nice build!
  5. Rat Fink added a post in a topic eBay pictures   

    Something I sometimes do while in shops is take a picture of the photo with a digital camera, works great.
  6. Rat Fink added a post in a topic Rivet detail   

    I have used the thicker super glue applied from the tip of a tooth pick.
  7. Rat Fink added a post in a topic Real or Model #136 FINISHED!   

    Looks real to me. If it's a model someone spent a good amount om time on the rear hatch detail.
  8. Rat Fink added a post in a topic Who rides bicycles here?   

    This is the only bike I ride. I workout to keep in shape...

  9. Rat Fink added a post in a topic Go Speed Racer?   

    I used to watch the cartoon everyday when I was a kid...probably why I liked the movie and thought it was very well done. It was very enjoyable to watch and that's what counts to me when watching a movie.
    Mr. Obsessive that is a very nice scratch build. I just bought a kit off ebay, that will be a winter project. Kinda looking forward to winter again LOL.
  10. Rat Fink added a topic in General   

    Go Speed Racer?
    Hey has anyone here ever seen or built a model of the Mach 5? Just curious.
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  11. Rat Fink added a post in a topic Linear Time Sucks   

    Dogs bring so much to our lives it's difficult to put into words. The unconditional love, the wagging of the tail and the extreem happiness when we walk through the door after leaving them at home all day....and maybe even peeing on the floor just a little bit because they are so happy to see us. The companionship on a walk, they're unending job of guarding the household and all family members. Quiet moments on the couch when they are half on your lap and half on the couch. Watching them fidget and grunt in thier sleep when they are dreaming of chasing some elusive creature (usually a squirrel). It cuts you to your core when you lose such a great friend. Sorry to hear of your loss Harold. I see a lot of us here feel and share in your pain. I do too, I miss my buddie. Your not a Nazi, you made a humane decision. Dogs will not let you know how much pain they are actually in...they don't want you to know.
  12. Rat Fink added a post in a topic Airbrushing question   

    Tom I have an Aztek also... it took some getting used to but I really like the easy clean up and ease of use. it's really user friendly. That said, I get orange peel with mine under 2 conditions, one is the paint isn't thinned enough and the other is ambient temperature (best sprayed between 65 and 80 degrees). An acrylic flow agent like the one mentioned by Mr. Bacon is a good idea also. The pressure I spray at is around 30lbs. As far as spraying Tamiya paints, the same above will apply to those, proper thinning and temp. Hope this helps!

    Oh and you will want to use the white 50mm tip when spraying bodies.
  13. Rat Fink added a post in a topic 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback   

    Very nice, looks like it was painted in Gun Metal Grey? The 69 was the baddest looking Stang of all time in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Rat Fink added a post in a topic paint keeps dissapearing out of the door/turnk lines.   

    David wouldn't it be safer to turn the can upside down and spray the propellant out the nozzle?
  15. Rat Fink added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Painting on top of BMF
    I saw a post on here not too long ago by Mr. Obsessive and he put the BMF on the model before he painted. Is this correct and if so what type of paint or is any paint ok? I have a VW I'm working on and will want to do the chrome trim before I paint it because it's so small. Can someone outline the procedure for this?
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